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Photo of scammer Merry Joy Lacazza

DATING SCAMMER Merry Joy Lacazza

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First name: Merry Joy
Last name: Lacazza
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Meri, Mery
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Agusan Del Sur (Philippines); Bayugan (Philippines)
Poblacion, Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Face Book, Ok Cupid
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REPORT N1 (added on November, 17, 2016)
John (Brazil)

I met her some months ago at cupid and we became friend, communicating quite normally. Thinking she was not a scammer I started giving her advice and telling her there were lots of bad people there. Lol. We kept in casual contact and she kept telling me that I was the man for her and asking me why I wasn't interested in her. Eventually we began to communicate on facebook messenger but unfortunately I cannot download those messages. A couple of days ago she dropped the bombshell and two pics arrived, one in knickers and *** and the other showing a wonderful piece of ***. Along with these two pics was a request for me to send her $40.00 for her to pay for her studies. She went on to say that if I sent the cash she would send more **** photos and videos. I told her that I was more interested in finding a partner and she told me that if I sent the cash when her studies were over she would come to me and her entire body was mine to do whatever I wanted with. That was an offer that was difficult to refuse I can tell you!
I pretended my phone was broken and I had forgot how much she needed and her address and asked her to gmail the details to me again. More pics arrived there and a video of her ************ plus she would like anything up to $100.00 if I would send it. This was when I told her she was a naughty girl and broke contact with her.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Merry Joy Lacazza to John (Brazil)
I am simple girl, have a kid already he was 4 years old, i dont have father already died last 2008 only mother i have now ,we are 3 siblings,

I am studying now, i need financial for my study and with my son, i will do everything what makes you happy, but finance me for my study, or help me even small amount for my study...

Yes hello, good morning too dear john, thanks for liking my pictures... Yes you will see everything soon, or you see vedios from me or we make vedio chats...

Actually i want to have a relationship in life, to love me and accept me, then help me my needs, i will do everything to make you happy, but help me my financial of my study, even small amount a week or a month...
Is that okay for you??
I am single mother need to grow up my kid and finish study...
I hope you help me and we understand each other...
I will send every pictures or either vedio you start sending me

I hope too to be your woman...

I hope i will be you right woman....and be with you soon...love me, accept me and my kid, qnd always here for me always

Its okay for you dont give me a kids, i have one already but, the question is, that is oksy for you i have a kid already?

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