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Photo of scammer Watcharapha Nobnom

DATING SCAMMER Watcharapha Nobnom

First name: Watcharapha
Last name: Nobnom
Age: 26
Patricia Sodazaa
Patricia Sodazaa
Name aliases:
Pat, Patrica
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Bangkok (Thailand)
Also claims to be in:
Tokyo (Japan)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Face Book, Instagram, Love Mail Ru


REPORT N1 (added on January, 24, 2017)
Xay (Laos)

Very patient scammer,she contacted me on Love Ru chatted on Love ru for months then moved to FB 9 months total talk time .. almost eminently after we started chatting on FB she started talking about getting internship in NYC for a business there but no mention of money yet ... after a few more months we started talking more seriously about meeting and marriage then came requests for money to come and visit me (I already knew she most likely wouldn't be able to get tourist visa for USA but she first started asking for the equivalent of 5k to be put into her bank account so she could get one I didn't fall for it next she said she was offered internship in LA now she needed the original 5k and 2.5k for flight want me to send western union .. I told her there was no chance of me sending her money western union she was mad but continued to talk with me over next few months she was really getting me to believe in her and she got a job and moved to Tokyo but continued to bring up LA internship and marriage so I had a trip planned to go to shanghai so I rearranged it to visit Japan on the way to visit her on her B-day needless to say she wouldn't meet me on her B-day lol next day she shows up and first thing out of her mouth was weres my B-day money lol i did bring her a small gift and gave it to her and she just wanted to know what it was worth later she continued to ask for money telling me she needs it to send to her mother I gave her money for cab and sent her home 2 days later she shows up and acts really nice like nothing happened and spent an amazing day and night together.. in morning when I was ready to leave to catch flight to china she causes a scene in lobby wanting $5000 for the night and then she changed it to $1000 luckily my bus to airport showed up and I was able to leave she then writes me and said I wasted her time lol then she wrote me after i returned sent me photos of her sisters Christmas tree and then blocks me from FB closes account on love.ru and replys back she is married lol
Created: 2017-01-24    Last updated: 2017-01-24    Views: 836