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Dating scammer Tatyana Evdokimova

DATING SCAMMER Tatyana Evdokimova

First name: Tatyana
Last name: Evdokimova
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Tanechka, Tani, Tanichka, Tanily, Tanilya, Tanni, Tantana, Tanulechka, Tanulenka, Tanulya, Tanusha, Tanushka, Tanuska, Tanusoka, Tanya, Tanyoka, Tanyuha, Tanyulka, Tanyusechka, Tanyusha, Tanyushka, Tasha, Tatana, Tati, Tatiana, Tatianok, Tatianulka, Tatik, Tatiyana, Tatsiana, Tatty, Taty, Tatyanchik, Tatyanka, Tatyanoka, Tatyanulenka, Tatyanulya, Tatyanusenka, Tatyanushka, Tatyanushoka, Tatyanusika, Tatyanuska, Tatyanusya, Taya, Tenia, Teti, Tetiana, Tetianok, Tetyana, Tinka, Titanya, Tonya
Scammer's Location(s):
Kazan (Russia); Kirov (Russia)
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on July, 27, 2005)
Craig (England)

Looks on dating websites and gets to know you then asks for money to fly over then has it stolen!
REPORT N2 (added on August, 12, 2005)
Andrew (UK)

Tanya emailed me wanting to get to know me. After the fourth email she falls in love with me.
Sometime after a while she asks for money to fly over documents costs 380j ticket 670j but i have not sent it her. This woman uses a travel agency which i have got address of travelabroad the house 45 victory street kazan.

Scam Letters

Emails from Tatyana Evdokimova to Craig (England)
Hello Craig. I have returned just from agency. At me 2 news. Good and bad. Good: 07 month July instead of year. I shall arrive to you on next to week. but I has learned that I should have with myself a living wage. I have all documents and the ticket but I also should have a living wage. I shall arrive to you for 3 months, but I can remain with you for the greater term if I shall prolong the visa. On every day residing at you I should have 24 $ in day. ?????R?. it is considered for 3 months. 24X90=2160 $. I should have this money at crossing border. I should show this money that I have an opportunity to live in England. I should fly to you on next to week already but I should have a living wage also. To me have told that I should know about it. But I have learned it only today. I know that you have spent many money to my travel, but probably you can find this money for a living wage. I shall give you this money at once as I shall arrive to you. It needs to be shown only. There can be you can take the loan in bank for some days. When I shall arrive to you that you can return it back. I think that it can be made.. On July, 14 my flight. Till this time I should to have a living wage. Whether I am sad because I do not know you can help me now.. In fact the help is necessary for my parents also.. I do not know that to me to make.. I shall wait for your letter. I love you.. I hope that we shall be together on next to week. Tanya
Emails from Tatyana Evdokimova to Andrew (UK)
Hello Andrew. How are you? I miss on you.. You are necessary for me.. We shall not lose each other. I want to be only with you. I love you! I hoped to start to make documents now. It is not a pity that you can help me.. I was delighted when you spoke me that can help me with travel In the beginning to this week. And now I see that it in general can be to not be.. You have what problem at to a sending money for travel. I spoke you about payment in parts. When you can help me with travel now? Again next week? How many to wait? When the summer will end and I cannot arrive to you? You understand that time for us means much.. I love you and I want to be only with you! I love you! I want to meet you faster.. I want to be only with you! You are necessary for me my love! I want you! Tany
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