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Photo of scammer Alina Krasnobaieva

DATING SCAMMER Alina Krasnobaieva

First name: Alina
Last name: Krasnobaieva
Age: 23
Name aliases:
Aalina, Alinka, Alinochka, Alya, Alyna, Alynka
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Sumy (Ukraine)
Phone number(s):
Skype: b129296d61806437 alinavol
Operates on site(s):
Face Book, Instagram, Whats App
Background Checks Of Any Person
Background checks in USA, Russia, Ukraine, any country, documents verification, deep checking for possible scam


REPORT N1 (added on March, 31, 2017)
Jorge (Peru)

She promise me to cameback to peru in tour bar we meet there we ere talking like 2 months andlaso i started the comunication she was very smart in order i can trust on her because she was giving tome all her dates very real shes very intelligent so i trusted after thatshe offer toher by webcam so i aceppeted so i thougth that this girl is real so now after that me and my mom talked with her she never came here and i sent to her 1300 dollares, so she is doing the same in tourbar getting more cosutomres, shes is a student form university summy ukraine, the money was taken for her mom and her friend so this i hope that this girl will retun my money because she likes to do same to another persons.
Created: 2017-03-31    Last updated: 2017-03-31    Views: 1181