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Dating scammer Barbara Miliczek
First name: Barbara
Last name: Miliczek
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Babara, Babra, Barbarra, Barbera, Barbra, Baribara
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Krakow (Poland); Wodzislaw Slaski (Poland)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Travel Girls


REPORT N1 (added on April, 10, 2017)
Santos (Netherlands)

I met this scammer on the site travelgirls we were contacting through WhatsApp till we agree to meet in Amsterdam, i offerd her to book the ticket but she refused this option because she had a bad experience before as a Nigerian man from Spain bought her a tickets by credit card before and on the day of the trip in the airport she told her that her tickets was booked by a stolen credit card. So.I sent her the money of the tickets from Krakow in Poland to Amsterdam and she bought the tickets and sent me the booking code and it was a real booking.
The tickets costed more than i sent her so i sent her again the extra amount of the money that she paid.
I forgot to mention that she said she is a certified Pediatrician and that she applied to work in my city, and that she will go to her college to get some papers, on the day of going to the college she just sent me a message that she was surprised that in the college refused to give her the papers unless she pays a ?580 and that was a fee for the final exam which she didn't pay 2 years ago and she has in her bank account ?320 so she needs ?260.
I sent her the ?260 the day before coming from her city Wodzislaw Slaski to Krakow. And since she doesn't have money to travel to Krakow airport from her city she asked a ?100 for the taxi, then i told her don't worry i will book you a taxi which i always use it when i am in Krakow, but she then she said she doesn't trust any taxi that she doesn't knows and she said do you want me to be *****? Just send me the money and i will take a taxi that i know and trust.
Then she started to act aggressively that i don't trust her and that i am a greedy man that only ?100 will keep her from coming to Holland. At that time i went to check in her tickets and i was surprised that she already canceld the tickets 2 days before and i didn't know it. Then i called the agency which she bought the tickets from and they told me that this booking was canceled and refunded 2 days before. After I told her she just blocked me. As i knew she is a scammer!
After that i called her from other number to tell her that i know her IP address and her location and will report her. She was laughing and said to me who told you that i am in Poland? I am in Nigeria any way.
* in total she recieved ?760
* Her number is +48 576 065 260
* Her IP address is
* we were having a video chat but i think it was recorded
* I guess she is cooperating with a Nigerian scammer as i have heard on the last time i called a Nigerian accent and she admitted that she is in Nigeria. But the money were sent to Poland through Western Union.
* I have her pictures too.
Created: 2017-04-10    Last updated: 2017-04-10    Views: 1341