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First name:Eva
Last name:Allotey
Aka:Bryon Lee, Ramatu, Vida Mills, Vida Aboagye, Linda Okyere, Annie Lee, Evelyn Vondee, Esther Aidoo, Mavis Tago, Oheema Mushida, Fati Matu, Bella Rose, Dorra, Fati Rukaya, Paula Brown Hadlad, Angelie Osie, Helen Mihlin, Helen Koranteng, Mary Quansah, Nina Lawson, Nancy Beale Lee, Kayla Riggs
Name aliases: Anni, Dorah, Ester, Evelin, Eveline, Evelyne, Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Keila, Keyla, Linde, Lynda, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Marrychika, Marryunya, Marryusha, Marryusya, Meri, Merry, Mery, Ninochka, Ninulechka, Ninulya, Ninushka, Rooes, Rouse, Rukaiya
Age: 34
Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Kumasi (Ghana)
Also claims to be in: Italy; Allen, Texas, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Poland; Yuma, Arizona, USA; Racine, Wisconsin, USA; Idaho, USA; Bellerose Terrace, New York, USA; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA; Wolverhampton, England; United Arab Emirates; Saint Charles, Missouri, USA
Address(es): 2045 S 14th Ave #56, Yuma, AZ 85364, USA
7343 Pheasant Trl., Racine, WI 53402, USA
558 Blanche Drive, St. Charles, Missouri 63303, USA
Phone number(s): 12176359750
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents:


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Report N86 (added on June, 1, 2017)

She has contacted me via google hangout and we had a nice communication. she told me that she will get gold bars because her father is dead. i knew now what will come. she will need money to pay for the documents and for the stock costs to get her gold bars. i am sure she has no gold.

Hansi (Germany)

Report N87 (added on June, 1, 2017)

I first received an email with pictures of the woman in this report. I responded, and the email I received back was had totally different pictures with it. I believe that the scammers made a mistake and didn't realize they had already sent me photos of another woman. The photos of the other woman DID appear on this site, alerting me to the fact that this woman photos are ALSO being used by this scammer.
After confirming that the profiles were fake, I haven't contacted them any further.

Greg (USA)

Report N88 (added on June, 1, 2017)

Contact with this person was made on OurTime website. No information was given other than a phone number and pic. You made contact by texting (this was requested by person). She provided a picture. I texted her over a period of two days. I am 66 and person claiming to be Eva Allotey claimed age of 34. That was first clue this was probably a scam. On second day of texting person began to ask for money to buy calling card(request for $100). I did not send but continued conversation to explore further to see if it was a scam. Person claiming to be Eva Allotey used very poor English, except in long paragraphs in answering questions from me. They were, for the most part written with correct spelling and grammar. This was unlike her other conversations with me. It appeared to me that she was simply copying and pasting text to represent her words. If you can help me I would really like to know how many people have been scammed by this woman/man. Thanks.

Jake (USA)

Report N89 (added on January, 5, 2018)

She contacted me through Skype. We talked every day for about an hour. Claimed she was shy and didn't want to use video chat. She reluctantly sent me several photos. She told me that she was going on vacation with some of her girlfriends and after they returned she would come to visit me.

Robert (USA)

Report N90 (added on March, 23, 2018)

She said her dad left her 64kg of gold but she needed a future husband to get the gold.

Kelly (USA)

Report N91 (added on March, 27, 2018)

Hello, I like to report another scammer..see email from her and a DL.

Frank (USA)

Report N92 (added on May, 9, 2018)

Like all the rest itune cards.

Bobby (USA)

Report N93 (added on November, 13, 2018)

She claims to be single and reports having no relatives.
All of a sudden she picks up a big contract in UK. She gets to UAE to buy the material but she ends up short of money to cover all of the export taxes. When asked to provide her passport as a proof of identity, she emailed a picture of her passport showing the same picture of her as the sexy one she sent previously. On the passport, the signature is wrong; it is also forbidden to smile on a photo passport.

Arnie (Canada)

Report N94 (added on November, 20, 2018)

Met her on Asiandating. Immediately she invited me to hangouts and very fast declared her feeling with me. wrote a lot of texts. she said she write the tekst herself. She starts asking me for a Phone and then was first sign for me. Otherwise we could not chat further. I give her example of chat.

Frans (Belgium)

Report N95 (added on December, 3, 2018)


Frank (USA)

Report N96 (added on April, 25, 2018)

I was contacted by her through Skype last summer and she wanted my assistance to have some assistance for traveling money from Greece to New Jersey USA. She wanted to compete in a modeling contest.
I gave her some some small money and she went to USA and after many different stories she competed in the contest and got some prices, a car and price money for 50000 dollars issued in a cheque addressed in my name. But the cheque never turned up as she needed more money to send this cheque. Finally she flew over to Sweden to meet up with me but she never turned up and the dresses she mentioned was not correct or she was not there.
I m still having contact with her and she still ask for some small money. But I have stopped send her any money as she is most certainly a scammer using the the pornstar Janessa Brazil as her name and person. my loss is around 1200 dollars.

Gosta (Sweden)

Report N97 (added on April, 25, 2018)

Typical scammer, went to Accra with mom because dad passed away. Stuck because they don't have money and can't get dads estate.

Bryan (USA)



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