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Photo of scammer Diana Fores


First name: Diana
Last name: Fores
Age: 26
Diana Zolotaya
Diana Zolotaya
Name aliases:
Daina, Diane, Dianna, Dianne
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kiev (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine)
Operates on site(s):
Anastasia Date, Date Me
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on November, 17, 2017)
Hobart (USA)

Start from the beginning as this occurred over a 3-1/2 year span all coming down to the truth. I started writing to Diana on Anastasiadate.com she was very sincere and seemed like this was the girl for me. For about a year we talked until she had told me she wanted to close out the account. Her reason was there were to many perverts on there and wanted to exchange contacts. So I got on the call and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. From there I we started talking through our emails. She at first did not ask for money and at the time she lived in Luhansk. Than the war came and she moved to Kiev. She was living with a friend at the moment looking for a good enough job but said she could only find ****** one like handing out fliers. She told me that her roommates boyfriend was coming back from the service so she would need to move out and needed some money, whatever I could give her, for an apartment. So I sent her $500 a month. Than a little more later as she said she didn't make enough for food needed. Not know apartments are about $200 on up. I later than made the plunge and was coming over to see my sweetheart. I had bought a lot of gifts brought money. When in Kiev about 2 years ago the dates we had were terrific. She was always by my side and she would ask questions like, "do you like children would you like children?" and "how is your mood" She even got mad at me because I had gotten a tour guides email(it was a girl) but I finally smoothed it over. When it came down to it I had proposed to her marriage and she was ecstatic and answered right away she even said I will help your mother as my mom was sick. This was a great answer! So between then and now I had sent her more money when I could for a passport so we could fill out for the K1 Visa needed. I filled out what I could sent the rest to her and she in turn signed it and sent it back to me. I was a happy guy! Things were rolling but rolling slowly. I saved up some money to buy a ring and a plane trip over. I had also other gifts for her. I flew into Kiev Nov 3 2017 late and ended getting an email that next morning that she would see me at 11. She had to work late that Saturday. The time came and she called me from the receptionist desk. As the elevator was opening to the lobby she greeted me with lots of hugs and kisses. I met Oleg the translator and we decided to go eat at the Mafia because that was the first dinner date we had and why not be the first again. She laughed remembered. During the date we talked a lot she caressed my burn on my forearm and asked how it happened than she showed me her scar from working in the kitchen. She talked about her aspiration to be a italian chef and a make up artist. After dinner we walked around and we decided to go into a phone store because she had broken the iPhone I got her the last time. Which I did because my sweetheart was holding on to me everywhere we went. She picked up a pink iPhone and matching iWatch. From there we walked a little more and Oleg said he had to get back to work because something came up. I told them both I had gifts for Diana at the hotel so we went back and I gave her all the gifts except the precious diamond ring and bracelet I was going to give the next day during a nice fancy restaurant as she was so glad to see me. They left and I ended meeting up with my friend Svet he was concerned about the situation and I told him he shouldn't need to worry. She and I already filled out the marriage petition and it is on track. It is in the system as we speak 3 months is on track. Later that night when I got back to the Hotel I connected to the wifi and found that during our date Diana had sent me an email. It had warned me that I was in fact writing to Diana's friend. I emailed her back and explained to her Diana had said her email was hacked and than the whole story finally came out. Diana, at the beginning, was going to her friend to get translations and to help write letters to me. She than later offered her friend half the take from me and to continue with what she was doing. She had explained to me and sent me Viber pics of Diana's messages. Basically Diana, was going to have me pay for her shopping spree. She said that the translator was no other than Diana's boyfriend who is living with her for the past 6 months as they met each other at the restaurant they are working at. She also informed me that Diana had indicated there were a few other men but her friend did not write to those men and didn't know who they were. She told me to ask questions to the both of them the next time and basically told me the truth about Diana. I world was crumbling. This was a woman I loved and thought would be my soulmate for life. The next morning Diana came with Ivan and once again Diana gave me a hug and was wondering how come I was not wearing my coat. I walked them both over and asked her a question about my ring which she should have known about. I than said I got and email and she said,"I told you my email got hacked don't pay attention to it" That was when I said, "Ivan and you are living together. They both looked at each other and Ivan said "who" I said, "your Ivan from the email I got" he of course denied it and that's when I asked for his ID. He claimed he did not have it on him. Diana kept on saying that she was there and who was I going to believe. I showed her pictures of guys she was hanging on and another profile picture with her holding flowers from another man named Dennis. She cried and stormed out. I was warned by her friend that she was a good actor. Ivan than asked me if I wanted her back and I said yes. Diana had come back in and told me to please not believe the email and the pictures as they were old. I than asked the final question that her friend had told me to ask as it would be the truth. I asked Diana to see her apartment she paused and told me tomorrow. I said if you love me you would let me see the apartment. She walked out the door. Ivan again asked me if I wanted her back I shook my head fighting back tears as I knew Diana did not want me to see the apartment because her boyfriends items would be there. I shook Ivan's hand and told him good luck. Walked in the elevator hesitated than walked out to see how Diana's reaction would be. They just walked casually away from hotel. Two days later after getting console from Diana's friend who is writing on her email account told me to do all this as I was going to just walk away. It has been 4 days since and she has not called or sent me a message to say sorry or anything. I guess that is to much to ask from a scammer. Below is a statement of my Western Union money transfers. Also I was able to have Toplop.com close her profile after showing them proof with wedding ring, money transfers, and pictures. Diana has also been on www.dateme.com cherry-me.com www.anastatiadate.com and toplop.com. I have attached a copy the letter from the girl who told me about Diana. In later emails she indicates Diana had mentioned she had a few other men that other girls are writing to and she did not know this until later.
Also I should have paid attention but I found two of her social media accounts and went to friend her. Next thing I knew they were closed and she wrote saying it was ran by her sister and she had asked her to shut it down. She had a facebook account but shut it down. She had a VK account under d.zolotaya that was shut down because she had incriminating evidence against her (had pictures with her boyfriend I didn't see this until too late). There is a russian social media OK that she had 2 accounts. One is still up under her name in Russian, I only assume it is up because she forgot the password to get in.
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