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DATING SCAMMER Victoria Aleksandrovna Konevskikh

First name: Victoria Aleksandrovna
Last name: Konevskikh
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorichik, Viktoriia, Viktorija, Viktoriulka, Viktoriunka, Viktoriusha, Viktoriuska, Viktoriya, Vikulya, Vikusechek, Vikushoka, Vikusi, Vikuska, Vikusya
Scammer's Location(s):
Ekaterinburg (Russia); Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia)
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Ilinskaya str., house 8, apt 17
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Inter Pals, Mingle 2
Fake docs used by scammer:
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4


REPORT N1 (added on December, 4, 2017)
Jeffrey (USA)

I initiated contact with a woman online who presented herself as Viktoriia Aleksandrovna Konevskikh, born June 24, 1989, living at Il'inskaya st house 8, apt 17, 603001 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, who on May 25, 2017, took a single personal loan from me in the amount of 2000,00 (two thousand) EUR for a meeting, and failed to show up or repay the loan at all.
I first met Konevskikh on a social website (Mingle2) on May 11, 2017. For about 5 months we corresponded, and she not only described in detail the personal facts of her life and the life of her family, but also sent personal photos and videos. Konevskikh and I never met in person, but she claimed to have a long vacation beginning near the end of May and wanted us to meet by her birthday.
On May 21, Konevskikh estimated the amount of money she would need for a visit and sent me her bank information the next day. Having agreed with the request for a personal loan, on May 25 I took money from my business account and transferred Konevskikh 2000.00 (two thousand) EUR (about 140,577 rubles) to her account with Alfa Bank. The transaction was clearly designated as a "personal loan for travel documents," and was offered for repayment after we met in person. I sent Konevskikh more than she claimed to need to account for any unexpected expenses, which she also admitted was "at least twice as much as I need to organize all things."
On June 2, Konevskikh confirmed receipt of my money. On June 9, we agreed that she would arrive "not later than June 23-24." On June 14, Konevskikh suddenly claimed to have run into difficulties for a multiple Schengen visa, as she said the authorities had asked her "to provide checks and statements from my bank account to make sure that I can live in Europe" at an average of 60 EUR per day for 90 days; thus, she needed 5400 EUR more to come to me. She claimed she had asked her bank for a short-term loan to add to her account to get the visa and that she then planned to return the money thereafter. Her bank reportedly declined to make the loan for obvious reasons.
On June 18, Konevskikh stated that she would stay another 2-3 days in Moscow, and if she could not find a solution, then she would "cancel everything and go home." On June 20, Konevskikh continued to press her visa fraud scheme. She stated she had "about 1400 euros" in her bank account, but that she had succeeded in borrowing "about 1600 more." She asked for 2300-2400 EUR more on the promise that by the next week, she would transfer all the "remaining money in my account . . . back to you." If I could not give her this money quickly, then she would "cancel my documents and visa and go home tomorrow night."
On June 22, I informed Konevskikh that I had spoken with a lawyer who had assured me her scheme would not work, and that it would be exposed as fraudulent by authorities checking her bank records. Accordingly, I declined to send her any more money. That same day, Konevskikh wrote that she would "go home tomorrow." I then requested not only a return of my money but an accounting for what was spent. Konevskikh agreed it was reasonable to "return back all the remaining money," but only after she got home, as she stated she did "not have an online bank" to do this via the Internet, but that she would let me "know of course, when the money is on the way."
No money ever arrived. I had suspicions that Konevskikh could deceive me. At various times of our communication, she was vague about her address and phone number, giving me wrong or incomplete information. For example, as her birthday was coming up, I decided on June 24 to mail something to the address she gave me. The package was not delivered because the address she had given me was wrong, and her phone number was incorrect. Furthermore, I had requested a copy of her passport (Russian and foreign) as well as receipts for all payments allegedly made to secure travel documents. In fact, Konevskikh only ever sent her Russian passport, and despite assurances as late as August 31 that she would send documents proving expenses, she reneged on this promise on October 2 (see below).
I never doubted, however, that Konevskikh was a real person because the bank account to which I made the money transfer was opened exactly in her name, at the address given; therefore, I assumed the documents she gave me belonged to a living person who was free to open a bank account and subsequently withdraw money from that account.
Nevertheless, instead of returning home as promised, Konevskikh stated on June 24 that she had "found a solution for the visa" by borrowing money from a short-term loan company, assured me our meeting would take place, but a little later in July. On June 26 (a Monday), Konevskikh stated that "the visa will be on Thursday or Friday, then I will return home." On June 27, Konevskikh confirmed she had made this decision on her own without consulting me, and that she was planning on staying in Moscow for "the next few days" without my consent.
As I did not hear from her for a full month, I wrote her on July 27. That same day, Konevskikh claimed she had written me a "few more letters," which never arrived. She stated she had " made the documents and [booked] air tickets" but was now going back to work. On July 29 I stated that the best thing for her was to "to refund my 2000 EUR in full," which she had promised to do on June 22.
Although Konevskikh claimed to have obtained the visa and bought a plane ticket to visit me, not only did she never come, but also found all sorts of excuses and various life circumstances that prevented the timely return of my loan. On July 31, Konevskikh stated "I'll let you know right away when I have the opportunity with the money. At the moment, I do not have the opportunity to tell you the exact date."
I continued to correspond with Konevskikh about the repayment of the personal loan. On August 26, I sent her a reminder that no money had arrived. Two days later, Konevskikh replied that she remembered everything, but that "this is not a fast process for me . . . [she needed] a lot more time!" On August 30, I wrote that if she could not pay back my money all at once, then we could agree to repayment by installments, with a suggested amount of 200 EUR per month. For the second time, I asked for "copies of the visa you got, as well as receipts for all expenditures so that I have a full accounting of how my money was disbursed." That same day, Konevskikh claimed "I will try to send money in parts" and assured me that none of my money was spent for her "personal needs."
On August 31, I asked her to tell me when the first installment was paid and added that "I do not know what you spent my money on, as I have yet to see any receipts for expenditures." That same day Konevskikh thanked me for "my understanding" and then promised to "take the data on expenses and send you in the coming days." In fact, nothing was sent at all.
On October 1, I wrote her not only about the missing money, but also that none of the expenditure documents had been received. The following day, Konevskikh wrote "no documents, I'm not going to post. . . . I'm at work in another city. and when I get home, I'll send part money." When I asked her the date when she would return home, she wrote on October 4 that "For the first time, I'm going home, not earlier than 22-25 October." This was the last message I received from her; no money arrived as of October 25, and she has refused to answer multiple reminders sent since then.
As Konevskikh took possession of my money by deception, and failed to return my loan in full, she is a liar and a scammer. The social website (Mingle2) also deactivated her profile (vivalavita89) once she was identified as a scammer.
REPORT N2 (added on April, 12, 2018)
Tomek (Poland)

I knew her on Mingle2 but then found her profile also on www.interpals.net. I am from Poland and we know much more on Russians and its reality so I was very carefull corresponding with this person. I must say that she seemed to be very reliable in our contacts. Then when we started to talk about meeting she started to write about money. i don't earn so well as men in old Western countries so I was not so quick to spend anything not checking her words before. The first it was a case of Schengen visa. She wrote that she could get it only in Moscov and would be there for a longer time to get it. I checked everything in our Polish visa departament in Moscov and they wrote me that in Nizniy Novgorod she could also get this visa. No travel to Moscov is neccessary. I become suspicious that maybe she even don't exist in reality but she send me two video and in one she said my name. Well she existed but what to do far. I wanted to meet her but to send about $600 was too much regarding that I didn't know her and had no warranty that we would really meet. Insteed I was so silly and send her 50 Euro. It was enough to pay for Schengen visa in EU office in Nizniy Novgorod. She got it but was angry. Funny but probably her appetite was much, much ******. Anyway I have checked everything again, and againd and got a conclusion that it is too risky to send this girl, even if she really exist anything more. I have checked from time to time internet with her data because I've thought that maybe i had been no fair with her. Till now. I have found the notice on her on your site.Now I can be more peacefull that everything has finished as it has finished for me.

Scam Letters

Emails from Victoria Aleksandrovna Konevskikh to Jeffrey (USA)
Hello all over the world. I will say briefly, about my favorite hobbies and my life.
I love music, all kinds of music. I also love to sing, but of course at home alone :-)
lead a healthy lifestyle, I do not have bad habits. Well, of course there are exceptions to the days When I drink a little alcohol.
my favorite time of year, spring and summer, when the sun is shining and the weather is pleasant. I love the warm summer rain. though of course I love the winter as well, but that it was not as long and cold as in Russia. Only Christmas and New Year, and then immediately spring :-)
I like swimming, cycling, sometimes I do yoga. I live alone. Yes, I like different movies also often I watch various movies.
I have a few good friends, we sometimes visit the cinemas here.
really I love food and I love cooking process. I love to cook, I prefer the Japanese and Italian cuisine.
although I think I'm an omnivore. a course at all have any preference in dishes :-) Well, the rest, I will tell another time :-) If you are here for games, entertainment, just pass by and do not read this post. I do not want to waste my and your time.
I would like to start by saying that I want to find a real and honest people. I did the first time using online dating sites, but of course I've heard a lot of what the Internet is full of unpleasant and not honest people. so you want to find, no selfish ends, without ****** thoughts and hints, just polite, decent, with a good

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