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Photo of scammer Roseline Hook


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First name: Roseline
Last name: Hook
Age: 47
Name aliases:
Rosaline, Roselin
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
E-mail address(es):
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REPORT N1 (added on February, 9, 2018)
John (Brazil)

Roseline is using a very old photo that she stole from facebook, the real owner of the face has only one photo there and appears not to have used the account for a very long time. The facebook lady has sadly aged but a comparison photo will show that the woman and the scammer have a mole on the left cheek and are the same person. She later sent me one other photo of a completely different girl.
Roseline comes up on many pages on the net including Russian and *** Badoo ones, I could only find one other photo of her on the ******* pages.
Roseline showered me love and the desire to come to me in Brazil, once I agreed to this Roseline suddenly had a controller who would deal with all arrangements including informing me that I would be subject to all costs.
Once the controller had contacted me I broke contact due to an overloaded inbox of scammers, lol.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Roseline Hook to John (Brazil)
Dear My sweetest heart

I thank you for your email sent to me. Honey am very glad to see you and have a kind of your person in my life.

Though we have never seen before or known to each other but i really believe we must see each other soon. Honey may our first meeting brings EVALASTING LOVE. I love you with everything including my bodies. As i told you, am mrs Roselin Divorced for years and i need a MAN who will make me happy for my rest of live, i did not need a man that will hurt me,or deceive me.

I have decided to love you with all my life and there is nothing that will change it,unless you are not truthfull to me.I love you so much honey and please i would not want you to break up my mind honey,always be truthfull and kind to me honey and i promise to give you everything including all my bodies ok. As i told you earlier,i want you to put in new life in every of my body and i promise to keep all the whole of my bodies to you untill when i meet you in your house in your country hope you will like to receive me when i come?

Honey i love you so much please do not let me say had i known.
Honey you know i have never understand or know you too well and also you have never know me too,so that i will let you know about me and i can never hide anything for you my sweetest heart that is my promise Kindly get back to me honey and let me know where you are from and occupation, so that i will also let you know mine too as i told you that i wi

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