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Dating scammer Maxine Derozo
First name: Maxine
Last name: Derozo
Age: 32
Scammer's Location(s):
Manila (Philippines)
E-mail address(es):
Skype: maxine.derozo
Operates on site(s):
Facebook, Google Hangouts


REPORT N1 (added on March, 1, 2018)
Joe (USA)

Maxine derozo is a married woman posing as a single woman from the Philippines. she has dated many men online from western countries and middle eastern countries. her MO is to get to know a person long term to build trust. when she knows she has a man hooked she will tell you how much she loves you as well send you sweet pics of her with hearts. she will also use a program to merge a pic of her and the man she claims to love together in one pic to appear to show love. when enough time passes and trust builds with her she will ask for your help with money and claim not to have a job or be able to find work.she will try to look innocent saying she is shy to ask for money but will anyway. she is married to a man named Christopher Macawile. she will leave out or omit the fact that she is married. if you do discover she is married she may try to lie or get angry and defensive. she may also claim she is separated and getting an annulment this is lying and deception on her part. if she discovers she had been reported as a scammer she will play the victim and try to get sympathy and make others who report her out to be the bad guy.she is constantly hiding online creating new profiles to stay hidden from those she victimized and to keep the current victim hidden as well. she will come off as secretive and will want you to keep her photos off your social media or set to private so no one can see her there. she uses many aliases and fakes names to cover her tracks. her real maiden name is Maxine Derozo and her married name is Maxine Macawile. she also goes by by the name April. in many cases she will want to flatter you by asking to use your last name to give the appearance of wanting to marry you. her real motive is to use your last name to hide online while at the same time giving you a warm loving feeling that she wants to marry you. she will at some point need to abandon you when her need for you has ended. she knows she can't string you along forever and will need to find a new victim to play. she will either just disappear or she will give you some plausible sounding explanation as to why she can't be in a relationship with you and move on to the next victim. I would like to speculate that she also has some type of mental complex where she will go online and have a fantasy relationship with a person until she gets bored and moves on. only she knows its just a fantasy to get money and attention from men. the man who is victimized on the other hand thinks the relationship is real and his money and his heart are broken by this self-centred woman who doesn't give a thought or a care to who she is hurting. only her well being and happiness is considered. the way she left me was to shut my facebook profile down and block her family and friends. she lied and said it was a hacker but I traced her IP address, city and phone number and caught her doing it. I found out that she was married when a relative of hers told me on facebook that she was married. I saw a photo of her with her husband.
Created: 2018-03-01    Last updated: 2018-03-01    Views: 1488