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Dating scammer Babiona Diego
First name: Babiona
Last name: Diego
Age: 31
Name aliases:
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
39 Winter Street, Brockton, Massachusetts 02302, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Facebook, Google Hangouts


REPORT N1 (added on March, 26, 2018)
Clive (UK)

Its starts of with a friend request from the individual. Once accepted she talks about her ex husband Gabriel in detail about their failings on how he has treated her and what her life has been like. Because Babiona had a difficult time in her life with her ex husband and we had a connection of some sort I sent a necklace to her as a gift to cheer her up. Babiona apparently had a problem with her achilles tendon so she couldn't walk and was off work as a result. She apparently is a billionaire but has no means of internet banking because Gabriel used to take care of that and when they split he tried to take money from her account so she stop all means of bank methods other than going to the bank in person and doing it that way. After a couple of months I get a message on Google hangouts about her cousin needing $2000 via bitcoin as her child was seriously sick and she needs the money asap to pay towards the medical help needed. Babiona pushes you into a corner and almost forces you by saying things like Clive I cant walk as you know and I cant take money from my account because I don't have the knowledge and means to so she says things like do it for me if you love me. I sent $800. I was told I would get this back asap but because of Babiona not walking it didn't happen. This is just the beginning unfortunately I foolishly say. I wanted to visit Babiona in America and I was talking about flights and how I was going to stay in the country. A month past by and then her friend Neal message me on WhatsApp saying Clive why talking about flights when Babiona is so ill and she needs medicines to self medicate because she has medical knowledge she can do such things. I sent a further $350 to help with her pain which helps her but she becomes tired as a result of the medicines dosage. A month or two past by and we had a big argument and as a result Babiona smashed up her iPhone so Neal her best friend message me telling me this and we had no other means of conversation to rectify our argument so I sent a further $963.00 via western union to fix her phone screen and phone to one of Neals contacts who she borrowed some money from. Neal got Babaions phone fixed and we talked ok once again. We spoke for a period of time and there was talk about a wedding as I asked to marry babiona and she said yes. I had gone out and bought a ring just for the occassion. My immediate family were concerned I was being scammed so they started making friends with Babiona via gmail using my ipad and laptop as the lived right near me. They said something isnt right What they couldnt work out was if Babiona is a billionaire why am I spending all the mnoney on her. Babiona mentiomed that she would sort out all the financial means of the wedding as she was in the psoition to do so and she knew didnt have that type of money to fly pepole out to amarica and put them up in hotels and the weddding itself. My family were still not sure so they sent Babiona a few messages using my ipad and laptop saying please domt let Clive down as he loves you and has proven this with all the things hes done for you. Now apparently Bbaiona went too her bank using uber to get there and was going to transfer a large sum of money to my bank account for the wedding but the bank staff told her not to send the funds because the felt she was being scammed by me as her ex husband Gabriel did the same thing to her. We had a small dissagreemnet as Baiona didnt like the fact my family in her eyes demande she sent the money so she cancelled the trasnaction by phoning up the bank. I waited about a week and the money never come through to me and Babiona told me what the bank said to her and she cancelled it. A month had passed bdy Babiona appently had a issue with a Philips contract as her ex husband Gabriel pulled out the original CT scanner from the family hospital so she asked me to sell the engagement ring which I originally bought to pay $1600 towards the cost of the installation fees. I then sold my ring made a financial loss and had to pay bills my end. Babiona got upset about this and we had a fallout as a result. A few days had passed and we made up then she said to me I have something to tell you im dying please dont tell your family or anyone but I only have months to live. During the conversation she asked me would I be able to buy he ITunes vouchers. She wanted three vouchers of $100 each so I bought one but I couldnt buy the other two which I promised her as I had a large bill that came through which had to be paid. Babiona failed to see my financial situation and only could see the fact that I promised her so we ahd a massive fallout and we seperated as a result. I breifly spoke with babiona a few days later and she told me that it wasnt about the ITunes vouchers as she showed me picture wise that someone else bought her some ITunes vouchers for the original sum I was buying them for.
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