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Photo of scammer Zeliha Merkit


First name: Zeliha
Last name: Merkit
Age: 28
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Also claims to be in:
Igdir, Turkey
No. 9 Cem Sk., apartment 7, Igdir, Turkey, 76000
E-mail address(es):
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2
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REPORT N1 (added on April, 2, 2018)
Piotr (Poland)

Zeliha wrote to me on February 6th 2018 via a Japanese server. She offered a hot contact with intimate photos, mail such as I already received often. After my first contact she turned to a good girl looking just for a relation with true love, sincerity, trust, home life, children and cat's and dog's. She told to be from Igdir at the utmost eastern part of Turkey, child of Armenians. She told me to be a christian. Her photos show a slim and tall girl with blond hair and blue eyes, such as are not very widespread in Turkey. I couldn't find that girl within your site nor somewhere else in the web. She may be new in the business. She used the word "to brag" in relation to her body, magic word for Russian scammers and she told me the story from the bad guy of a girlfriend of her, who spanked her because she did not prepare dinner for him - usual as well for Russian scammers. Punctually after 14 days of correspondence she fell in immortal love with me and wanted definitely to come over to me. I agreed and told her where to find the next embassy of my country. After she stopped to write. I don't know why. Perhaps, because I already in the beginning refused to send any money to an unknown girl. She never asked for money but her style was the usual scammer's one.
REPORT N2 (added on October, 20, 2021)
Philip (USA)

Beware of the scammer for catfishing, using fake profiles, photos, and getting money. Example cash apps such as Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, etc., bank accounts, money transfers, and gift cards. First, they will be friendly, and once they know you and keep asking in return and excuses to get money from you, and being rush is one thing they will do. The scammer's email location is in USA state of New York in the city of Manhattan. IP Address The letter below is an obvious scam, nothing more, catfish and use the picture as a fake profile.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Zeliha Merkit to Piotr (Poland)
Hello. I am very glad, that you have decided to write to me, and have shown interest to me. That you did not draw hasty conclusions about me, I want to tell at once that is necessary for me and why I want to get acquainted. Especially, my first message was provocative. I wanted that you answered me, actually I another. My name Zeliha. I am from Turkey. You know, many wish to seem better, than they are actually, and for this purpose choose to itself any exotic, absolutely ridiculous names … But my name for you, possibly, will be in any case exotic. I live in the small city of “Igdir”. I like my city, here very beautiful architecture. And it is very pure. To me of 28 years, the truth, many say, that I look younger. I do not know, whether the truth it. Here you, looking at my photo what you think in this occasion? If it is interesting, I can tell, that at growth of 178 sm 57 kg weigh.
At me usual work. I the usual seller in shop. I sell a foodstuff. In aerobics was engaged since the childhood, I like to move under cheerful clockwork music. To brag - not in my rules, but nevertheless I will notice, that dances for me is a love. My work not the best. But to work it is necessary, that there was money. And also money is necessary what to contain themselves and to feed. Unfortunately, sports not free pleasure. Also I wish to tell, that my English language at very bad level. It is possible to tell, that I badly understand it and consequently I write to y

Romance scam letter(s) from Zeliha Merkit to Philip (USA)
Hello dear.

I wrote you from other email gmal recently. You remember me? It is my personal email. Please, add to the list of contacts if after reading you still want to get acquainted further. As you did not write me anything badly on my first letter, I believe that you are the good man. Understand me only correctly. I was tired of that to me men who need only *** meet and want to speak only about ***. Was tired that nobody wants to recognize me as the woman at first. I hope that you understand it. Therefore previous email simply intermediate. Write me here, it is my original mail and I will write you here. You read till the end and if I suit you, answer. My name Fatma. What is your name the correct? I from Turkey. I live in the city - Bingol. I like my city, here it is very beautiful.

I am 28 years old. My height of 176 centimeters, weight of 55 kilograms. I have a usual work. I usual the seller in shop of food. I very flexible and sports, love sport. I like to run and I do it often.
My hobby is a make-up. I like to do myself and another a make-up. I have no addictions, I do not smoke and I do not use drugs, it is not necessary for me. Sometimes happens that during rest in the company of friends or holidays I afford a little wine. By the way, I love red dry wine, and you what love? It was never married, children are not present. Perhaps, then I will tell in more detail why so I am lonely now.

Also has to tell at once you that I know En

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