Scammer Deola Smith

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First name:Deola
Last name:Smith
Aka:Cherry Becker, Maggie Jason, Lily
Name aliases: Cherie, Cherrie, Chery, Lili, Lilly, Maggy
Age: 27
Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)
Address(es): block 22 flat 13A Close 21 road, Festac, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone number(s): 2348034833204
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on September, 6, 2005)

This woman responded to my profile on Date in July '05. I
replied back in August '05. We started out on that site chatting in a private room then eventually i found yahoo messenger and told her about it. We talked about everything and she told me how her parents died in a
car crash when she was 8 and lives with her "auntie". She told me she was a student at the University of Lagos studying Biochemistry. I have names of her parents and auntie. After 3 weeks of chatting she started to get very mushy, professing her love of me and telling me it was god who put us together. She didn't ask for money ever. She just said that she wished us to be together one day. But then I suggested that I could bring her here. The next day she had info on a travel agency I could send money to. Since a friend of hers used the same agency to go to the UK. I emailed the agency and got a reply 2 days later. The agent emailed me the prices for everything she would need to come here: passport, visa, appointment with the embassy, airfare and a medical test. Included with the email were 2 documents. An Income tax clearance certificate and a Certificate of Incorporation. I have an address and 2 phone numbers for this place. Also 3 email addresses. The agency is Abbeyadeolu Travel agency Limited. I foolishly sent $1365 to cover all expenses and it went through. Deola then told me that she got her passport picture taken and was waiting to get her visa and has an appointment to get a blood test done. A week later she told me she was graduating from the university of Lagos. She needed for me to send her $300 to cover graduation costs like getting her papers and her gown with the rest of the money to be used for buying luggage to come here. when I told her I would do that she then asked me to send $400 instead. I did that on a Saturday and she said that she would pick it up Monday. But before then I went online and found this site by typing her name in search. I saw the other stories and I quickly cancelled the $400 money transfer. I sent Deola an email telling her what I did then she got very upset because she said if she hadn't seen the email she would have been embarrassed at the bank. I told her I did my bills and realised that I cannot afford to send any more money. She was very upset and called me. That was the only time I heard her voice. She went on and on about how I did her wrong and all I kept saying was I sent her all that money to come here isn't that enough now you are upset because I can't send you more?
She just said let's go back online and talk. So we are back online and she just kept telling me how wrong I was for cancelling the money transfer.
She said she now owes money because I cancelled the transfer. Then she said she had to go.

Brian (USA)

Report N2 (added on February, 21, 2006)

She starts out with very poorly written letters, and comes on extremely strong extremely fast. She mentions some things in her past, and says she would like to talk about it. She goes along the story line of being from Germany, she moved to the states, her father died, her sister went to Nigeria with her husband. She doesn't hear from her sister, so she travels to nigeria where she finds her sister died. She gets sick and is admitted to Ropheka Medical, where she can't cover the bills. She asks you to call or e-mail Mr. Sam, to talk about the bills. The amount was $550, and that's about all I could get.

Andrew (USA)