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Dating scammer Nora Samantha Manuel

DATING SCAMMER Nora Samantha Manuel

First name: Nora Samantha
Last name: Manuel
Age: 34
Lucinda Breyer, Cora Helen Moon
Lucinda Breyer, Cora Helen Moon
Name aliases:
Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Jelen, Jelena, Norah, Norra, Sam, Samanta
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Kansas, USA
Phone number(s):
(346) 264-2325
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on September, 5, 2018)
Peter (USA)

She's a very well professional scammer watch out for her lies and deceit. Don't believe what she shows you all she does is take your credit card and spend for gift cards like amazon and steam cards until your credit card goes maxed out and she wont bother paying it and she promise to pay it back a way to scam your money pls. be aware of her tricks and deception. A total scammer and her private mailing company that she's affiliated is this email overshippingagency@usa.com names are Mr Dennis Johansen and Miss Lucinda Breyer. Htaik Hataik Oothis are all affiliated for her scams and their all part of one whole scheme.
Receiver's Name:...................Dennis Johansen
City:.................................... kansas city
Zip code:.............................66111
REPORT N2 (added on March, 2, 2023)
Philip (USA)

Affiliates with Htail Htaik Oo.
209 W Camino Real Ave Arcadia, CA, US
RTN 121000358 Bank of Amercia San Francisco CA

Scam Letters

Emails from Nora Samantha Manuel to Peter (USA)
I need you to answer this few Question again. If you could take away any three thing,person, and/or place from this world, what would those three things be?
2. Did you listen to any of my music, what do you think?
3. What type of business would you like to own one day?
4. Name 5 pet-peeves of yours
5. How would you describe Nora in one word?
6. Are you sexually active? (explain)
7. What's your three best movies?
8. How will you handle your woman when you notice she is upset but not talking? Will you wait til she comes to you? or will you go to her? (explain)
9. What month would you like to get married in? 10. Do you prefer going out in a group, or "one on one" hangouts? I will be waiting for your answer and i will also answer mine as well. Let me stop here for now and hope to read from you soon.
With Love

I'll send it to you but i want you to answer some of my few question...

Sorry i got the message

Here is more of my best song i like to listening to when i am bore at home

You Came(Lazarus) - Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Frizzell(Bethel Church Worship)

You Are Life - Hillsong Worship

good to learn more about you and how was your day? If i could take away any three thing or person from this world, it would be nuclear weapon and dishonest people away out of this world and i would take away any place wh

Emails from Nora Samantha Manuel to Philip (USA)
Yes I am here
Come online
Why my love
You promise to make the payment this Friday Its impossible because they have mark the day already You don't try to do **** with all of this I'm not happy with you I am tired of fake life you are living We have agree on this before We go on agreement You can pay them this Friday and tell them to bring the boxes next week

Listening to me
Why do you have to change the date of the shipment?
I am not happy with you and how long do i have to wait here Let me explain I am upset as well I think we should call this off between me and you

Ask them
Leave me alone
Its Private shipping company you don't have to compare shipping company who bring money to people to link all they secret out
(346) 264-2325
That is the shipping company phone number If you are think you are smart you are making me to change my mind because i am not going to all this **** from you If you want this to get done don't change the date of the payment

You break promise now
You are making me to feel nut not because we had a promise to get all this done together but you are making me to feel you are not capable of helping me When are you going to get this fix?
If you are talking about next week i won't accept next week because i am owe bill

I understand you so
Much honey and I want to hold
You and make love to you
Make me understand are we not paying this clearances this Friday ?

Honey , I can't wait till next week Frid


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