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Photo of scammer Ludmila Vakhrameeva

DATING SCAMMER Ludmila Vakhrameeva

First name: Ludmila
Last name: Vakhrameeva
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Liudmila, Liudmyla, Luda, Ludasha, Ludmilla, Ludmyla, Ludochka, Ludonka, Ludusha, Luydmila, Lyuda, Lyudmila, Lyudochka, Lyudonka, Mila, Milka
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Krasnodar (Russia)
Russia, Krasnodar, Karasunskaya Naberezhnaya, 23-5
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Yahoo Personals
Background Checks Of Any Person
Background checks in USA, Russia, Ukraine, any country, documents verification, deep checking for possible scam


REPORT N1 (added on September, 20, 2005)
Cary (USA)

This girl sent a blank profile to me on yahoo personals. I
answered out of curiosity. She quickly fell in love with me after only 5-6 letters. She finally asked for money for a visa this last letter and of course I told her I would go to Russia to get her instead of letting her do all the work. I have yet to get a return letter. I looked on other sites for her name and address but only found her name on a
blacklist from an international florist delivery service saying that her address was no good. Flowers have obviously been ordered for her, but the address is bogus. Thanks for all you are doing to help protect us from
scamming and providing a place to post it all.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Vakhrameeva to Cary (USA)
Hello my love, Cary!!!
My lovely I is madly happy to find on the box your letter.
Kak tvoyo zdorovie? - How's your health?
I very strongly to love you. To not pass any minute and any second that I to not recollect you and to not represent us together. I yesterday to dream and we were together my dear. In my dream you and I to take walk before dream. You gently to embrace me and to whisper beautiful words about love. Then we for a long time to kiss and embrace. It was fine feeling my lovely. But when I to wake up you beside was not my lovely. I very much to want that we to fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. You my superman, you my dream. I very strongly to like you and very much to want to be with you and to begin your wife.
My lovely I today to receive the letter from my uncle from Moscow. My uncle to write to me, that he can help me at reception the visa and the passport. He already to have experience in reception the visa and many times to help the friends. For this purpose I should arrive in Moscow and personally address in embassy. Most easy to me to receive the visa of tourist B-2.
The visa of tourist B-2 to give out to people which to arrive in the USA to visit friends, relatives or for rest. Also I should legalize some other papers in Moscow. I can arrive to you under the visa of tourist B-2 and remain with you for the term of from 3 till 6 months. My lovely for this time we can address in a bureau of immigration and submit the ap

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