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Dating scammer Janet Stones
First name: Janet
Last name: Stones
Age: 32
Phylicia Paul, Lisa Altes, Jessica Dikson, Sandra, Angie, Hannah Walker, Pamela, Judith Anne, Monica Jason
Phylicia Paul, Lisa Altes, Jessica Dikson, Sandra, Angie, Hannah Walker, Pamela, Judith Anne, Monica Jason
Name aliases:
Annie, Asandra, Hanah, Janeta, Janeth, Jannet, Jassica, Jenet, Jesica, Jesicca, Jess, Jessi, Jessicca, Jessice, Jessika, Jessy, Jessyka, Jestica, Lissa, Monicah, Monnica, Pam, Pamella, Pamie, Pammela, Pammella, Pammy, Samdra, Sandrah, Sundra
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Laramie, Wyoming, USA; Ohioville, Pennsylvania, USA; Sacramento, California, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Florida Ridge, Florida, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Washington Park, Denver, Colorado, USA; Alexander City, Alabama, USA; Bellingham, Washington, USA; Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Devoted Singles, Galactic Love, Google Hangouts, Hi 5, Instagram, Loving Singles, Mate 1, Tender Singles
Celebrity website:


REPORT N1 (added on September, 10, 2019)
Befl (USA)

This scammer contacted me on Google Hangouts and said she had gotten my ID from the website. She's quite attractive and has very large *******. I was positive I had seen her photo before but couldn't place where and after checking this site she didn't appear in my photo searches.
She told me she was a register nurse working for an international nursing association and was between assignments. She said she wanted to come visit me the following weekend but didn't have enough money for the flight...thpical scammer line.
She said that she had to fly to Laramie, WY to visit her auntie and couldn't do both. I informed her I definitely won't send money so I hope she had a good trip. She said her aunt had agreed to loan her the money but wed have to pay her back because she had to have it back immediately. I laughed and told her that we could discuss it after she got here.
I didn't hear from her for a few days then got a message that she was in the hospital following a car wreck. Then she admitted she was a scammer and sent me picture of a younger black man and said his real name was Rauf.
Rauf wanted to call me father and be his friend and give him advice. Then he wanted me to send him money so he could purchase some barber equipment and set up his own business.
REPORT N2 (added on July, 3, 2020)
Wyatt (USA)

"I believe that the sole purpose of every woman is bringing the harmony into everyday life and being feminine and delicate by nature I feel i need a strong shoulder . They say that we love someone not for the virtues , but for imperfections that's why I cannot support the expression of the ideal partner . He won't be ideal , but with me he will happy for sure . He is someone who misses romance in his life , someone who needs tenderness and care , someone who appreciates fidelity and confidence in his woman . If you feel likely this man is you , please, do not hesitate to write me."
REPORT N3 (added on September, 20, 2020)
Philip (USA)

This is scammer asking for cash app and gift card this is why I'm reporting this.

"I'm here for hookup and I charge Payments: PayPal, Cash App Or GIFT card ONLY."
REPORT N4 (added on September, 30, 2020)
Greg (Australia)

"There are three features which characterize me for the best: positive attitude to life, strong will and tenderness. I am smiling and friendly. I am peaceful and energetic. I don't like to give up and I like to dream and to achieve my goals. There have been many difficulties in my life, but that is what has made me so strong and purposeful. I have never asked for anyone's help as I believe that nothing is given that a person cannot achieve themselves. Everything is subject to man, if only there is a desire. So in a relationship, you need to be prepared for this and strive for your happiness. I want to be with a person I'm going to be friends with.
I look for my true soulmate, who will dream with me and want to achieve everything together. I am family-oriented and serious in my search. I look for a strong, kind-hearted, tender and romantic man, who will love me and treat as me as a lady. It is important for me to be with a person who will be kind, faithful and honest with me. Who will love me with all my qualities and flaws. I don't think there are any barriers for sincere and real feelings."
REPORT N5 (added on October, 15, 2020)
Matthew (USA)

"I am an independent person who enjoys life to fullest and whatever it throws at me. I love to laugh out loud especially at myself when I do something goofy which tends to happen from time to time. I am a confident person who has no problem walking into a room full of strange people and feeling right at home. I am interested in SO many things that it would be simply impossible to mention all of them here, so I will try and just point out a few of my favorite activities and interests."
REPORT N6 (added on January, 5, 2021)
Tom (USA)

This woman approached me on hangouts and Instagram. and almost immediately started asking for gift cards for Xmas, i cheekily aske her for a **** pic, which she promptly sent, running this image through tineye, it became obvious this woman was a **** actress. or someone using her photos, i don't know which, but someone to be avoided.
REPORT N7 (added on February, 5, 2021)
Hamdija (Sweden)

"I’m available for hookup and one night stand add me up on snap angie.love89 or text my cell no 5614502663 if you available for hookup.."
REPORT N8 (added on February, 8, 2021)
Steve (UK)

"My name is Hannah I am from Indianapolis USA just text me (218) 288-3546"
REPORT N9 (added on February, 10, 2021)
Mats (Sweden)

"I’m Pamela smith am a loyal girl am Available for Hookup 24/7 text me on 2523005176.
I do not have some special requirements for my soulmate. I think that there is a part of responsibility, understanding, faithfulness, power, tenderness and love in a heart of each man but he hides it very well and saves for his only beloved woman. I'd like to meet a man who would not be afraid to show me his soul and to walk all life hand-in-hand with me! He should not be afraid to dream and make his dreams come true. I understand that it is very hard to open yourself and your world to someone, but you should be ready, that I would be very glad to know more about you! Be real and I will love you."
REPORT N10 (added on March, 5, 2021)
John (Canada)

"I am a down to earth no nonsense type of woman, who is looking for a friend that I may lead to something more if it is the right match. I believe that you should treat people the way you would like to be treated and honesty is a must. I am honest and loyal and i expect the same in return , this is my hangout, Judithanne386@gmail.com.
Am easy going person , i don’t fake it i will rather say my mind out."
REPORT N11 (added on April, 2, 2021)
Kurt (Germany)

"I am looking for some one who honest,caring,lovely truthful,trustful,some one who don't lie some one who always tell the truth some one with good heart and some one with always in believe of what ever is doing ... monicajason8@gmail.com"
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