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Dating scammer Stella Okafor
First name: Stella
Last name: Okafor
Age: 27
Name aliases:
Steala, Stealla, Stela
Scammer's Location(s):
Warri (Nigeria)
15, Osamede St Okumagba Layout, Warri, Nigeria
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):


REPORT N1 (added on October, 21, 2005)
David (Australia)

This one has a certain low cunning. She pretends to be disgusted by men who just want to ******** and says she wants time to get to know you. Then **** she just can't resist her heart and is in love with you by the second chat. her letters are poor examples of cut and paste. I was
first alerted by the pics which were obviously professional photos of a mixed race model. Also for someone claiming to want to know someone and not just ******** the photos were way too revealing. I warned here that i had had experiences of being scammed and she was most sympathetic. Then hints were dropped - she had to go to a hostel for her exams, her uncle had not come home with money for food, I would have to buy a colanut for
her father as a marriage proposal. I deflected these but eventually appeared to give in (see IM log) and she immediately asked for $60 to DO HER HAIR would you believe. When I asked how to get the money to her she
came back with www.westernunion.com like a shot. After promising to look into it I cut all communication but still got some offline messages reminding me she wanted to do her hair today. I asked her for more pics and she got all coy about needing to scan them. Never got any despite a promise - guess the site she stole them from didn't have any others. She is also listed on datingnmore with her pic as a known scammer.

Scam Letters

Emails from Stella Okafor to David (Australia)
If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide. We pretend to hide it, but it burns us more and more until the pain grows and grows and it never ends."Passion' a word which involves so many feelings; I feel it when we touch, I feel it when we kiss, I feel it when I look at you. For you are my passion, my one true love."

I want to stare into your eyes and never look away; I want you to hold me in your arms and tell me it's okay; I want to kiss with a passion that only we can share, and when it all falls down I want you to be there." Inhaling your breath into my body, taking you into my soul, all this, through a kiss." I felt attracted to you and love you even to this day, because your soul spoke to me through your eyes, even when you didn't know it. It's the part of you, that you hold the secret to, that many don't see, and I want to dig deeper. With this comes the undeniable passion and sexuality that can fly us heavenward

You are mine. There's no other one for me. Keep in mind, you make my life complete. And tonight, we'll make love endlessly because you're mine. You're the one that I'll keep for all time Looking into your eyes I can see beauty, looking into your soul I can see passi

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