Scammer Gulnur Ahmatgalieva

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First name:Gulnur
Last name:Ahmatgalieva
Age: 26
Location(s): Parasiga (Russia); Perm (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, Mari El republic, Parasiga settlement, Tukaevskaja street 98
Russia, Perm, Street 27 apartment new the house 4
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on October, 28, 2005)


My name is Mikael Nordstrom. I live in Sweden in a town called Ornskoldsvik and I got to know a girl whit the name Gulnur Ahmatgalieva.
This girl is a scammer and is registered on your site by the nickname Gulya 123. I have after my research found here on 11 different dating sites. I met here on a site called where she appears in the nickname Gulua 354 and use email address
I started to communicate whit this girl 2005 09 07 and have daily contact ever sins. I suggested that she come and visit me because I'm a student and hade little time to go and se here at here home. Everything went well so far and she didn't ask for money until 2005 10 01. Here is a quote from this letter:

"I LOVE YOU!!! And let it is known by all!!! It is not a pity to me!!! You see in spite of On thunder-storms, a tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, fires, accidents, global warming, ozone gaps, flashes of various viruses,
displacement of the Earth from an axis, a stain on the Sun, meteoric rains, eruptions of volcanos, avalanches, fluctuation of a dollar exchange rate, wreck of currency stock exchanges, world (global) cataclysms and much many other things - my love to you gets stronger day by day!!! I am afraid of nothing, to me any barrier while in my life there is you are not terrible!!! I shall tell even more: YOU Also ARE MY LIFE! Therefore, if suddenly you will leave me, you will take away with yourself all me, and mine you will take away life, you see sense in it(her) do not begin.
Therefore I want TO LIVE, you see it means " to be with you, my loved Mikael"!!!
I never shall leave hope about us. Dear I can not make the visa for 40 American dollars you of me have not correctly understood cost of the visa of 300 American dollars. I shall make the lovely passport itself. I to you shall describe all cost of mine travel to you the visa of 300 dollars, the plane from Perm to Moscow and up to Stockholm of 250 dollars, hotel accommodation of 150 dollars. Yes I agree lovely I want to be with you and
only with you life mine understand and know it. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.

Whole in both cheeks
yours Gulya! "

Here she asks for more money than the real coast is. 40 USD cost a visa to Sweden but she ask for 300USD.
I was stupid enough to give here this money (I attach a copy of the transaction by Western union). After that she wrote to me that she will leave for Moscow at ones to apply for visa. She wrote a few letters saying that everything was ok. Then 2005 10 20 a letter came and she explained to me that she needed 1500USD to show the custom office in Moscow otherwise they will not let here leave for Sweden. Here is that letter:

"How your affairs lovely? At me all is bad I do not know that to me to do. I went to customs consultation there to me have informed that money to a living wage in Sweden are necessary for me. I explained them that I go to you, that I have in Sweden loved person which me likes and will provide, but they speaking that is necessary for me a
minimum of 1500 American dollars they have counted up and have told that under the Schengen contract I should spend 50 American dollars per day, they speak that without this money I can not pass customs house as I should show them this money that they have made sure of
that that I can live in Sweden. Mikael loved understand to me this money are not necessary for me you are necessary only and only you I very much want to be with you, this money needs to be shown me at customs house, after that I can return to you this money, and we can go on the same money with you on restaurants and in other
beautiful and cosy places you to me all understand it more
expensively. I love you. I think only of you, and about us with you. I dream, and suddenly to you at this moment, lonely or awfully to damage, or opposite. But know one, my heart belongs Only against you my fine Mikael, and I hope for our fast meeting. Fine mine I finish the letter, and I wait yours. Transfer my warm wishes to family and
From my mum also. Your angel Gulya."

At that point I wrote to Gabriella Broms, Migration office at the Swedish embassy in Moscow to find out if she hade
turned in an application for visa and the answer was that they haven't hear of a person whit that name applying for visa.
After that another letter came and in that she explained that she must have this money if I wanted to meet here, it's the only way despite my explanation to here that this is not necessarily. In that moment I sent here a letter asking here to be honest whit me and tell me if she have been to the Swedish embassy and apply for visa or not. I got a answer that she promised that she got the visa witch is impossible to get only after 3days. I haven't heard from here after that. I again contacted the Swedish embassy to re check and I got the same answer. Nobody whit that name have applied for visa to Sweden.

I hope that you will help me stop this girl so that she doesn't hurt anyone else. I my self will work hard to
stop here. She has taken someone else's money for a purpose it wasn't meant for and hurt my feelings. She would have got a wonderful life with me if she had been honest but she chose to take the easy way.
I hope that you will take this seriously and I will be happy to answer your entire questions you might have in this matter.


Mikael (Sweden)

Report N2 (added on April, 4, 2006)

She appears on your list using two other email address's this is the one she scammed me on for $580 for travel to uk ... Attatched is one of 20 photos she provided me with.

Neil (USA)

Report N3 (added on December, 1, 2006)

This person tried to scam me and is still asking for money and things for me to send to her.

Darren (UK)



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