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Photo of scammer Lilia Denisona Minina

DATING SCAMMER Lilia Denisona Minina

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First name: Lilia Denisona
Last name: Minina
Age: 36
Lilia Majskaja
Lilia Majskaja
Name aliases:
Laly, Lila, Lileya, Lilichka, Lilija, Liliya, Lillia, Lillioka, Lilliushok, Lilu, Lily, Lilya
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Artyomovsk (Ukraine); Donetsk (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Fake docs used by scammer:
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REPORT N1 (added on August, 19, 2020)
Michel (Belgium)

This girl is a scammer from Lugansk Ukraine.
She is blocked on western union.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Lilia Denisona Minina to Michel (Belgium)
Hi dear!! How are you? I wrote you a letter yesterday
you got nothing? here is my passport dear but I do not have an international passport, only local

Hi my love! Now only one checkpoint "Elenovka" is open, but to pass through this checkpoint I must have some urgent reason, like go to a funeral or have a relative with a serious illness
My only way out is through Russia, but it costs a little more (((

I don't know what decision to make (

Hi darling !
yes you sent me money twice, but then there was a different reading
a girl who writes about 100 dollars writes nonsense or she is not traveling through the territory of Russia
my colleague, my neighbor traveled to Kiev through Russia, their journey took at least 22 hours and the amounts came out different, at least $ 350 taking into account the covid test
I don’t know who this girl is, I’m not lying to you, I trust my close people who have already encountered this and so far this option is the only possible one
You can enter Russia only with an international passport! All I need is a passport, I have money for travel, the ones that you sent me earlier
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