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Dating scammer Natalia Ivanova
First name: Natalia
Last name: Ivanova
Age: 43
Natalia Ceres, Natalia Cheresh, Natalia Svetlova, Natalia Petrova
Natalia Ceres, Natalia Cheresh, Natalia Svetlova, Natalia Petrova
Name aliases:
Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natalechka, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Natalii, Nataliia, Nataliuka, Nataliulka, Nataliulya, Nataliusenka, Nataliusha, Nataliya, Natalka, Natalochka, Nataloka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyja, Natalyok, Natalyuhoka, Natalyulenka, Natalyushka, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashik, Natashka, Nathalia, Nathalie, Natika, Natka, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natushka, Natushok, Natusia, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Naty, Nutalchika, Nutulenka, Tusya
Scammer's Location(s):
Chisinau (Moldova); Kursk (Russia)
Moldova, 2060, Chisinau, Crinch str., 55 - 77
Crinch 53-77, 2060 Chisinau, Moldova
Cuza-Voda str 17/8-34, Chisinau, 2060, Moldova
Phone number(s):
373(2) 944 67 93
373 79 640570
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful Russian Women, Platinum Romance, Russian Euro


Skip (USA)

I wish to report a scammer.
I used to write to her a couple of years ago but she kept demanding money and for me to buy her a computer and pay her internet fees. She told me she didn't want to continue writing to me because I didn't care enough for her.
She also is lying in what she has said on her profile. Shes' still using her very old photos, which again, is a misrepresentation.
Arnold (USA)

Contacted Natalia in May and after at least weekly emails went to visit her for a week in August. We went through the K-1 visa process and her visa interview was to be in September 2003. She said could not get visa, I had sent money for tickets for interview in Bucharest and trip to United States for her and her daughter. Tried to get information from INS, right! After checking sites found her new profiles (dated months before and same month of interview on 1st-international. Sent letters from fictitious men and received immediate replys and new photos I never saw, I was waiting weeks for letters. She stated in one "My heart is free and lonely-))))." Needless to say she had no intention to coming here. I filed a fraud report with FBI and have contacted most of the sites she is on. Have contacted a lawyer in Chisinau, will be years if anything happens at all. This shows that the visa application really means nothing as far as scammers are concerned. They will go to any length to get your money.
Arnie (USA)

I want to file a complaint for what I believe to be fraud against one Natalia Ceres. She also goes under the names of Natasha Petrova, Natalia Cheresh, Natalia Ceresh, Natalia Svetlova, Natalia Ivanova. The only address I have for her is the following. I have no knowledge if she has done this on her own or if she is working with others.
Cheresh Natalia
Str.Cuza-Voda 17/8 ap.34
2060 Kishinev, Moldova
This is the address she had when I visited her on 7th August to the 13th August. I have no idea if it is her present address, it was until November 2003. I visited her to not only meet her in person after three months of email correspondence, but it was also a requirement of a K-1 visa, which paperwork I took along on the trip so we could fill it out properly. While I was there I also presented Natalia with an engagement ring. Upon returning home I received email on 17th August from her requesting I send money for flights to Bucharest to obtain the visas necessary for her and daughter Tanya and also for the flights to the US because she said she could get them cheaper there. Listed as Natalia V. Skripnickova on K-1 visa petition. Her DOB listed as 9/15/1964.
17 August - Received request for money for air fares
18 August - Mailed K-1 paperwork to center for processing
22 August - Received bank account numbers and request for air fares
ACC. 222500184060
I don't know if this is her only account, it is the only one she gave me.
23 August 2002 - Wired money to above account
1 February 2003 - Received notice Petition for visa approved
24 February 2003 - Request money to take translator with her to Bucharest
25 February 2003 - Wired money to above account
9 March 2003 - Email about visa application to be on 25th March 2003
17 March 2003 - Email about possible flights to US
19 March 2003 - Email about reservations made to US and requirement to pay in cash there
20 March 2003 - Wired money to above account
27 March 2003 - Daughter could not get visa - did not have Fathers' permission
30 July 2003 - Natalia posts her profile at agency Natasha Club #97707 - Age 35 - real age 38
29 July 2003 - Wired money to above account
18 August 2003 - Edits profile at cj.hrum.com(Love.mavpa.com)
25 August 2003 - Email request for flight money to go to Bucharest again since Tanya is 18 and she statesd checked with Moldova government and they said Tanya no longer needed Fathers' permission since she was 18 years old She also mentions had burglary in her apartment and she had been keeping the travel money there and it was gone, she didn't even have money for food
29 August 2003 - Wired money to above account for trip to Bucharest
5 September 2003 - Natasha posts a 2nd profile at Natasha Club #98668 - Age 34 - real age 39
I assume profiles listed with different ages to get into two age groups
I found these two profiles in November 2003 when I became suspicious
8 September 2003 - Wired tickets were booked to Bucharest for 29 September 2003
Says had trouble getting money in account because number was wrong Was this before of after she posted profile on Natasha Club?
6 October 2003 - No visas - Daughter Tanya still needed Fathers' permission
15 October 2003 - Requests money for guest visa application so she could visit me
17 October 2003 - Sent money by Western Union
9 November 2003 - Email couldn't get visitor visa and was now going to get her passport
I was getting suspicious (I guess it took long enough, but I believe in the good in others) as to what was going on after 2nd trip to Bucharest without getting visas because she assured me they would get them, but the statement of getting a passport was the real flag. So I spent hours searching photo catalogs from agencies when I found the two profiles listed on Natasha Club. I bought her email address on one of the postings and it was the same one I have for her. I created two fictional characters (ibtru2u2, elgaeno) and sent Natalia email.
9 November 2003 - I receive email from Natalia
13 November 2003 - I send email to Natalia
14 November 2003 - elgaeno sends email to Natalia
15 November 2003 - elgaeno receives email from Natalia
She states - "My heart is free and lonely-))))." She also sent two photos I've never seen. Last time I got a photo was in September 16 November 2003 - ibtru2u2 sends email to Natalia
17 November 2003 - "Natalia" posts profile at Absolute Agency - ID: A4207368
17 November 2003 - updates profile at datingfree.info - ID: 51214
18 November 2003 - ibtru2u2 receives email from Natalia
She states - "I like you and I would like to know you better."
18 November 2003 - elgaeno receives email from Natalia
She states - "Hope to get your letter soon."
18 November 2003 - elgaeno sends email to Natalia
21 November 2003 - I send email to Natalia
22 November 2003 - I receive email from Natalia
States she was sick couldn't email since 9 November 2003 Says I can rapid post package, Must have same address 22 November 2003 - ibtru2u2 sends email to Natalia with picture
23 November 2003 - elgaeno receives email from Natalia
She states "I like you too and I would like to meet you in real life."
24 November 2003 - ibtru2u2 receives email from Natalia
She states can't afford email
25 November 2003 - elgaeno sends email to Natalia
27 November 2003 - elgaeno receives email from Natalia
Daughter sick and no money for heat
30 November 2003 - elgaeno receives email from Natalia
She just got back from country - gives address for sending money
Well, I received 1 email in a 15 day span whereas my fictitious characters received 5, some of them the next day. And she tells me she was too sick to email me sooner. While she was "sick" sent or received 8 emails and edited 2 profiles on different agencies.
I believe that the enclosed documents and the responses she gave to "elgaeno" and "ibtru2u2" show that Natalia Ceres(Natasha Petrova) has no intention to come to the United States to become my wife. I have sent her over $7,000.00 US over the last year and a half and am sending copies of the documents I could find. There were some monies sent through Western Union I can't find documents for and this $7,000.00 does not include the over $2,000.00 it cost me to visit her in Chisinau. I realize I will probably never get any money back, but I can only hope for the best. The worst part of this is the time I wasted worrying about her and her daughter, and all the trouble she was having. In her reply on 22 November 2003 she says she will wait for gifts which means she probably has the same address. The only thing I could add about her appearance is she has longer hair and it is professionally done being more blonde than platinum. The picture she sent in September of her daughters' graduation party shows this, but it is of such poor quality and so far away you have trouble making out their faces. There are more recent photos of her in some of the later profile listings.
REPORT N4 (added on November, 12, 2007)
Ben (England)

Have been in contact with this person since 14th Oct 2007.
Was arraging to meet in Feb 2008.
I mentioned that sometime in the near future I would be needing the address to send a Christmas card. Email came straight back with address and was in a hurry for me to send a Christmas Gift.
I entered the postal address in google and found her on stop-scammers.com using different address's and phone numbers.

Scam Letters

Emails from Natalia Ivanova to Skip (USA)
Hello dear Skip!!! I was very glad to get your letter. I really like you very much but I don t know how can have family and relations with man, which can to send some money even for Internet service. Therefore I didn t reply to you. I am sorry but all depended on you Skip. I thought you are really my destiny and love!!! Natasha.

Dear Skip, I m very glad that you want to help me with Internet service. I m very grateful to you. My darling, I have other way, I think it is better. I would like to buy inexpensive computer. My friend has such computer but I will not be pay for Internet provider. I will be to have own computer and free Internet. My love, I think of it because I will be here about 6-7 months before we will be together. I would like to write you every day. The Internet club there is in other place of city there and visiting takes about 3-4 hours with trip and I come back to home lately (I m afraid). I think to have my own computer will be cheaper, believe me. I need you and your love, I really want to be with you. I hope to get your reply very soon. Kiss you my love million times. Please, take care of yourself, your Natasha.
Emails from Natalia Ivanova to Ben (England)
Hello dear Ben!
I was very glad to get your nice reply and photos. Thank you! I was very glad to talk by phone with you, to get your sms! Thank you for understanding about my busy weekend. I will be glad to hear you next week, on Friday, in the evening. You are very attentive if think of sending me gift for Christmas-))! You are real gentleman, caring and attentive. Sorry for didn't answer on your questions-). My bad habits-), well: sometimes I like to sleep a little more on weekend, may be till 9 a.m., I like ice cream and Ferrero Rocher ( my most bad habit-)))! As all women I like shopping, to be spoiled and beloved, nice lingerie and perfumes. But it may be not so bad habits!
My birthday is 15th Sept.1964. My hobbies are traveling, camping, walking, bycicle, badminton, dinning out side, barbeque with friends, historical books and movies.
The weather in Moldova is not so good too, +3'C and rain with snow. I like that you want to know more about my country. I hope you will like here.
I send you my post address now, because we have a slow post service and I will be able to get your gift on Christmas, if you send it next week. It may be better to use express post service. I'm very interested and can't wait to get it-).
Ceres Natalia
Str.Cuza-Voda 17- 8 ap.34
2060 Chisinau, Moldova
I send you my warmest wishes! Have a nice day! Take care, my dear!!! Tenderly, Natasha.


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