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Dating scammer Natasha Rosella
First name: Natasha
Last name: Rosella
Age: 34
Natasha Jordan
Natasha Jordan
Name aliases:
Nataha, Natasa, Natash, Natashia, Natosha
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Myers, Florida, USA
11 Olayinka Street, ljeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
Phone number(s):
Fake docs used by scammer:
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
Celebrity website:


REPORT N1 (added on January, 12, 2021)
Gregory (USA)

Tells me her name is Natasha Rosella.,. Saw hp iter on Facebook was Shikemi Jordan, also said she went as Natasha Jordan. No email phone number texting 786-300-1589 . Said she from fort Myers Florida in Lagos Nigeria visiting her dad I sent the drawing to her the address is 11 Olayinka Street ljeshatedo surulere Lagos Nigeria 23401 I just got this info it's a bank account I guess for the cook I would need to send the money there.
Acct #9302878758
lagos Nigerian 23401...
BDate. July 31 1986.
Relationship started in August just basic talk where you from what do you do she said she was there visiting herfather she was there a year before also in Nigeria Lagos go back to a boyfriend she was with in fort Myers said he got another girl pregnant while she was in Lagos said the name change was social media because she got ripped off with an online relationship from a guy Charles something in Chicago $600 for a plane fare that he was supposed to get it he never got it she told me yesterday she was saying she was weary of online relationships now I told her I was too because I had a close call with a girl for 8 months online and found out it was a scam in the end when time to send money so I would never send her money for anyting until after we met during this time we exchange pictures of ourselves and family eventually coming to Hawaii I constantly told her that things weren't adding up that everything relies on mathematics everything mathematical equation and always adds up tried to have her take real-time photos like holding sign saying I love you not right away but days that picture is on my broken phone I don't have anymore I couldn't find her anywhere on Google as Natasha Jordan or Jordan nothing that matched her search on that one site location Was Hialeah Florida Miami also.. the carrier Terra Nova Telecom. I might be in Hawaii now but I was born and raised in Hialeah Florida so I called her on this when she said something reason whatever whatever but I did try a couple other phone numbers just to test the phone site my phone my sister's phone ot really didn't have that correct where the location was so I didn't really rely on that as being correct reliable of course she was using me you don't trust me just that kind of stuff sometimes you pretty convincing but I know that I'm basically impulsive and being what she is and looks like and everything of course I'm going to be swayed into believing eventually to make a long story short back and forth about mathematics nothing adding up it's just not right got to start telling the truth I know and I would bring it up to her kitchen that the scammers and how many there were so many of them she was the yada yada yada why I should believe her she never did anything wrong all that stuff I wanted to find out who she really was I still want to I want to know what the real story is I even told her I was an angel I told her I've been into I've done some time I've done some ridiculous stuff I understand if she has to make money but she shouldn't be taking from people if that's what she's doing she she denies it all that's not she is it a crime to fall in love I told her no but it's a crime to use love to commit a crime. Told her to come clean tell me the whole truth you still come to Hawaii start a new way and I help her since she's a cosmetologist went to school for in New York college or trade school or something.I had her again try a photo of what they call it here in Hawaii as Shaka the position of the hand it's the thumb and little finger I even sent her one of me in the mirror doing it she sent the photo back saying that the cook took the photo and she didn't do the shaka she just had a thumb up. I noticed little kind of grammar mistakes in our texting got either it was a translator or just somebody. Not familiar with the English language
Things that you wouldn't really say if you were grown up American society send money to someone else but she said she borrowed money to someone else this other little things at this point I'm 99.9% she is a scammer I want he wants me to send money for part of the airfare to come here from Lagos want to spend the rest of your life with me yes it would really be nice but it's a dream what I really want is some solid info proof she's not who she says she is not really to give to her just for my final peace of mind that she's not who she says she is the phone number doesn't register on your site how does a previous scammer the name doesn't register the address doesn't register so there's always that possibility probably just like winning the lottery that she could be telling the truth she said that she had trouble than she needed to kind of like hide she would tell me when she saw me in person also I did send a voice recording message and I constantly told her I would like to hear her voice or even just talk on the phone not text because of I want the flavor in conversation not just letters in black and white I want to hear that emotions in the innuendos that everyone has of course she came up with an excuse the phone wasn't working in that manner we could record but I told her the map night you use that's the wrong solution it's not adding up again recently to bolster her case she sent me a picture of her passport but the number of her passport was blocked out and the last name it was only Natasha and she also told me that another time that her father was from Ireland and she would have to visit him there so she actually had 2 passports what British or Irish and USA in the name of Love. Right!!!! I think at this point I've gotten about all the information I'm going to get she also said I got it believer or I still like this come clean as you call it I like to let her know I go to scam the whole time which I have really but I've always back down in letter put all the questions to decide talk around them never directly answers information p I don't really want to put her out as ask Amber if it turns out she's not which is very unlikely but I myself was accused of a crime one time and over a year-and-a-half and I was acquitted it wasn't me but that whole time it was terrible so I have a hard time being accused of something that I didn't do or that I'm not doing so I will afford someone that respect until I find out absolutely positively the truth none of the photos she sends me are readable with the hidden photo tool no information at all which says that's unlikely I was hoping to get a location or a Time but some of the photos I sent that I am taking or things just gave little bit information never really time and date and location either so that's not absolute either I have not found anything about her on this site but I found a few on Google either that would match your birthday also apparently in Florida there's some bad Natasha Jordans but they don't match up with photos and birthdates birthday is I saw on Facebook and she told me cuz it was coming up while we were having our relationship which is it would have been September 30th 1988 that's what I sent her a drawing for the portrait of her are you aren't working sign work and stuff and apparently something most people think I'm pretty good so I'm basically on disability and retirement because I had a blood clot in my heart January and I just turned 62 and November so they put me retirement and disability both with you. I supplement with my sign work and artwork. her passport hazard birthday July 31st 1986 seaweed roll around that where I brought it to her attention to and she talked about me not trusting her brought up the fact that she blocked out her last name so she doesn't trust me either but I still p let her think that she's got me fully trusting her again if I don't move on whatever whatever whatever so let's get some information on this and if he is a known scammer already logic and common Sense prevails. It's basically D-Day so I would like to know absolutely sure other wise I will be in a dilemma
I would have done much of this myself using your tools on your site but I don't have a laptop and it's really hard with this Android finger too touchy too small just everything doesn't work well so I really appreciate any help you figure this one out and what a good one to get off the grid cuz she's pretty good you know what are the chances an old **** like me now going to hook up with somebody like this girl if she was real that's part of it too in the way back of my mind the dream can still be there I've seen a lot of things I'm a pretty worldly person I've been diverse and many of my jobs in what I've done go I've been on both sides Good side bad side like I said I'm not an angel but I was never the devil either and I made up a lot for tha paid for it to thanks again please send me any information to my email mahalo aloha have a good day bye.


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