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Dating scammer Elna Karlsson
First name: Elna
Last name: Karlsson
Age: 41
Name aliases:
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Montenegro; Turkey; Sweden
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):


REPORT N1 (added on January, 25, 2021)
Thomas (Canada)

Met her on Tinder website.
Elna Karlsson contacted me first through messages then through email.
Emailed for 2 full months.
Nothing that strange, except for once about a name that is used to sign her letter, claimed to be another name that her grandmother called her.
The first time was said that she owed a travel agent money to get her passport back, that he was holding as collateral until she paid the money she owed him, this was asked to be deposited into a bank account directly. Second time was for money she needed to have on her to fly out of the country of Turkey.
She told me to do a direct deposit into an account at the Scotiabank to a person named: Stanley Eigbokhan Gave me all the banking info for this person, and then to email her the receipt that the deposit was made.
First time I sent $3021.00 Canadian
The second deposit was to Bank of Montreal to a person named: Ogunseye Mathew Amos Gave me all the banking info for this person, and then to email her the receipt that the deposit was made.
Second deposit was for $1700.00 Canadian In December 2020 she just stopped writing cause I had no more money to send.
And in the beginning of this month I started to investigate what happened to her and the deposits I made, found out that both banks are both located in North York, Ontario, Canada. The photos that she claims to be her really belongs to a real female pilot named Federica Fuser, public figure from Italy.
After all this, I filed a claim with the CAFC Fraud Reporting System.

Scam Letters

Emails from Elna Karlsson to Thomas (Canada)
Hello Thomas,

How was your day?. I just came back from my final flight test and It was successful. It is easier to write a proper message on a tablet than punching on the phone keypad. I do work in Turkey at the moment, I just took a two weeks holiday to come to Kelowna-British Columbia for a job interview which I am able to secure the job I will be staying in Canada permanently .

Meanwhile, To tell you a little about myself, I`m a commercial Pilot but I do fly private jets as the hassles of flying for commercial airlines is more than I can handle, at the moment I`m actually interviewing for a new job which will come with better benefits but still a flying job so I'm not changing career, I do cherish my career with much passion and have been enjoying what I do since I started doing it as it's an age long dream for me, I am doing what I`ve always wanted to do which gives me joy and satisfaction at the end of each day, I had other earlier career in life after college but decided to go back to school just after my marriage fell apart to obtain my License and good thing I have parent who believed in my dreams and aspirations as they supported me all the way even at their expense.

I have been divorced for around 8yrs now and have been by myself all these years, only had a short relationship 4yrs ago and nothing more although I have enjoyed being alone till recently when I started seeing the consequences of loneliness and now I do know that no

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