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Dating scammer Juliet Janet Smith
First name: Juliet Janet
Last name: Smith
Age: 31
Lisa Jones, Sandy Frank
Lisa Jones, Sandy Frank
Name aliases:
Janeta, Janeth, Jannet, Jenet, Juilet, Julieet, Juliett, Julliet, Lissa
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Addison, Alabama, USA Madison, Wisconsin, USA
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
A Free Dating, Facebook


REPORT N1 (added on June, 24, 2021)
Fausto (USA)

Juliet Janet Smith claims she now lives in wausa wisc. i asked her about another fake profile named lisa jones also on facebook,who i was texing for 4 mos. gave her or them $80 amnth for their internet on their phone that was too much money anyways for net,i asked lisa to call me one time and she had a nigerian voice,, i hung up on them,lisa jones had a friend on facebook list, named juliet janet smith who i requested her friendship which she did and u asked her if lisa jones was a real person , she said yes,i found out lisas pics, are on date web sites, so she is a scam. looked up janets pics ,she is also a scam...janets pic was taken from a photography model shoot web site,,,, there you go.... thanks i think lisas texes and juliets texes to me are from the same person by the way they used the same typing and phrases...when i asked lisa if she wanted me to send for her she had to call me again 2 days later i got a tex from lisas phone and said;hi,,how are you ,, this is agent,your "lady" has faited, and now is in hospital, she asked me to call you and tell you she is on "drips and when she gets well shell call you when she gets better.1 day later ,,lisa texs me and says hello . im fine ,,i was faited and im ok now ,, i texed back and said "you and your agent spelled fainted the wrong way ...hmmm??she tex ed back and used the correct spelling on the word "fainted" to me the two texes were from the same person.. i asked lisa what her doctors name is and she replied "MARTINS. scammers use that name alot.they also use the names ...smith and jones etc...she asked me how was my night and i said "i slepted like a baby" then she texed back ,,,what?? "U" ?? she didnt understand the american "slang" they usually dont.when lisa jonbes would tex me on f.b. the green light would go on and off" like she was texing someone else.i asked her?she said .. i swear im not ..." i got suspecious and made a image search on lisa pic and saw it on dating web sites confirmed lisa was also a scam. i texed lisa and told her and she deleted me from her page,and texed juliet and told her and she texed back and said "i dont understand this" .. bluntly..please help me catch these scammers... god bless you.. thanks.
Created: 2021-06-24    Last updated: 2021-06-24    Views: 792