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Photo of scammer Lia Ling


First name: Lia
Last name: Ling
Age: 36
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in:
Sichuan, China; Gibraltar; Beijing, China
Phone number(s):
Operates on site(s):
Plenty of Fish, We Chat, Whats App
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REPORT N1 (added on August, 20, 2021)
Greg (USA)

I cam across a lady from China on the site POF and connected with her through Wechat. She then went across to Whatsapp where we can began to talk. Her profile on POF says she is in Sichuan, her Wechar says she is in Gibraltar, and in my correspondence with her she said she was in Beijing. As well her POF profile says she was divorced but in her correspondence she said she was single.
Our conversations started off in a pleasant way, some pictures exchanged. She said her job was mobile marketing and also bitcoin trading. After a couple of days she proceeded to talk about how easy it was to make quick money on bitcoin and using mt5 platform, and that she could help me get started and teach me.
This is a standard scam going around out of China to entice people to place money in a crypto transaction where the monies flow through the scammer's account.
When I told her that because of my job, I was able to get involved in crypto transactions. She tried to convince me otherwise and said no-one would ever find out. At that point she wrote we would not be a good match and the conversation stopped, and I never heard from her again.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Lia Ling to Greg (USA)
8/16/21, 11:11 PM - +86 16535060799: Hi,I'm Lia, nice to meet you.
8/16/21, 11:17 PM - +86 16535060799: I am now learning English better, but my spoken English is not very good.
8/16/21, 11:17 PM - +86 16535060799: I live in Beijing, China, where do you live?
8/16/21, 11:32 PM - +86 16535060799: Ha ha, I don't know much about opera.
8/16/21, 11:35 PM - +86 16535060799: When do you live in Beijing, China?
8/16/21, 11:35 PM - +86 16535060799: Yes, I have my own media company and Bitcoin investment.
8/16/21, 11:38 PM - +86 16535060799: I know there. So you stayed in Beijing because of your work? what do you do?
8/16/21, 11:39 PM - +86 16535060799: Live online, which is a very popular industry in China.
8/16/21, 11:50 PM - +86 16535060799: That's cool. What is your job?
8/16/21, 11:52 PM - +86 16535060799: That's also a big company
8/16/21, 11:56 PM - +86 16535060799: It is to cooperate with merchants to help sell goods with merchants through live broadcast. The most one-time sales of our company is 100 million yuan.
8/17/21, 12:02 AM - +86 16535060799: Maybe what we are doing now is the marketing model.
8/17/21, 12:02 AM - +86 16535060799: It's through the mobile phone.
8/17/21, 12:03 AM - +86 16535060799: I told you, I invest in Bitcoin.
8/17/21, 12:05 AM - +86 16535060799: Trading Bitcoin is easy. Each transaction only takes a few minutes. It won't take me a long time.
8/17/21, 12:06 AM - +86 16535060799: Trading Bitcoin is e

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