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Photo of scammer Brandy Danyelle Leever

DATING SCAMMER Brandy Danyelle Leever

First name: Brandy
Last name: Danyelle Leever
Age: 35
Rose, Brandy Haggard, Danielle Leever, Brandy Donner
Rose, Brandy Haggard, Danielle Leever, Brandy Donner
Name aliases:
Brandi, Dannie, Dannielle, Rooes, Rouse
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA; North Bergen, New Jersey, USA; Gulfport, Florida, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Craigs List, Plenty of Fish
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REPORT N1 (added on September, 28, 2021)
Susan (USA)

I recently connected with this lady on plenty of fish her real name is Brandi Danyelle Leever. During our conversations she stated she was a investor who just sold property in Saint Petersburg ,Florida for one million dollars, She also stated she lived on a yacht docked in Gulfport,Florida She had said maybe 20 times that she was coming to Georgia to see me but always had an excuse the day she was to arrive,then would call saying her buisness was being destroyed by a stalker who bugged her phone,computers and installed a tracking device on her car and also drained her bank accounts and needed me to send her money.
I did send her 1000 dollars with the promise to be payed back in a month it never came back all she had was excuses,sob stories and how a stalker was trying to destroy her,I was not sure what to believe during one conversation I asked her if she need anything and she slipped and gave me her last name,inquistly I googled the name Brandi Leever not only did I find out she was a lier further investigation revealed she is nothing short of a unemployed con-artist who survives by scamming others.
So if you are reading this and come in contact with a Brandi Leever (She is on Facebook to search musing wordsmith) break all contact immediately do not wire her money it will be gone you can search the name in any search engine not only that you can also search the name Brandi Leever on Facebook and find a group with several victims statements law suit information and such.
Thank you for reading stay safe from this girl and those like her.
Created: 2021-09-28    Last updated: 2021-09-28    Views: 298