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Dating scammer Tatyana
First name: Tatyana
Age: 32
Name aliases:
Liubov, Ljuba, Ljubasha, Ljubov, Loubov, Luba, Lubasha, Lubashka, Lubavochka, Lubow, Lyba, Lybavushka, Lybawa, Lyuba, Lyubasha, Lyubka, Lyubochka, Lyubov, Lyubovinka, Lyubovochka, Lyubow, Lyubushka, Tanechka, Tani, Tanichka, Tanily, Tanilya, Tanni, Tantana, Tanulechka, Tanulenka, Tanulya, Tanusha, Tanushka, Tanuska, Tanusoka, Tanya, Tanyoka, Tanyuha, Tanyulka, Tanyusechka, Tanyusha, Tanyushka, Tasha, Tatana, Tati, Tatiana, Tatianok, Tatianulka, Tatik, Tatiyana, Tatsiana, Tatty, Taty, Tatyanchik, Tatyanka, Tatyanoka, Tatyanulenka, Tatyanulya, Tatyanusenka, Tatyanushka, Tatyanushoka, Tatyanusika, Tatyanuska, Tatyanusya, Taya, Tenia, Teti, Tetiana, Tetianok, Tetyana, Tinka, Titanya, Tonya
Scammer's Location(s):
Chelyabinsk (Russia); Ozersk (Russia)
E-mail address(es):
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4


REPORT N1 (added on December, 13, 2021)
Garry (USA)

REPORT N2 (added on April, 6, 2022)
Thomas (USA)

Works on various sites under different names. Serious liar and scammer.
REPORT N3 (added on April, 13, 2022)
Juan Miguel (Spain)

Known scammer, she is in the black list.

Scam Letters

Emails from Tatyana to Garry (USA)
Good morning! Nice towrite you. My name Tania. I will be gladto get to know you more better. I want to write that I here only to find serious man, Im not search here fun. Because I see a lot of such male. hope you an exception. Forgot to tell Im almost 32 y.o.. write me some words about you.
And of course some recent pictures Tatiana.

Hello Garry. I am delighted to receive your letter, thank you very much. I hope that my photos that I send along with the letter will decorate my letter, and you will like it.
I am looking for a man for a serious, lasting and stable relationship. I have no children, I am single, so I want to meet a man from another country. I would be glad to receive your photos and tell us about yourself ok? I live in Russia, but the distance between us does not scare me, because now there are planes and you can fly to any point on the planet. Perhaps in the future we can meet with you. But for this, I want to know better about you. Hope you can talk about you? I am a modest woman, so you can write questions that interest you, I am happy to answer you.
Tell us about your city, where do you live? So about family? I will be glad to continue writing letters to you every day. A good day! Regards, your new friend Tatiana.

Hello my friend Garry.
Thank you for your letter, how are you? What's the weather like?
I am fine, I am glad that I can see your answer, and I will g

Emails from Tatyana to Thomas (USA)
Hello. :-) How are you? I am looking for new friends.

Hello Tom.
Thanks for your letter.
I am looking for a man for a serious, lasting and stable relationship.
I will be glad to receive your photos and tell us about yourself ok?
I live in Russia and would like to find a man from another country to build a serious relationship and true love.
Tell us about your city, where do you live? What about family? What is your job?
I wish you a good day.
My name is Lyuba.

Hello my friend Tom.
I am glad to receive your reply, hope we can become good friends and communicate every day. YOU interested me, and I would like to know more about you, about your life, and please do not forget to send your photos ok? I will be waiting for your new photos in the next letter too.
I am 32 years old, I am a single woman, I have no man and no children! I live in the city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region.
My job is as a nurse in a hospital, and I also often go to the ambulance to help people. My work is a bit difficult, but I need to help people, I really like it, and I am useful in this life.
I have a mom and dad, they live separately from me in the countryside, I try to visit them on weekends. I have no sister and no brother, my parents gave all the parental love just for me. Therefore, I am proud that I grew up a smart woman and I have a good job. Only there is no good man nearby with whom I would lik

Emails from Tatyana to Juan Miguel (Spain)
Hello. I am looking for a man for a serious relationship. I'd be glad to hear from you. Sending my photo and waiting for his reply. Have a nice day.

Hola Juan Miguel .
Gracias por su carta.
Busco un hombre para una relación seria, duradera y estable.
Estaré encantado de recibir tus fotos y cuéntanos sobre ti, ¿de acuerdo?
Vivo en Rusia y me gustaría encontrar un hombre de otro país para construir una relación seria y de amor verdadero.
Cuéntanos sobre tu ciudad, ¿dónde vives? ¿Qué pasa con la familia? ¿Cuál es tu trabajo?
Te deseo un buen dia.
Mi nombre es Lyuba.

Hola mi amigo Juanmi.
Me alegra recibir su respuesta, espero que podamos ser buenos amigos y comunicarnos todos los días. TÚ me interesaste, y me gustaría saber más sobre ti, sobre tu vida, y por favor no olvides enviar tus fotos, ¿vale? Estaré esperando tus nuevas fotos en la próxima carta también.
¡Tengo 32 años, soy una mujer soltera, no tengo hombre ni hijos! Vivo en la ciudad de Ozersk, región de Chelyabinsk.
Mi trabajo es como enfermera en un hospital, y también voy a menudo a la ambulancia para ayudar a las personas. Mi trabajo es un poco difícil, pero necesito ayudar a la gente, me gusta mucho y soy útil en esta vida.
Tengo una mamá y un papá, viven separados

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