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Dating scammer Veronica Vovchuk
First name: Veronica
Last name: Vovchuk
Age: 31
Name aliases:
Veronichka, Veronika
Scammer's Location(s):
Kiev (Ukraine)
Operates on site(s):
Dream Singles, Find Bride


REPORT N1 (added on January, 5, 2022)
Kevin (USA)

Responded to letter on dating site. We spoke and got to know each other. Found her on three different dating sites and proceeded to contact her. One site was removed. Two still exist. 1Three different stories were given. Two of the response regarding her family, was that she had a younger sister. Her parents are divorced or father is dead. The other stated she had two brothers, one died and another is living and only her mother is alive. Sister in Atlanta. She has been living there for about 8 years, has been married to a guy from the USA for 6 years. I proceeded to get additional information and confirm who was telling the truth. Her response was that she had other profiles to increase her chances of finding someone. Did not acknowledge that I was speaking to her on other sites and could not confirm what was told on the other sites. I asked to receive phone number and/or email so that we can speak via video conference. She claimed I was being paranoid and would not agree to using any other means of communicating except using the paid dating site. Her claims that I was trying to become closer to her was again paranoia and with any little compliment I gave her, she turned it around to make me feel that I was victimizing her. Example she sent me a video, previous videos were not addressed to me. I asked her to send one with my name and she did. I complimented how her voice sounded and she mocked me by accusing of having to send every video with her saying my name going forward. I sent gifts of flowers and perishables to her on these sites. I received photos of her receiving them. Again, she did not acknowledge either sites gifts being received or what she did with them. She never once showed me what she did with them or what/where/how she has them displayed in her places of residence or work. Unusual secretive in her daily life and activities. Any questions of these, she becomes defensive and calls me paranoid.

Scam Letters

Emails from Veronica Vovchuk to Kevin (USA) Part 1

This is my first week on this site, so I want to immediately apologize if I am doing something wrong now.

I am a real woman and therefore I can make mistakes, so I want you not to yell at me if I do it.

I'm not sure that I know how best to start communicating with you now, I'll just try to tell you why I'm here and I hope that you will help me.

My dream is to meet a man before the end of this month, and for this I am ready to do a lot.

So I would like to ask you, are you here to meet a woman in real life, or are you just to chat online? Will you help me?

Hi dear Kevin

I so enjoyed communicating with you. You can't even imagine what emotions you caused me.
My main goal on this site was to find the man of my dreams. And it seems my search ended with you. I hope that it will be with you that I will succeed and we will build a real strong relationship. Are you ready for this?
You must understand that I do not want eternal letters, I am serious and for this I am ready for a lot. Do you accept all offers for a meeting in real life? It is very important for me to know this. I hope that we will also be able to communicate in the chat, I was very pleased to know that I have found the man of my dreams!
I always do it fairly. If a person treats me well, then I will become 1000 times better for him.
I want to ask you a very important questi

Emails from Veronica Vovchuk to Kevin (USA) Part 2
My dear and beloved Kevin

Thank you for this wonderful letter, but I don't quite understand why you wish me a Happy New Year? Has it come for you yet? hehe

Well, let's get down to the questions.

1) Honestly, I did not notice this in men. As for me, in Ukraine, on the contrary, blondes do not attract men. This is due to the stereotype that all blinkers are ******. Is that what they say in the USA?

2) I would say "Wow, are you real?" hehe

3) Of course, I agree with your words, I will be fine in any case, the main thing is with you! Well, if you think about it, then most likely this is a house in the countryside.

4) Yes, I really want it, and all the time I strived for it. I believe that I have already met this person. It's you!

5) If it's good weather with snow and cold without wind, then I feel good about it. But to be honest, I don't remember this for a long time. It rains constantly in winter, and even if it snows, it melts quickly.

6) In Ukraine, the New Year is more honored, but I love both of these holidays!

7) Of course, it is love in the family. Money can be made, but love is hard to find and very easy to lose!

8) I think it all depends on the woman. If a woman inspires him, then he can always be romantic!

In addition, I want to tell you. I love you very much!
Also, thank you very much for the video. Yes, I can hear this song in the background. I really like her, I have often heard her.

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Emails from Veronica Vovchuk to Kevin (USA) Part 3
My dear and beloved Kevin

Thank you dear, but Easter will be in a week. I would also very much like you and me to be together, but the situation in Kiev is very bad. Many shops are closed.
Our family has had a tradition for Easter all my life. There should be chocolates on the holiday table, but these restrictions will break the tradition this year. How do you feel about traditions?

Yes, this is a very correct and instructive story. I completely agree with this, and I have nothing to add. Where did you find this story?

I love you very much! Honey, I've had a tough day today. Today I visited my parents and only recently returned home. I am very tired and I want to sleep. Sweet Dreams My dear. You are the best!!!


Hello my dear Kevin.

First, I want to ask you, who is Anna? My name is not even close to that.

I'm glad you like my photos. I'm good. what about you? I was waiting for your letter.
it would be nice to talk. I hope today you will find some of your time for me.


Hello my dear Kevin.

I thought you dreamed of an angel named Anna, since you addressed me by that name in your last letter. You haven't answered me, who is Anna?

I hope that you, too, will write to me more so that we can talk and learn more about each other's feelings.

For me, happiness is to be with a loved one and to have mutual feelings, love, care, support and mu

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