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Dating scammer Jane Liezel Annamea

DATING SCAMMER Jane Liezel Annamea

First name: Jane
Last name: Liezel Annamea
Age: 36
Name aliases:
Jana, Janee, Janne
Scammer's Location(s):
Roxas (Philippines)
Also claims to be in:
Shenzhen, China
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Skype: cid.67efc4e283081d08
Operates on site(s):
Asian Dating
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on February, 18, 2022)
Laszlo (Hungary)

Romance scam, Jane Liezel Annamea,
Dear Officer
I am a medical doctor (17 of August 1967) living in Hungary Europe.
I am writing this letter in the middle of the ongoing pandemic when your country is almost in complete isolation due to the Covid situation.
I am a medical professional a university teacher while I also worked for several years in the United Kingdom.
The reason I am writing you as one of your fellow citizen has committed one of the ever-increasing crime a romance scam leading me into a financial disaster and bankruptcy.
Our story of our scam goes back to last year May when she contacted me on www.asiandating.com, a website and I answered her letter.
Her name as she stated was Jane Liezel Annamea and she has sent some pictures about herself. Later we communicated on Skype and I SAW HERE AND THIS MATCHED THE PICTURES AND I MEMORIZED HER VOICE.
Soon I found us on gmail site where she relatively quickly opened her life and she suggested coming to Hungary as to help my elderly mother aging 81 years and marrying me.
According to her story, she worked supposedly as an aupair in China, Shenzhen, and worked for her employer, who was in fashion industry called Mrs. Li helping her in household work teaching her daughter Yuki and helping the grandmother.
Soon we/she started to organize her trip to Hungary with an agent called Chang Weng from www.asiantoursandtrips.com, which is a company that at that time seemed to be a real company.
Our story started with sending help in the form of wire transaction n to different accounts for her visa, later ticket and funding for her European tour.
Once she wanted to depart, she was jailed for entering Hong Kong airport with some forbidden items.
Mr. Chang helped her out on bail while I paid for that. Later I had to pay her hospital bills and for the valued Buddha statue a tax in order, not to send her to prison.
All the expenses that time were near 50 thousand euros which is 2,889,730.12 Philippine Pesos.
However her mother allegedly got a ****** and she traveled on my expenses back to Roxas city and there she organized her trip here, but her house was suddenly exploded due to a malfunctioning gas cylinder, and her travel money and ticket al have gone by the fire.
By the end of the story at Christmas, my total expenditure culminated to 60000 (sixty thousand) Euros which in... 3,468,416.35 Philippine Pesos
All my savings has gone and I had to get some more money from different sources for her and for the man called Chang Weng.
I admit that, although from the beginning her story seemed suspicious I had not option as a doctor just pay to avoid the disaster as not to let her be jailed in China, not let imprisoned again paying the tax and also travel and many more other expenses.
I have to say she is a good con artist while I am a hard-working doctor who works as a pathologist but now during Covid I had some other several duties.
Everyone said not to pay as she is a liar but she manipulated my heart and fabricated stories and I think she very much enjoyed it.
Why someone is paying a foreigner?
You are right and right but that is what scams mean. ****** manipulate and many more causing pain and suffering for the one who loves the other.
I have to admit I was in love with that lady, however by the end of our story I found that all the pictures, videos she has sent are either hers and in that case she cheated on everything or belongs to someone else (actually the pictures belong to Mitzi Ann Almario ) I tried to contact Mitzi Almario to clarify her position but not reply. Mitzi claims to be a video game player which very well fits that profile she is an extroverted woman with some YouTube videos. Listening the voice of Mitzi was a match that communicated with me.
She replied for my request when I threatened with REPORTING HER AND CHNAG TO THE POLICE and I asked first to send my money back.
She replied:
"jane liezel
15:17 (5 NrAval ezelott)
"both of the pictures are not mine and i am not even from the Philippines I am a pure Chinese that can speak English, i just played you i downloaded all these pictures from Internet"
I try to explore more details from the internet but I kindly ask what I can do to initiate an investigation.
I admit I will also put an official complaint on other forums (FBI Interpol and others)
No one knows how many victims this gang has.
While she claimed that she stays in Roxas Capiz, I also contacted the facebook group in the city and tried to get in touch with her.
No success but I found out how heartbreaking condition in many parts of the Philippines are while scammers like she can easily get away with peoples saving and knowing no one will look after.
Afterall all this money is a foreign ***** money, but it is a saving of a hard working doctor for my family.
Crime is crime stealing is stealing...
That is why I am here to report this crime and ask your advice how can I step further to help you investigate this case.
This is an organized criminal unit, with some basic but sophisticated hardware and likely a studio.
I have a couple of pictures and names, files, videos, for you to proceed or simply alert people that she is a cheater a scammer who destroys peoples life and also your countries reputation.
I am very much aware this crime it is getting more and more common.
If my letter is not official enough I am happy to file a complaint in any other from you suggest and attach all the evidence with the data available for me.
I hope that the Philippines will open its doors for the world again and you people over there will have a more prosperous future.
My stolen saving should have served the hard working people in Roxas in the Philippines rather than a criminal.


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