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Dating scammer Joana Mariz Yazon
First name: Joana
Last name: Mariz Yazon
Age: 26
Genoveva Balbastro Yazon
Genoveva Balbastro Yazon
Name aliases:
Scammer's Location(s):
Quezon (Philippines)
Lorraine St. Bray Apolonio, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone number(s):
63 9214061414
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Ok Cupid


REPORT N1 (added on June, 8, 2022)
Jordan (UK)

On the OKCupid dating site, I met a woman calling herself Joanna Mariz Yazon in July 2021. Yazon claimed to be 26 years old, single, and living with her family of 6 siblings and 2 parents in Quezon City, Philippines. Immediately she wanted to leave the site and communicate by WhatsApp. We corresponded for about 4 months and she sent 48 letters and 4 photos.
Her letters were not literate, and although she answered some questions, she was evasive about other personal matters. She said she needed $750 USD to complete her schooling so that she could graduate from STI College, find a high-paying IT job, and help support her family and raise them out of poverty. She stated that her mother did not work because her mother's company had closed due to COVID, that her father could not work because of health issues, and that her 6 siblings were unemployed. She worked part-time cleaning houses illegally and made $3-5 a day. She did not have a bank account, but used only Gcash and PayPal. She had no national ID, driver's license, or passport, but only a school ID from 2018 that STI later claimed was unvalidated.
Her story about school tuition needs changed over time. The first two assessments she sent were dated from 2002, but she then sent a corrected copy showing fees for the 2020-2021 school year. When she first asked for money, she claimed she had forgot to state that she owed a balance from February that she "thought" her mother had paid. She needed to bring her balance up to date and complete one month of summer school that was supposed to start in June but was moved to July and August so that she could graduate. She also stated that after summer school finished in August, she had to take an unpaid internship that would cost "less" in tuition as she was doing it off-campus. I tried to contact the school directly on July 22 to verify her story, and although 30 separate messages were sent, no one at STI replied for 3 months.
As Yazon claimed her needs were desperate, my company and I agreed to pay the $750 in August. When we asked for the school payment information, she claimed STI only accepted payment in cash, as their bank account had been "hacked" and other students who had paid their fees were allegedly denied enrollment because the school could not verify their payments. Thus, we decided to trust Yazon and wired the money to her PayPal account (joannamarizmaganda@gmail.com) on the condition that she send a receipt when the money was paid. The school ID she sent had her mother's name on the back and her own name on the front; at our request, Yazon also sent her mother's ID card from social security.
To avoid sending a receipt, Yazon claimed that her country went into lockdown and STI would not issue any payment receipts until after lockdown ended. Yazon then asked for a new phone, as her old phone somehow could not download documents needed for her to study online and graduate. She initially estimated that a new phone would cost $260 USD but then gave a new estimate of $300 USD. Once again, my company and I agreed to send her money to buy a new phone, conditioned also on getting a receipt for its purchase.
After the phone discussion, Yazon claimed a third time that she needed more help urgently. She said her professor had stated her internship for the final semester was starting immediately and STI would send a new assessment. The new assessment was not lower than her previous balance owed but was another $800 USD. My company refused to help until we saw the receipt for first tuition payment and for the phone. When the receipts arrived, we doubted their authenticity-with the phone receipt, for example, Yazon covered up the name on the receipt twice with her thumb or the box; when she removed her thumb, it was clear that a new name had been pasted over the original name on the receipt. When my company refused to help further, Yazon asked me to help her on my own, claiming she also had a UTI and was paying for expensive medications. At this point I refused, and she disappeared from WhatsApp.
When STI finally replied in November 2021, we learned not only that Yazon's first receipt for payment of August tuition was fake, but also that the assessment form of $800 USD for an internship was fraudulent-that there was no internship and Yazon was trying to extort additional money on her own. When my company and I filed a fraud complaint with STI, Yazon crawled out of hiding to avoid disciplinary charges. Yazon then came up with new pathetic stories about why she should be excused for her scams, as she was a single mother who had been ***** and abused all her life and who had to sell ***** photos of herself to buy medicine for a sick grandmother who allegedly died in October.
Yazon sent 10 more letters begging to be excused from her actions, but then disappeared a second time. STI allegedly has been trying to contact her for months without success, but claim to be holding her academic records until Yazon returns our money. Thus, there is no doubt Yazon is a scammer, as STI admits Yazon "defrauded both of us. She used our company to defraud you without us knowing anything about it."

Scam Letters

Emails from Joana Mariz Yazon to Jordan (UK)
I am looking for someone who can help me with my studies. I really want to graduate. ❤️
I’m an IT student. I provide for my studies myself until this pandemic came. I lost my job and don’t have income. I only have a year to graduate. I want to pursue my dreams and I hope you can be part of it. 🥺💗
I will thank you with all my heart. 💕
If you can’t help I understand but at least have respect and don’t talk rude. ☺️
Message me straight cuz I don’t see likes. Message me on WhatsApp. ☺️

Hi. I’m really in my darkest days right now. I really want to graduate so that I can find high paying job to provide my family. I’m happy that you can relate in my situation. Honestly, I’m not here if it wasn’t because of this pandemic. I am having a hard time looking for job so I do part time but my salary can’t provide my education. I am cleaning houses if someone contact me and even wash clothes to be able to earn for my education. 🥺 Here’s my WhatsApp +63 9214061414

I couldn’t budget my salary since I only have part time jobs. When I save money, sometimes emergencies are coming and sometimes I will buy food for our family.
I nearly give up but I am also thinking who’s gonna take care of my family. 🥺
I am not buying anything for myself. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My mother’s company closes and promise to provi


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