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Dating scammer Nazira Nuriyeva
First name: Nazira
Last name: Nuriyeva
Age: 36
Cindy Beahm, Yeeyee Ahasan, Eugenia, Vessah Pietat, Bev Cranshaw, Niesha Kunda, Phoebe Licursi, Shila Geisel, Kalamkas Kanapiyayeva
Cindy Beahm, Yeeyee Ahasan, Eugenia, Vessah Pietat, Bev Cranshaw, Niesha Kunda, Phoebe Licursi, Shila Geisel, Kalamkas Kanapiyayeva
Name aliases:
Cindi, Cyndi, Cyndy, Sindy
Scammer's Location(s):
Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Kazakhstan, G140606, Almaty, Zhandosova st., 164, apt. 36
Kazakhstan, A15G6C0, Almaty, Aymanova st., 222, fl. 21
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7


REPORT N1 (added on August, 10, 2022)
Philip (USA)

This is an obvious email scam for catfishing it looks like he or she but the way I see this is a total deception.
REPORT N2 (added on November, 14, 2022)
Steve (UK)

An extremely dangerous and clever scammer always willing to answer your questions and ring you to make you aware that she loves you , she will send you many videos and even her passport although you did not ask for it as well as as her visa.
being a medical student who was selected to gain experience in my country I got a call from a representative of the medical Association, Laura BARTUSEVICA. to confirm that I will help her adapt to my country. one snag the medical association will only pay her the grant by her embassy once she arrives in London of course she asked for financial help and because she admits that she was blocked by western Union and Money gram she asked me to send the money to her friend , I have heard that before. please gentlemen be aware that she is very clever, persuasive and will do anything to get your money Please stay well way from this parasite
REPORT N3 (added on March, 3, 2023)
Richard (USA)

This lady contacted me, explaining her reasons in this way: "I am searching for trust-based relationship only, based on amour and ability or truth. Age difference does not make sense for me.!" After a few email exchanges she started to explain something about having concluded a contract with the International Medical Association which would make it possible for her to obtain an internship in a dental clinic in my country. The trick is not new, but this scammer provided all sorts of documents, and also called me on telephone several times, expressing her deep feelings of love. Of course at some point there was the problem of financing the trip, Her explanations were rather complicated, but if I was willing to lend her 600 EUROs, all our dreams would come true..

Scam Letters

Emails from Nazira Nuriyeva to Philip (USA)
The only.
Good day there!,,
I am asking u to read the email thoroughly cause I was not able to make up my mind 4 a long time to write a note to you!
It's not in my nature to write mails to the menfolks 1st,., My mother and father name Nazira.., I'm really 36 years old.I now live in KAZAKHSTAN,,, I am a true and plain-speaking girl,!.
I am trying to find confidential relationship only, based on love and complete faith in the reliability,..
The age difference is not the problem doesn't make sense for me,,!
I've got two university degrees and I'm a doc of Highest Category,.!
Also, I worked abroad for several times and I have visited some foreign countries too!,, I work too much and it is high time to look for a an other half with whom I would be able to build a long-term romantic bond.,.
If you're looking for a true and plain-speaking girl, may be we'll manage to make romantic relationship.., In the mail I send to you a photographof me..
I am convinced u'll like my pic and you will write me back at once.!, In your mail I'll be thrilled to glance at your return pics and to receive some details of u,, I will write you back directly after I receive your letter.
It is too important: I won't play any games at all and I do not send any shots of ***** me.
If u are tend to get images of bare me or to obtain my money, I am making a request you not to answer my mail.,.
Yet if u are a single man who's ready for the confidential relationships, I wil

Emails from Nazira Nuriyeva to Steve (UK)
Hey Serge!
What's up?
I hope everything is going welll and you are in good spirits, am I right?
As it was promised, I am texting you a more detailed letter this day and I am eager to try to tell you as much as it's possible about me. I am writing you an email from my work computer as my home computer is broken and I took it in for repair. My computer is old and the handyman told me that there are many problems to be solved, though he will try to repair it.
I am practically always at work therefore it will not be a problem for us to communicate and I can use my work computer to email you without any problems.

I got your email address on one of the dating sites, but I don't remember how it was called as it was a month ago and I couldn't dare to message you.
A month ago I were on a bunch of different dating sites in persue to find my beloved, but I only came across men who only were trying to get ****** ***********, ***** photos, cash or plain games.
It was not my goal so I was shocked having met these people on the Net. Although a few days ago, I still have decided to meet again on the Internet and drop you a line.

Hopefully, it's not a mistake and I won't be frustrated. Are you a single and free man? Whether you have a lover, there is no reason for me to interfere.
That's a thing of the first importance for me.

And now I'm ready to tell you a bit about my personality...
My first name is Nazira. I'm along 36 years old and I am livi

Emails from Nazira Nuriyeva to Richard (USA)
Good day there,,
I beg you to read the message up to the finish as I was not able to make up my mind for a long time to write a mail to u,!.
It is not my style to write notes to the menfolks 1st,..
My name's NAZIRA),..
At this time I'm thirtysix yr old,.,
My place of birth is KAZAKHSTAN!..
I am a true and plain-speaking woman!
I am searching for trust-based relationship only, based on amour and ability or truth.
Age difference does not make sense for me.!
I am a graduate of 2 universities and I am a doc of Highest Category,.
Also, I have worked in some different foreign countries 4 some times and I've visited some foreign countries too,,.
I spend too much time at work and it is right time to look for a partner with whom I could be able to form a long-term relationship.!,
If you are looking 4 a frank and open lady, likely we'll be able to form romantic bond..!
In my email I send to u a photoof me.!,
I expect u will be fond of my image and u'll write me back,!.
In your mail I'll be pleased to look at your return shots and to hear some info of you.!,
I will answer u back after the moment I receive your letter,!.
It's necessary: I don't play any games and I am not going to send any images of bare me,,.
If you have a wish to have shots of **** me or to obtain my money, I am asking u not to answer my note,
And if you're a free fellow who is ready 4 the trust-based relationship, I will be very happy to have your email!!
Please let me


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