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Dating scammer Julia Gezerdeva
First name: Julia
Last name: Gezerdeva
Age: 31
Julia Zherdeva, Julia Jerdeva
Julia Zherdeva, Julia Jerdeva
Name aliases:
Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Iulyia, Jule, Julechka, Julenka, Julichka, Julie, Julija, Julika, Juliya, Julka, Jullia, Julusha, July, Julya, Julye, Lulia, Ulenka, Ulia, Uliya, Ylia, Yliya, Ylya, Yula, Yulcha, Yulchik, Yulchika, Yulchona, Yulechka, Yulenka, Yulia, Yuliah, Yulichka, Yulii, Yulija, Yuliy, Yuliya, Yuliyunka, Yulka, Yully, Yulok, Yulosha, Yulosha, Yulunechka, Yulunka, Yulusha, Yuly, Yulya, Yulyasha
Scammer's Location(s):
Kiev (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine)
Ukraine, 91005, Lugansk, Osipenko St., 6/84
Ukraine, 02099, Kiev, a/ya 38 Veresnova str., 12A
Ukraine, Kiev, Veresneva str., 12a A/Ya 38
Phone number(s):
380 50 9589838
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
American Singles, Elena's Models


REPORT N1 (added on March, 14, 2006)
Eric (Canada)

Was not found on any web site but beleived to have had my name generated off of a list.
Report: This lady is very quick and slick at how she operates.After the first letter she maps out a plan to get together in Lugansk and ofcourse she knows an excellent travel agent that can help out.A round figure of $US 2000.00 is automaticaly figured out for my first trip to see her.
She also immeadiately comes up with a plan for an exotic trip to Egypt at the automaticaly figured out price of $US 2,500.00 through her travel agency.She never got a dime out of me.She was also very aggressive in the translation department as well always pressing for assistance to help with translation fees.She never got any money out of me.Be careful of this woman.Shes very aggressive at what she does.The final note is always watch out for the western union transfer request.
REPORT N2 (added on October, 5, 2008)
Steve (USA)

Well a 11 month correspondence over. I called her Saturday and she was very rude there has been somebody inquiring about her so this tells me she is writing other's. I saw a profile of her on American Singles and asked her about this she did not seem too worried about this. I know that is one of the most scam infested sites but there is always that chance it was her all along. After all of this time and like the nice guy I am helping her and her son out financially she treats me like this. I will include a few of her letters along with newer pictures.
REPORT N3 (added on October, 29, 2008)
John (USA)

Hello, I would like to report a scam. She is a women from the Ukraine, her name is Julia Zherdeva, email address is julia_kiev_ua@ukr.net & julia_ukraine77@mail.ru We had communications for 8 months, over that period, she got nearly $4000 cash from me, not including all the gifts, she used me only for her financial needs, then she wanted luxury vacation, so I figure this was get way out of hand, so decided not to send money to her, and then she turned on me, got real mean, figure she was using new dating site, she is on other dating sites also, she does not communicate anymore with me, only hate mail.. So, I don't know what you do about women that do this to men from America.... i just wanted to bring this to your attention, so, I have attached her emails and photos... thanks for you time.

Scam Letters

Emails from Julia Gezerdeva to Eric (Canada)
Dear Eric,
I was pleased with your warm and cordial letter. Many thanks for your attention. I don't mind to start serious relations with you,
and to be the faithful and tender life partner for you.
But before that we need to know each other better. I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence.
But this letter will decide our next relations. I would like to talk to you about everything very seriously what worry me and about your desires.
I will explain,Eric, you my thoughts and I want to ask serious questions,
your answers are very important for me in the beginning of our correspondence. I would like after reading this letter you will think about our next relations very seriously and write me your thoughts. I am not interested in a long correspondence because it looks like a game "ping - pong" you -me, I-you, and in the main it is only game and many months of correspondence can be finished one day. I don't want to waste your time and mine, and I don't want to feel that you write me for the sake of amusements.
I know English,Eric, I can speak and communicate on colloquial level.
But I know bad English grammar, the correct spelling and phrases, it is very difficult to express my thoughts in English. I have to go to the Internet Cafe and pay for professional translation of our letters so that you can understand my letters right. This translation costs 2 USD ( 10 grivnas ) in order to t

Emails from Julia Gezerdeva to Steve (USA)
Hello, my dear.

Thank you very much for your letters and wonderful video It was funny I was also glad to see pics of your area. It's really nice place!

How was your weekend? How are you doing? I guess you will get this letter when you get home tonight. How is xxxx My Hello to her :) I am glad that she has a fresh memory :) As for me, sometimes I forget.. but I am still in clear memory :))

Oh... my weekend was awful.. I didn't write you before because I had huge problem with my PC at work.. I got a lot viruses.. but I have anti-virus program..And my PC was down completely on Thursday. I called to a programmer and only today I have got it back.. But it was not all.. Last week was really horrible.. I told you before about my problems with heating and the running water.. And on Friday our chairman said all people who live in this house that the water will be on.. so, everybody has to be at home on Saturdays and Sundays. There are 7 front-porches.. everything was fine with the first 4 porches.. and last 4, including mine, had problems.. when they opened my system.. all was bunt out..... all pipes were crushed and damaged because of long winter and frozen water inside.. I was scared of it most of all.. The same problem was in the next doors.. I am so sad and depressed.. problems after problems.. soon my birthday.. what to do I don't know.. :( I have to fix it during two weeks.. my trip to Egypt will be denied.. I must be home and find the w

Emails from Julia Gezerdeva to John (USA)
Good morning, my Johnny!!!
How are you doing? Were you tired?? Why? Maybe because time difference? Ohhhh.. I hope everything will be fine. I do worry about you. My darling, thank you for helping me with buying tires. Yes, I want to protect my life and Marik's life either. Like I said before I need about 600$.

My address:Veresneva street, 12a.A/Ya 38 kiev Ukraine 02099 My full name:Julia Zherdeva

About our vacation, honey, I checked my calendar and dates are from 14th of June till the 21st of June. But what country? I told you I was in France twice. And you told that flights were cost 800$ this time and now it has doubled, 1600$. Yes, because of vacation time. It will, but what air company did you fly this time? Why were tickets were so cheap?

Honey, if you can call me, I will be glad to talk to you over and over, but if you can't and you need to have a rest, no problem. We will talk next time. You really need to have a rest for a while. I miss you very much!

Kisses and hugs from me!!!

Your Julia.

hello, my dear Johnny!

Yes, everything is ok here. I am at work and Marik back to school. I see you feel not good, you can't sleep well, and all time you can't fall asleep.. why? How is your work? How is your life there? I can't believe that I am in Kiev. I don't like to have too long days off. I have many deals at work to finish and start.. And please don't offence on me.. I am really busy all day alo


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