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Dating scammer Juliet Thomas
First name: Juliet
Last name: Thomas
Age: 35
Juliethm; Adesola Adeite
Juliethm; Adesola Adeite
Name aliases:
Juilet, Julieet, Juliett, Julliet
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on April, 21, 2006)
John (USA)

She starts out telling you how great you are and how much she desires you then about 3 letters into relationship she will tell you about an orphanage she is the manager of and tells you how much it would mean to her and the kids if you could make a donation, when that doesn't work she will tell you her brother has a friend in India that needs to send them some money, but needs someone in the states to cash the money order then send the money to her, when you pass that up she first says you don't really care for her, then in the next letter she will ask you to for a magizine surceiption for her, because it has to be in american currency.

Scam Letters

Emails from Juliet Thomas to John (USA)
hello Jerry,
Glad to read your mail again. i really appreciate that alot.
So Nice to read alot about you which gives me great insigth of who you are I would be glad to tell more about me as well and i would prefer to start by telling you why i ran away from my father's land ,poland If you could recollect i once told you i left my father's land cos i wanted to run away from my past,my past i meant was mainly my past and last relationship which was nothing to write home about, it all happened that i and my ex boyfriend were both in love for years and that was in poland.
We met shorthly i got admission to the university It was during our relationship my parent died in an auto accident which my elder brother took over the company with the aim of me joining him in control of the company after my graduation from the universtiy cos i was already in 3 hundred level remaining a year to graduate.
During our courthship i never had any negative things in mind towards our relationship cos am a kind of person that do things openminded with whoever am dealing with to the extent that i had turned down many men's offer who wanted my hand in marriage cos of my so called boyfriend.
There was a day i went to his house without informing him and i did so cos of the negative attitude had been noticing in him, getting to his house, his door was locked, i entered with a spare key of his which is always with me,getting to his room i met him on bed with another girl.After all

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