Scammer Anastasia Savitskaya

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First name:Anastasia
Last name:Savitskaya
Aka:Svetlana Aklanova
Name aliases: Anastacia, Anastasiia, Anastasija, Anastasiy, Anastasiya, Anastasiychik, Anastasiychika, Anastasiyok, Anastasiyunya, Anastasiyusha, Anastasiyushka, Anastasiyusya, Anastassia, Anastasya, Anastaysa, Anastesiya, Anasteysha, Asya, Lana, Nansy, Nastasia, Nastasya, Nastena, Nastenka, Nastia, Nastja, Nastka, Nastuha, Nastulya, Nastya, Nastyona, Nastysha, Nastyulya, Nastyusha, Nensy, Stasya, Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlanchik, Svetlanka, Svetlanoka, Svetlanulka, Svetochka, Svitlana, Svletana
Age: 28
Location(s): Cheboksary (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 428000, Chuvashskaya Republic, Street Civil the house 20
Russia, 428000, Republic Chuvash, Cheboksary, Matrosova str., 14-1
Russia, Cheboksary, Street of Lenina, 13B
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on May, 6, 2006)

This girl writes to you from Facepart, you get a few emails and some nive pictures, even one with a personal message to you on a bit of paper! Then you get a message saying she was attacked by gangsters outside the internet cafe, then she broke a tooth and needed money for the dentist.

Stuart (England)

Report N2 (added on August, 8, 2008)

Clever scammer guy's (or so she thinks) she will even tell you to be careful of Russian woman scammers and how honest she is and send a pic with a hand written message to you.she also changes E-mail addresses like I change my socks! saying its a PC virus. Probably because of poor saps getting scammed and trying to contact her? She also changes names.

Michael (USA)

Report N3 (added on October, 19, 2009)

I'm here to report about this scammer.

Jose (Peru)

Report N4 (added on March, 29, 2013)

I got to think and found her on your site.

Warren (USA)



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