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Dating scammer Anna Reshetnyak
First name: Anna
Last name: Reshetnyak
Age: 29
Anna Korrt, Galina, Marina Perlifonova, Nina Krasnowa
Anna Korrt, Galina, Marina Perlifonova, Nina Krasnowa
Name aliases:
Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Anetta, Ania, Anika, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annchik, Anne, Annet, Anneta, Annetka, Annia, Annie, Annija, Annika, Annochka, Annulenka, Annulka, Annulya, Annusha, Annushka, Annusika, Annuta, Annutusha, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutik, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyunya, Anyuta, Anyutka, Anyutochka, Galchika, Galchonka, Galinushoka, Galinusya, Galiya, Galka, Galochka, Galusha, Galy, Galya, Galyna, Halina, Halyna, Hanechka, Hanna, Hannushka, Hanny, Hanuta, Hanutik, Hanutka, Khanka, Mari, Marinchik, Marinchika, Marinika, Marinka, Marin-ka, Marinna, Marinochka, Marinocka, Marinoka, Marinulenka, Marinulka, Marinusechka, Marinusha, Marinushka, Marinusia, Marinuska, Marisha, Marishechka, Marishka, Marishulya, Marishuska, Marunka, Maryna, Marynochka, Ninchika, Nineluska, Ninochka, Ninok, Ninok, Ninoka, Ninulechka, Ninulenka, Ninulya, Ninushka, Nusha, Nusha, Nyusha
Scammer's Location(s):
Donetsk (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine); Lvov (Ukraine); Mariupol (Ukraine)
Ukraine, 91055, Lugansk, Frunze St. 4/139
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
AFF, Dating Buzz, Love 2 Know U, Millionaire Match, My International Bride, Odessa Darlings


REPORT N1 (added on January, 10, 2006)
Steve (South Africa)

Found ******* datingbuzz site. Started corrrspondence via her personal email address a month ago. Within a week I was so special to her. During the correspondence she repeatedly failed to answer any questions. She ignores request for her address. She has now asked for money which I have obviously not sent. I have reported her to datingbuzz but her profile has already been deleted from their site.
REPORT N2 (added on May, 25, 2006)
Jerry (USA)

She sounds very sweet and intelligent. She speaks English very well. I will also attach letters from her.
REPORT N3 (added on October, 17, 2006)
Chase (South Africa)

Contacted me on site, when I questioned her on her photos appearing on other sites, namely **** sites by a model, she broke off contact.
REPORT N4 (added on October, 20, 2006)
Wayne (USA)

A blind man can see through this scam. I contacted Galina at Adult Friend Finder. We exchanged several letters. She does provide a lot of information about herself but has continued to avoid many questions. She has not given me her full name or address even after many requests. Her e-mails come from the same address in Lugansk as 4 other ladies that I am writing to. She has now started to hint about having to use a translation agency even though I have told her to write to me in Russian. I am expecting the money letter any day. I received another letter today and it appears to be a different lady. I know this lady as Anna Reshetnyak from Mariupol, Anna Korrt from Donetsk, and Marina Perlifonova from Lugansk. If any of you have the software to trace an e-mail, this is the address you should avoid. It is the address where the scam is coming from
REPORT N5 (added on April, 24, 2009)
Ray (Australia)

Translation Scammer.Her and her Translation company tried to blackmail me for $10,000 in last Translation company letter.All e-mails enclosed.

Scam Letters

Emails from Anna Reshetnyak to Jerry (USA)
This is me, Anya, please, e-mail me here.
I am a little excited to talk to you but I will try to be concrete and clear in my first letter to you.
I want to give you a little autobiographical information. My name is Anya I am 32 years old. I was born on November 11,in 1973. I live in a very nice country which is Ukraine. My country isn't so big but we have a lot of nice places,for example Black Sea. I live in Mariupol.
This is a city which is situated on the coast of Azov Sea. So, if you decide to visit me one day we can have a very nice rest as I live not far from the beach so I would show you my city.
Now some words about my profession. I work as a dramatical teacher at the Culture Palace. To be exact I run a dramatical circle.
I like children very much and I can realize my hobby,it encourage me very much.
I have several groups of children of different age and we stage different plays from Russian,Ukrainian and World Classic literature. So, I teach children from 5 years old till 15 years old. I also teach children from puppet theatre.
Well, sometimes I act in our local drama theatre and very often we stage a play for some holiday at school with kids. So happened that I finished absolutely different university, but work at school.
I studied in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine(have you ever been to Ukraine by the way? Would like to visit one day?). I came to Kiev as soon as I left school in order to enter the university. I had no idea what my future hel

Emails from Anna Reshetnyak to Wayne (USA)
Hi Wayne,

I'm glad to hear back from you! Thanks also for giving your e-mail address - it is very convenient for me and we can talk more private:) Your profile caught my interest too and maybe it will grow to something ******:) I would love to learn you better! shortly about me - my name is Galina and I am from Donbass, in it on the east of Ukraine, almost on the border with Russia. Thank you for your warm words about me;)) I am attractive but a very lonely lady. I feel that now I am ready for long term and serious relations but I am not in love. I am single and have no any relations. In the Internet I will try to find this special man. Well, I am not quick tempered, but I have character:) I am merry, funny, I like many things in life, adore sport, seeing new places. I love music, ice cream, and making love:) Yea, these are three of my passions:) maybe we can join all of them when we are together?:)would be not bad I think!I want to find a person so we burn a fire with! who can love, who is passionate and who knows what he wants in life. I value this. I hope you found something close in my words and hope you will write back. I'd like to hear more about you - what passions you have? what are you searching here and which women you like? I attached my photo so print it and look any time you miss me:)i promise to send more and hope to see many yours! Please send your reply to my e-mail address which I am writing from now: makeme_happy@mail.ru. Looking forw

Emails from Anna Reshetnyak to Ray (Australia)
Dear Ray,

It was really great to hear from you. I was glad to get acquainted with you and I liked your photos. You look like someone, I would like to get to know better. I have to admit that I am very interested in you and would like to see if we have a chance. Maybe the best years of our lives are just around the corner and fate has brought us together. I hope that like me you want to take this opportunity to get to know more about each others likes and dislikes and many other aspects of our lives.

First of all I would like to let you know that I am here with serious intentions and with a great genuine desire to find my soul mate and create family in the near future. I am single women, which search for the true love in this large world. I am searching for man, who is serious in his search too and who is here not for playing games and pan poll friendship. In Internet there are many dishonest and not serious people and I hope, you are not one of them. I'm looking for a honest, reliable, kind and generous man, who is interested in serious relationships and creating family. Life is gloomy, empty and colorless when you don't have your beloved one next to you and nothing can be worse than loneliness. I have a great desire to change my life and searching for a man, who would fill the void in my life and in my heart. I have many love and warmth to give him in return.

So, let me tell you briefly about myself. My full name is Nina Krasnowa. I’m 2

Emails from Anna Reshetnyak to Steve (South Africa)
Hello Steve!

Frankly speaking it is a little difficult for me to tell about myself as I am afraid to seem bragging or self - centered:)but I will try.

I started to search the Internet for a partner for life because I don't believe in divorce if two people really love each other and took the chance to be together for better or worst. I chose to search from your region because I know that you, as a people, still have been raised well and still have good values that men here choose to ignore or not used to it, of course I am speaking in general.

To be completely honest with you, I am corresponding with other men too, but nothing serious for now, I have been searching now for a month, and some dishonest people tried to play games but I am still hoping for the best. My only request is for you to write your own words, I promise not to waste your time if I feel we do not belong together, but if you are looking for something ready and fast, if you can't open up to me and take the time to tell me about you and what you are made of, then I am not your woman, just write whatever comes in mind, it doesn't have to be smart and well written, just be yourself.

If I don't meet your expectations feel free to end it. I am not looking for *** or a boyfriend, I don't need the Internet for that, I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Forgive me if I seem negative and skeptical, but I have learned a lot from my previous corresponden


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