Scammer Erica Lopez

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First name:Erica
Last name:Lopez
Aka:Onabanjo Olaitan Kehinda, Ola Kehinda, Laura Justina Wills, Debra Collings, Emilly Nelson, Raifu Shobola, Anitha Harry, Mary Martins, Vicky Peterson, Oyekunle Taye, Loretta McKay, Alicha Havy, Alicha Kazy Steve, Sara Smith, Isara Smith, Olalekan, Lekan, Julian Brown
Name aliases: Alisha, Debbra, Debrah, Emile, Emille, Emily, Emmile, Emmily, Ericka, Erika, Justine, Justy, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Meri, Merry, Mery, Vicckie, Vickie
Age: 26
Location(s): Ibadan (Nigeria); Lagos (Nigeria)
Address(es): 12 Adelele Street Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
5 Mufatau Shobola street, Ifako, Ijaye, Nigeria
Phone number(s): 234-803-841-1165
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on January, 24, 2006)

Will ask for money to pay for travel and Visa. Attached is the pic this gal is using to scam daters.

Al (USA)

Report N2 (added on February, 21, 2006)

Was contacted above site. No chat about trying to get to know. Straight into i am in danger. Supposed to be from oregon USA. very poor spelling and photos of focus hawaii model. wanted me to pay for two travel cases with her fathers $800.000 in shipped to me via bogus security co.

Keith (England)

Report N3 (added on May, 25, 2006)

Using the bank in the money scam. Need someone to come and get it, and all they ask you is your info, bank and all that. The email she wanted me to contack was CRYSTALBANKPLC@YAHOO.COM

Ghislain (Canada)

Report N4 (added on June, 6, 2006)

"I need your help:(
I dont know how you will feel if could tell you...right now am not home,am stucked up in africa in a hotel if u can give me a try and help me home we can make something good outa this.... It all happened like this ..
After the death of my parents i met a guy called PAPPY in germany though he's from nigeria in africa, he came for a degree in germany well i fell in love with him i was attracted to him when he was leaving to is country he ask me to visit him so i gathered some money and got myself a round tripticket,when i got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries now The hotel manager has siezed my passport and my return ticket cause i dont have money and i have no one to help me out,i'll really like to meet you is just I'm the type of person who would be willing to try everything once.
That's how I ended up in here. This is my first time in africa and I promise it's my last. I have learned from my mistakes. This was a big wake up call for me. This place has made me realize a lot and opened my eyes for me before it got worse. I plan a big change in my life upon when i make it back home.Everyone has made mistakes at least once in their lives.i will be happy if we really get into relationship, but i hope you understand that i am stucked in a hotel in this unknown country and will be happy if can be help to me to call the hotel and help me out of here i will be pleased and i will never make you regret helping me cos i need someone truthfull like you are in my life.
let me know if u can help me out of thisporblem....May be you can help me pay the hotel bill so that i can be free to come back to the state and come over to your home and refresh my life ahead. Or you can help me directly talk with the hotel manager on phone can call me at the hotel +234-8052509618 tell the manager you want speack with me erica lopez at room 04."

Ron (USA)

Report N5 (added on September, 26, 2006)

The person known as Erica Lopez does not exist. The photos being used were stole from a Hawaiian model named Jessica. The photos are widely used by scammers. I have seen more than 20 profiles that use these same photos.

Wayne (USA)

Report N6 (added on January, 16, 2007)

We met on IwantU, we spent a couple hours on instant messenger, and she didn't waste much time asking for money the pictures she shared with me in instant messenger was enough to keep me talking. I think, I might only have one e-mail with pictures on this one. she is cute!

Ken (USA)

Report N7 (added on March, 15, 2007)

I was contacted one year ago by named person.... I was registered on Blackmatch.. upon receiving her email I looked up her profile which stated that she lived in city of New York... after replying to her email... she stated that she was visiting her mom and would be returning to the states as soon as she could... after talking for a while (days) she stated that she had already paid 900 dollars to a ticket agent and that she would come to my city upon receiving an additional sum of 400 dollars to complete her ticket sum... the money was sent... one day later... I was contacted by email and phone that she had been in an accident and the sum of 1500 dollars was needed to pay here medical bills... where as the doctor would then give her passport back to her.... an alleged travel agent was also involed.

Patrick (USA)

Report N8 (added on May, 10, 2007)

Wanted me to write to a company in lagos and request 2 traveling boxes to be sent to me.

Russ (Canada)

Report N9 (added on July, 6, 2007)

I would like to add the following pictures (sent to me by the scammer) to my report of "Mary "Martins"

Robert (USA)

Report N10 (added on July, 25, 2007)

wel im not shure if she is a scammer but i think zo can you check this for me? plz i dunno how i can check it if you can plz report it 2 me or mail it 2 me becouse i dunno how thks greeting she wants me to send money to this adres so she can come 2 holland

+2348026896342 is her fone can you check it plz for me

muritala muammed airport is the closest airport

Jamie (Holland)

Report N11 (added on March, 31, 2008)

I met her on be2. She send me a letter with her personal email for contact. I added in MSn, at two days she was fall in love with me, at third day she ask me for money because she was visiting her seak mother in Nigeria and need the cash to take her out from the hospital, she say she will return me the cash once she return to USA. I google her becuase it seems to me a little souspicioua and found (thank god) the exact letter she send me to my other mail in yahoo.

Jhonny (Chile)

Report N12 (added on July, 4, 2008)

She sent to different messages on tagged using to different emails and names. This is a scammer for sure.

Scott (USA)

Report N13 (added on July, 18, 2008)

This lady here told me she is from the usa presently in the uk be cause dad is in hospital talk on messenger 2 time told me her dad died gave me this email to email this person the second one i gave u she wanted me to play as his daughter regarding about these black boxes she wanted me to send them to my place because she is scared of africa i dont believe this at all pure bs i betcha she is in nigeria lagos claims she never heard of it those are the two names she gave me which she told me its her name.

Grant (Canada)