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Dating scammer Vera Vasianina
First name: Vera
Last name: Vasianina
Age: 29
Ekaterina Bulatova, Ekaterina Koroleva, Ekaterina Smirnova
Ekaterina Bulatova, Ekaterina Koroleva, Ekaterina Smirnova
Name aliases:
Catharine, Catherine, Cathryn, Ecaterina, Ecateryna, Ekatarina, Ekaterinacka, Ekaterinchika, Ekaterinka, Ekaterinochka, Ekaterinok, Ekaterinoka, Ekaterinulka, Ekaterinusechka, Ekaterinusenka, Ekaterinusha, Ekaterinusik, Ekaterinusya, Ekatrina, Kat, Katarina, Kate, Katenka, Katerina, Katerinka, Katerinochka, Katerinushka, Kateryna, Kath, Katharine, Katherin, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn, Kathryn, Kathy, Kati, Katia, Katiya, Katja, Katka, Katrin, Katrina, Katty, Katuha, Katunya, Katusha, Katushechka, Katushka, Katuska, Katy, Katya, Katys, Katysha, Katyulya, Ket, Ketrin, Kettira, Kittie, Kitty, Verunchik, Verunya, Wera, Yekaterina
Scammer's Location(s):
Cheboksary (Russia); Saratov (Russia)
Suvorova st. 4-66, 424003 Saratov, Russia
Zarubina str., 20a-9, Saratov, 424003, Russia
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
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Eric (USA)

My name is Eric, and I was contacted by Vera Vasianina 2 months ago. I put my profile online for the first time on July 1st 2003. On August 1st 2003 I received my introduction letter from Vera Vasianina. I was very excited, she wrote good English and I found her very attractive. I believed she was a legitimate woman. We wrote each other letters every 2 days for the first three weeks of correspondence. I asked Vera for her address, because I wanted to send her flowers. I did send her flowers from the address she gave me. 1 day later, I received a letter from the flower agency stating they could not find her address, so I wrote Vera confirming her address, and she claimed it was valid, so I then emailed the flower agency with Vera's email address so they could make contact with her, but the business never heard back from Vera. This was odd to me. She request Money for Visa and pretends that her father will get loan from bank to pay for tickets. When she gets her Visa from Moscow, she claims fathers loan was denied, then will ask for plane ticket money.
Mark (USA)

My story is about the same as everyone else. She says she has a vacation & wants to come over but needs money for visa, etc. I've corresponded with her for over a year & thought she was sincere till I looked up her name on the search engine "Google". Probably get the same results on any search engine. Vera is listed on several and yes I have all the same pics, even the passport image she sent. That's one thing that tipped me off about her (besides not having a phone & never sending anything by regular mail). The passport image has the same photo as one she sent previously.

Scam Letters

Emails from Vera Vasianina to Eric (USA)
Hi my love Eric.
Thank for a good picture!!!
I am very glad to your letter.
My love I try to prepare our meeting.
I want to please you, that through 15 day I shall have a vacation. But I can it (him) postpone on a few.
I shall be very happy, if we can meet you and lead (carry out) even two weeks. As I want to inform you, that Russia does not let out the young and lonely women. Therefore I should arrive to you as the tourist.
I want to know my pleasure, what you think of it?
I consider (count), that only personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, which we so long searched for.
It is very interesting to me as to learn (find out) your habits of enthusiasm.
I want to know culture of your country.
Please inform me the best time to stay to you???
That you had more free time.
Though if you will be at work day, I can be at you at home, and evening to wait you from work And to feed by tasty supper.
What you think of it?
I very much wait our meeting, when we shall have romantic evening and we shall stay one. I now shall go home and I shall think of you my prince.
I miss you!
Love and kiss.

Hello my love Eric.
I love your picture, thank!
For me the large happiness to receive your letter.
I do not know, how you will treat this letter.
I hope, that you closely (attentively) will listen and will understand me. To me is very sad, that I have an opportunity to write to you the letters o

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