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Dating scammer Mihaela Iordache
First name: Mihaela
Last name: Iordache
Age: 22
Pitica, Pammie
Pitica, Pammie
Scammer's Location(s):
Bucuresti (Romania)
Romania, Bucharest, Street Profesor Ion Bogdan, Number 9, Sector1
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
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REPORT N1 (added on July, 12, 2006)
Bryant (USA)

Well, it finally happened to me!! I have written numerous articles, columns, made postings and personally debunked hundreds of scammers for various websites and interested clients. Having already had a Russian ex-wife, and many years experience as a Research Investigator, I have always proclaimed that there are only a few rare occasions when you might send money. But even I finally seem to believe there are NO occasions when you should send money to an unknown party from ANY country (even the U.S.).
Did I get burned, but good... my one time trying to be smarter then my own advise!!! I have known this young Romanian woman for almost 3 years. I have spent hours in video chat, telephone calls and emails. So I know this woman is a real person. We were introduced via a third party, and seemed to be instant friends. For almost 2 years, money was never an issue in the relationship, until about a year ago when she had an emergency appendectomy. She called me and asked for only $150.00 US, to help with medicines and post-surgical care. I know she actually had the surgery, because she bears the scar on her body where no scar was before. Anyway, long before the surgery, she began professing undying love for me!! (Gentlemen, it does not matter if you have known them for two minutes, or two years... unless you can afford to throw money away without complaining who spends it, DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET FACE-TO-FACE). Believing after two years, there was some spark of honesty and integrity in her, I invited her to join me on a Royal Caribbean cruise paid for by my employer. I was aware that she had acquired a U.S. Tourist visa in April that was valid for 1 year (but only legal for 90 days in the U.S.). I even verified the legitimacy of the visa through a U.S. agency. So, with only a couple of weeks planning, I purchased an e-ticket, and provided her with 500 Euros for adequate funds to travel into the U.S. Needless to say she did not get on the flight, and after a telephone conversation with her 2 hours after the flight was to depart, telling me the Air France flight was delayed (I saw it departed on-time over the AF Internet site), I knew I had finally been scammed. So what is the moral here, guys? No matter how skeptical you think you are, and how well you think you know someone you never met... DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO YOUR OWN STUPIDITY, AND DO NOT SEND MONEY TO A WOMAN YOU HAVE NOT MET IN PERSON!!!! If you cannot see that even 3 years is not enough to be sure of the person you never met... then please, to pay me to find you the perfect woman for YOU, send a cashier's check for all your available monies to, P.O. Box 123XYZ...
If you believe that, too... I have a bridge in Brooklyn that can be yours for cheap!!
Created: 2006-07-13    Last updated: 2006-07-13    Views: 1515