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First name: Casey
Last name: Jackson
Age: 30
Jessica Williams, Jessica Rolland
Jessica Williams, Jessica Rolland
Name aliases:
Cassey, Jassica, Jesica, Jess, Jessi, Jessicca, Jessika, Jessy, Jessyka, Jestica
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
305 IJU WATER WORKS RD ELLIOT, Iju-Ishaga Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Date, Singles Net, Yahoo Personals


REPORT N1 (added on November, 6, 2006)
Art (USA)
Hi....I first met this so-called "Casey" on Y! Personals. There are TONS of women on Y! Personals who say they live in Virginia & the Eastern Shore (Kellam, VA), but actually are from Russia and Nigeria. "Casey" is one of them from Nigeria, but she has Danville, VA location on the Y! Personals profile. "Casey" was quick about needing money. She claimed to be a UN medical profession serving in Nigeria with a $75K check that she needed to cash in her false hometown of Danville, VA. She claims to be the only child of a widowed mother from Italy. She did the same "fall-in-love" via e-mail routine as the other Nigerian and Russian scam artists, which are sooo fake. Ask yourselves, men of USA and Europe, how can a person "fall-in-love" in e-mail only, w/o ever meeting you? We talked via e-mail and Y! Messenger from June 24, 2006- August 5, 2006. She sent 11 e-mails and I did 17 responses. She and countless other foreign girls have been targeting Y! Personals BIG-time! She has had several profiles: All saying she is either from Danville, Raleigh, Chicago or other U.S. cities. So beware Y! Personal men! *smile* :) I sent all her photos to the Stop-Scammers staff. She made up a good story that she was a UN medical peacekeeper and that she was "stranded" in Nigeria and needed $1500 after making a bogus claim that she was in an auto accident. She said she was paid a $75,000K (US) check for her UN work but "could not cash it in her deployment country of Nigeria?!" So I told her to go to the U.S. Embassy and cash it there; she then made up and excuse about why she could not find a nearby U.S. Embassy to cash a 75K check. Plus the UN does NOT pay checks that are uncashable in the country f deployment. What she wrote in her money request e-mail is below: ------------------------------ i want you to know that i'm having some pain in my hand and it has been worring me since morning so i called Dr Thomas and he gave me injection which made it relief me a bit and he later told me that he will soon discharge me but i need to go for X-Ray test to check whether i'm fit and aiight to be back to the states and get out of the sick bay.Honey please i need you to lend me $1,500.00 and could pay you back later,as you know i didnt get my money orders cashed here and i have my payment check of $75,000.00 also which i have to cash when i get back.The Dr said i need to pay the money for the X-Ray test and some drugs that will make me feel so much better soon.Please i need to carry out the test first thing on wednessday morning so i will be very glad if you can lend me the money and send to me the $1,500 today or tomorrow via western union which is the fastest means so i can get out of here and get to your arms on time. ------------------------------ I was laughing my head off when I read it and waited a couple of weeks for her supposed monetary "deadline" to expire! Once it expired, I said to myself, if she really needed the money for surgery or x-ray, she should have found it by now. She had been IMing me on Y! Messenger constantly prior to the "expiration" date, but I basically ignored her until 2 weeks after the date. After 2 weeks, I opened the lines of communication again and now she said her mother died in Italy and she needs $1500 to go to the funeral?? All well, she has not played me for a fool, but I pray that no one else within the sight of the message has or will be her "sugar daddy," as the candy is named! I know there is a BIG trend today for USA and EU men and military men looking for foreign wives because of their search for "traditional" wives, since modern American and Europe women from our own countries have "feministic" women who do not wish to marry or be traditional wives anymore. Traditional wives still exist just none of the girls on this site! *hehe* So beware and be careful!!!
REPORT N2 (added on December, 20, 2006)
Jacky (Canada)
I met her on Date. She sent me photos. After I said that I wouldn't help a person whom I never met, she disappeared.
REPORT N3 (added on March, 21, 2007)
Rudy (USA)
For Valentine's Day, Match was doing a 48 hour free membership, I created a profile and sent out several "winks" to different women. I received a response from 'Jessica' almost right away and then she sent me an outside email address so we wouldn't have to use Match, she sent me jessy_baby2425@yahoo.com, and we started emailing. I have attached the first letter from her and several pictures that I received since our correspondence. She did not ask me for money until we were chatting, the first amount she asked for was $1850.00 for running up an internet bill. I told her I didn't have that kind of money and that maybe she was talking to the wrong person. Because I remember her profile on Match saying that as far as income she was looking for someone in the $150,000+ salary range, which also happened to be the salary she listed for herself! After insisting that she wasn't after my money, she continued with the romantic letters and it seemed like that was over. Unfortunately, she convinced me to give her my address because she was going to write to me. Well, she didn't write, but later said it was urgent I go and chat with her. When I did she said that Nigeria was a tough place and that finances were hard to come by. So she said that she had a 'client' that owed her some money who was going to send me a check. I asked her why the client didn't just send her the check directly, she couldn't give me a straight answer but said something about wanting me to take care of it, since I was her "true love". I told her it sounded like a scam to me, and of course she denied it. A few weeks went by and all of a sudden I have a FEDEX package with a check in it! So, I have decided to just finally stop emailing her and let it go. I went to the local police and they said I was smart enough to not cash it, and that I could call the FBI if I wanted. So I went online first and found your site, thank God I scrolled through the pictures and found Casey Jackson aka Jessica Rolland. I knew I'd find her on there. I was surprised to learn she's still basically using the same story. My question is, is this a real woman? Or is it some guy just posting pictures of some model?
REPORT N4 (added on April, 24, 2007)
Bryan (USA)

I was contacted by a good looking blonde woman who baited me by asking me lots of questions about religion before asking me to donate money to unicef because she was in nigeria helping the children and wanted to throw a party for them. She posed as an Italian woman (to cover her poor grammar and spelling) and wanted me to send money via Western Union to her boss, Badmus Bola in Nigeria. I did not send any money and googled her email address. This site was one of the hits of my search.
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