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Dating scammer Anastasia Sherbakova

DATING SCAMMER Anastasia Sherbakova

First name: Anastasia
Last name: Sherbakova
Age: 28
Elena Waskovich, Alena Ermakova, Anastasia Sherbacowa, Daria Dmitrieva, Irina, Natalia Shestakova, Nadezhda Serapionova
Elena Waskovich, Alena Ermakova, Anastasia Sherbacowa, Daria Dmitrieva, Irina, Natalia Shestakova, Nadezhda Serapionova
Name aliases:
Alenka, Alenka, Alenulka, Alenush, Ali, Aliona, Ally, Alona, Alyona, Alyonchik, Alyonka, Alyonusya, Anastacia, Anastaseya, Anastasiia, Anastasija, Anastasiy, Anastasiya, Anastasiychik, Anastasiychika, Anastasiyka, Anastasiyok, Anastasiyoka, Anastasiyunya, Anastasiyusha, Anastasiyushka, Anastasiyushka, Anastasiyusya, Anastassia, Anastassiya, Anastasya, Anastaysa, Anastesiya, Anasteysha, Asya, Darie, Dariia, Darinoka, Dariya, Darja, Darunka, Darusenka, Darya, Daryok, Daryushoka, Dasha, Dashechka, Dashenka, Dashik, Dashulenka, Dashulia, Dashulia, Dashunya, Elanka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka, Elenochka, Elenushok, Elenushoka, Elenushulenka, Eli, Ellena, Ellene, Elona, Helen, Helena, Helenachka, Ira, Irchik, Irchika, Irchona, Irchonka, Irchushka, Irena, Irene, Irinchik, Irinchika, Irinka, Irinochka, Irinulya, Irinusenka, Irinusha, Irinushusenka, Irinuska, Irisha, Irishik, Irishka, Irka, Irocha, Irochka, Iroschka, Irunya, Irushka, Irusichka, Irusik, Irusya, Irwinka, Iryna, Iryush, Jelena, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lenka, Lennochka, Lennok, Lenochka, Lenok, Lenusha, Lenushulenka, Lenusia, Lenusial, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Lenusya, Lienkchik, Lleena, Nada, Nadechka, Nadejda, Nadenka, Nadezhdchika, Nadezhdoka, Nadezhdushka, Nadezhdushoka, Nadia, Nadiia, Nadiya, Nadka, Naduha, Nadusha, Nadushok, Nady, Nadya, Nansy, Nasta, Nastasia, Nastasya, Nastechka, Nasteha, Nastena, Nastenka, Nastia, Nastja, Nastka, Nastuha, Nastulya, Nastushka, Nastya, Nastyona, Nastysha, Nastyulya, Nastyusha, Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natalechka, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Natalii, Nataliia, Nataliuka, Nataliulka, Nataliulya, Nataliusenka, Nataliusha, Nataliya, Natalka, Natalochka, Nataloka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyja, Natalyok, Natalyuhoka, Natalyulenka, Natalyushka, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashik, Natashka, Nathalia, Nathalie, Natika, Natka, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natushka, Natushok, Natusia, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Naty, Nensy, Nutalchika, Nutulenka, Olena, Olena, Olena, Olenuiika, Stasia, Stasya, Stesy, Trishka, Tusya, Tusya, Yelena, Yryna
Scammer's Location(s):
Morki (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia); Penza (Russia); Saransk (Russia); Sayansk (Russia); Zelenodolsk (Russia)
Russia, Sayansk, Pushkina str., 10 Flat 17
Russia, 113803, Moscow, Moskovskaya str., 22-46
Russia, Morki, Kydryavceva str., 32A-36
Russia, 432000, Saransk, Lenina str.,21-45
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Incontragente, Match, Meetic, Moipourtoi
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on December, 5, 2006)
Keith (USA)

A letter that was sent to me from this person is almost identical to one that is posted on your website.
REPORT N2 (added on December, 14, 2006)
Richard (USA)

Says that she is a dentist.
REPORT N3 (added on December, 21, 2006)
Loren (USA)

This one e mailed for about a week, and sent several pictures. She was already on her way to the US through a work program. She made it as far as Moscow, before she realized she didn't have enough money to make it here. Too bad I've heard this one before.
REPORT N4 (added on January, 24, 2008)
Kevin (USA)

Thank you
God only know what would have happen to me if I went to Russia. It was very heart breaking seeing about 14 letters on your web sight that were the same as the ones sent to me. Her letters were the same as Natalia Malkova letter on your web sight only the name were different.
REPORT N5 (added on May, 23, 2008)
Joe (USA)

She emailed me for several months and than asked for money... sending the emails.
REPORT N6 (added on February, 2, 2009)
Olivier (France)

She asked me for my phone number (his phone was stolen !). She asked a travel agency about the cost for a travel to France. She never answered to my questions, except occasionally very short answers at the end of his e-mails (before the signature). Sometimes, she wrote to me the same e-mails.
REPORT N7 (added on August, 5, 2010)
Hen (France)

I red some letters you post here and I have received the same mails word by word. I play the game till she asked for money, then I stopped.
REPORT N8 (added on September, 30, 2010)
Patrice (Belgium)

Nouveau scammers qui me demande 270 euros pour son visa.
REPORT N9 (added on October, 18, 2011)
Valentino (Italy)

Hello, I received the message on the site incontragente.com telling me she liked me and left me his email. We sent an email several times and we met. Each of his sending email sent me her picture and I have mine. She fell in love with me and he wanted to leave at once on the road but unfortunately did not have enough money, she left me her data and I had to deposit money through the bank MoneyGram. The total cost of 662 euros to get in Italy. 662 euros in Italy? is too! Luckily I have not paid the money to the bank. I think this is a scam.

Scam Letters

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Keith (USA)
Keith, hello! Thank's for your reply so much!!! I hope soon I will be able to come to your area and we will meet each other!
And also I`m very glad to see your photo!! You look like a real man, you look like a kind, nice and caring person. And I like you a lot!!!
This time I will write you more about myself. I think you should know more about my life and my hobbies so you will know if we have any common interests.
First of all my full name is Nastya Sherbakava. I'm 25 years old, not too young I think? My birthday is December 17. I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight. I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, I don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body is proportionate )) I take care of my body, I do aerobics three times a week and I go to the swimming pool twice a week.
I have two young sisters, they are 12 and 14 years old, they study at school now.
We all (me, my sisters and my parents) live in two-rooms flat.
As I wrote you I live in Russia. The name of my city is Sayansk, it's near Irkutsk city. Sayansk is very small and Irkutsk is a large city, the main city in our district. Have you ever heard about the lake Baykal? It's near Irkutsk! It's the deepest and cleanest lake in the whole world. It's very beautiful!
I graduated from Irkutsk Humanitarian University two years ago, contemporary dance faculty. Yes we have such faculty in Humanitarian University! So I'm a professional dancer. I don't wa

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Loren (USA)
Hello my sweet,I`m so dissapointed, I don`t know what to do.
I just called my parents from a public phone and my father told me that I`m a silly girl because I didn`t know that I need to buy roundtrip tickets.
But they are anable to help me, because they don`t have such money.
I also asked my friends but their answer was "no".
I thought that I will never ask you for such help, but I don`t have another way...I do hope to get your letter with words that you will help me because if not I have to cancel all travel preparations and collect things to go home.I can't imagine I am at home again,without any result and just lost all the money I had before,wow,they will **** me.I mean my parents and my sisters because I took all the money we had because we thought that I will meet right man and I have had so many plans and dreams. Now I see i have met this man!
Honey please take me from here,I will work hard to earn money and I am sure I will be able to return all your money and return your kindness because you are so kind to me.My poor english is problem to express all my feelings I only hope that you can read between words and I very much hope that we will meet each other on friday.
I`m not a ganster or a mafia, I`m a usual girl which just wants to be happy.
Pls answer me, I don`t know what to do. I`m waiting for your answer in internet cafe. I kiss you, Nastya

Loren hello,Glad to say that I am all right. You know I

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Kevin (USA)
Hello New Friend Kevin!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you have answered my letter. The site of acquaintances has shown me yours profile which coincided with my inquiry. You have seemed to me to the most interesting and I have decided to write to you. I want to tell more about myself. My name Darya .I live in Russia in small city Morki it nearby 800ei from the city of Moscow. To me of 27 years, I was never married, I live together with mum. Daddy at me is not present also I do not know where he. I work in hospital Honey the sister I like my work, I can help people and to me it very much pleases. I am glad when I see happy people, and you? I go to cinema, I like to have a rest and I like to dance, go to theatre. I can not have a rest much because it is necessary to work much. To me it is very bad one and consequently I have decided will get acquainted to you. At us in city has appeared the Internet of cafe and I have learned that from it help is possible will get acquainted and has decided to try. you have liked me also I want to learn you better. I hope that you will tell about yourself more. I as hope to receive many your beautiful photos. I want to learn as from you character? What you search in women? How you have a rest? I with pleasure shall answer all your questions and I shall be glad to receive your letters frequently. I send you a photo It I hope I to you I like I shall wait for your letter on my e-mail dasha_lychs

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Joe (USA)
Hello My New Friend Don!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. Don I thought of that you will write to me or will not write and looked forward your letter. And I am glad when have received it. I the first time get acquainted on the Internet, I looked on profile which to me a distance at a site of acquaintances both have seen you. Also has decided to write to you. I hope that you have understood my first message. I very strongly liked your photo. Don, my name is Irina. To me of 27 years, I was never married. At me normal character, I live in mum in apartment. My village is called Lum. It in the Kirov area. Except mum, the grandmother and the girlfriend I was not present close people. The father I never saw also mother speaks of nothing about it. Don as whom you work? I nurse in our hospital. I love the work. I do not know what to tell about myself. Don you can tell about yourself more? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved gets acquainted in the Internet? What do you search in the girl? What character at you? How you like to have a rest? I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also I will tell about itself. I simply do not know what to tell. What it is interesting to you? Don I hope that you will write to me tomorrow. I send you a photo on It is a photo it has been made when we with the girlfriend have solved after work descends in restaurant. I hope that tomorrow I will come in the Internet of cafe and I will receive your le

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Olivier (France)
Salut mon nouvel ami!!! Je suis contente que vous vous me etes interesses M'ont ecrit. Mais je n'etais pas sure que vous m'ecrirez a la reponse. Si vous m'avez ecrit cela, probablement vous voyiez deja le mien le profil sur Le site et me connaissez deja non beaucoup. Mais je voulais quand meme Vous raconter il y a un peu de sur lui-meme que vous me connaitriez mieux :) On appelle Natalya mais mes amis m'appellent Natashka. Vous pouvez appeler De moi comme vous aimez plus. Je ne me vexerai pas. Comme je vous parlais deja 26 ans, mon anniversaire le 7 mai m'appellent Natalya . Je veux dire a la fois a vous que chez moi Les intentions tres serieuses et mon but de construire les relations serieuses. Aussi je veux t'expliquer tout de suite, pourquoi j'ai choisi Internet La correspondance avec les gens d'un autre pays. Premierement, moi deja beaucoup et beaucoup Il y a longtemps a ete decue de nos hommes parce que chez eux sur la premiere place Vaut la peine l'alcool, et non les relations serieuses, qui voudraient beaucoup Voir au debut de cette liste. Je pense que vous comprenez sur quoi moi veut Vous raconter. Deuxiemement, j'ai ete decue de la politique et l'economie De notre pays. Parfois meme il arrive terriblement d'aller le soir selon les rues. Peut Etre, tu meme entendais sur tout cela. Aussi chez nous etait beaucoup et beaucoup Il y a beaucoup de situations quand les terroristes s'emparaient l'avion, le theatre, mais le plus Terrible quand ils

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Hen (France)
Dear Hen! Thanks for this e-mail from you. Your letters are very pleasant for me. This week there is a new theme for considerings, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know as for you, Hen, but for me our exchange e-mail starts to have importance. These are new emotions in my quiet heart. For me it is unusual to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, for many miles from me and it is possible to have relations. I did not inform you earlier,Hen, my address because I did not know you quite enough. I live in the average area of Russia, in city Zelenodolsk. To regret it is far from you, but we could find out each other. We could meet, talk, spend some time together and it is quite good to find out each other. But for us it wont be a fast way. But I hope, that it wont be a problem for us if we decide to make it in future. I've already made some travels to other countries. I travelled, as the tourist, to Europe (it is Turkey, Italy, Germany). Therefore , Hen, you should not have excitements about distance between us. I'm such a woman, that if I like the person and want a meeting with him, I am able to reach even on the moon. Nowadays it is not a problem to make such travel. I do not worry about it and even I have devoted feelings, having got acquainted with the person on the other hand. For me these feelings are very interesting - to find out the person with other culture, thinking, traditions. It's one of the things, which draws me to you. Not the m

Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Patrice (Belgium)
Salut mon amour je est content que tu m'aies ecrit...Cher je t'aime je je veux etre beaucoup avec toi a cote...Liubov la mienne je est contente que de moi aider...De la mere par la mienne salut...Cher je pense que tu aujourd'hui aller et envoyer a moi l'argent que faire tous les papiers qui sont necessaires.......Va aujourd'hui a la banque et par le systeme Wester Union envoie me l'argent....Aime j'attendrai de toi la lettre.....Par le chemin les donnees sur qui tu m'envoyer....RUSSIE, le code postal : 432000,Saransk urbain,La rue Lenina, la maison 21, 45 Mon nom complet Alyona Ermakova.Je t'aime........
Emails from Anastasia Sherbakova to Valentino (Italy)
Ciao bello come il tuo vero nome?!
Sono stata contenta di ricevere la tua lettera!
Mi rallegro conoscenza con te, io voglio raccontare di me.
Penso che sarebbe il migliore inizio della nostra conoscenza.
Io non sono molto bene scrivo italiano, ma spero che tu mi capisci.
Mi chiamo Nadezhda, io ** 27 anni. Sono nata 14 agosto 1984.
Non sono mai stata sposata e non ** figli.
E questo molto triste,perche non hanno scopo e un significato nella mia vita.
Credo di si, perche non hanno diritti, che ** potuto dare tutto il mio amore, affetto, tenerezza e cura.
Io sono donna molto romantica e solo cercando di fare la mia vita un po piu interessante.
Io sogno di incontrare una brava persona per capire me e mi amera.
Voglio anche dirti quello che sto cercando una relazione seria.
E se per te questo non serio, e per te e solo divertimento e gioco, poi penso che sarebbe meglio che immediatamente me ne ha parlato.
Io vivo in Russia. La citta dove vivo chiama Penza.
Capisco che tu e io sono a grande distanza gli uni dagli altri.
Ma sono sicura che la distanza non sara un ostacolo alla nostra amicizia.
Io lavoro come assistente medico in una piccola clinica privata dentale. Mi piace il mio lavoro.
Che tu vuoi sapere di me?
Per favore, non essere timido e farmi tutte le domande che ti interessa.
Io ti rispondero e vi diro tutto quello che potreste essere interessati.
E spero che tu mi dici di te stesso.
Sarei molto interessato a sapere di piu


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