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First name:Melissa
Last name:Harrington
Aka:Evelyn Barnes, Seun Williams, Joyce Anamsi, Jessica Lormax, Ramatu Adams, Elisabeth Opare, Francisca Dzokoto, Mavis Smith, Matilda Nyarko, Sandy, Mary Nelson, Helen, Rosemary, Paulina Bawa, Jean Harrison, Abigail Smith Agyei, Jenny Robert, Jenny Ter Beek, Mercy Boakye, Brandy Hennessy, Jessica Smith, Jessica Brown, Jessica White, Jane Kraut, Janie Wilson, Janie Smith, Jane Crown, Silverina Coker, Carolina Brook, Brandy Cole, Suzzy Dzidotor, Martha Matini, Mary Heart, Jessica Martins, Jessica Baker, Rosemary Asaa, Grace Marfo, Lisa Hillsben, Melissa Bill Midwest, Haley Parson, Linda Anderson, Linda Smith, Kate, Lawrencia Osei, Ann Lukas, Brandy Williams, Salsa Binda, Salsa Nurainy, Joy Mensah, Freda Sharrer, Ludmila Ankina, Batalema Abudusamed, Perpetual Akator, Juilet Sandra Donald, Brandy Jessica Thomas, Morrine Omar, Pearl Willis, Darrelyn Tucker, Melodie Asamoah, Eve Mayer, Grace Lartey, Miriam Alassan, Jessica Douglass, Mary Alexa Jonnes, Juilet Mills, Juliet Vines, Felicia Asiedu, Sandra Brown, Andrea Hans, Jane Saphira, Florence, Mensah Morrison, Agnes Tetteh, Murielle Bosson, Gloria Villarreal, Mary Selasie Daniels, Maria, Toni Anne Hudson, Melissa Campagne, Alice Smith, Cynthia Gustafson, Paris Morgan, Melinda Wayne, Rita Johnson, Selina William, Kelly Rykard, Beatrice Anaba, Lidia Baker, Brooke Davies, Lisa Kent, Kate Mill, Ernestina Jones, Cassandra Momo, Sherry Tom, Miriam Mensah, Susana Quay, Amy Holmes, Catherine Laflamme, Jessica Rose Martin's, Anthonia, Lily Donals, Diane Ludwig, Kate Lipker, Yashemia Johnson
Name aliases: Abby, Abi, Agness, Ammy, Andreea, Antonia, Asandra, Beatice, Beth, Brandi, Carolina, Casandra, Cate, Cath, Cintia, Cnythia, Cyntia, Cythia, Dianne, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Evelin, Eveline, Evelyne, Gracie, Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Janee, Jassica, Jeni, Jenni, Jeny, Jesica, Jess, Jessicca, Jessyka, Jestica, Joice, Joyice, Juilet, Juliett, Julliet, Kassandra, Kat, Katherin, Katherine, Kelli, Kellie, Lili, Lilly, Linde, Liudmila, Lizzy, Luda, Ludasha, Ludmilla, Ludochka, Ludonka, Ludusha, Lyda, Lydia, Lynda, Lyuda, Lyudmila, Lyudochka, Lyudonka, Macha, Maha, Maire, Malinda, Mari, Marie, Marieh, Mariia, Marija, Marishka, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariychika, Marry, Martha, Mary, Marya, Masha, Mashenka, Mashka, Mashuk, Mashulechka, Mashulecka, Mashulka, Mashulya, Melisa, Mellisa, Mellissa, Melody, Melynda, Meri, Merry, Mery, Mila, Milka, Miriama, Miriame, Mirian, Miriann, Miryam, Mrusya, Paulin, Paulina, Rosemarie, Samdra, Sandrah, Seline, Sharry, Sheri, Sherie, Sherri, Susanna, Sussana, Sussanna, Susuanna, Suzi, Suzy, Suzzie
Age: 34
Location(s): Abidjan (Cote D'Ivoire); Accra (Ghana); Akure (Nigeria); Ikeja (Nigeria); Ilesa (Nigeria); Ketu (Nigeria); Lagos (Nigeria); Nsawam (Ghana); Osun (Nigeria); Uttama (Malaysia)
Also claims to be in: Manhattan, New York (USA); Huston, Texas (USA); Lake Jackson, Texas (USA); Jacksonville, Florida (USA); Tampa, Florida (USA); Athens (Greece); Cumming, Georgia (USA); Ohio (USA); Oklahoma (USA); Dallas, Texas (USA); Hill Air Force Base, Utah (USA); Agawam, Massachusetts (USA); Atlanta, Georgia (USA); Readstown, Wisconcin (USA)
Address(es): 23 North Legon St., Accra, Ghana
PO BOX 50, Accra, Ghana
#7 James Street, Osun State, Nigeria
24 Road Lapaz str., Accra, Ghana
no 2 Bodija str., Lagos, Nigeria, 23402
Z 6 Ijofi Ilesa, Osuna, Nigeria
9 Massem Old street, Accra, Ghana
441 Kanda Highway, Kanda, Accra, Ghana
1209 E. Sixth St. Austin, Houston, Texas, 78702, USA
21, Wharfside Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 1RF
154 Nkrumah Avenue, Adabraka, Accra, Ghana, 00233
14 Kokmpe New Road, Accra, Ghana
101 Ibrahim Salami street, Dolphine Estate-Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
box 285, Newtown Accra, Ghana, 00233
185 Crescent Road, Middlesborough, TS1 4QU, UK
Carrer Quart 40, Valencia, Spain, 46008
z 21 Olomilagbala street, Ilesa, state Osun, Nigeria
17 DADEBAN RD STREET, OSU, Accra, Ghana, 00233
1 Eyita Street, Iko Rodu, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
31 Lemesou st., Athens, 11252, Greece
35 Dimitraralli, Athens, 11144, Greece
46 Davis street, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
123 Danso street, Accra, Ghana
2, rue des Sablieres, Clos des Sablieres, appt B01, Castelnau-de-Medoc, France, 33480
1409 Lorenzo Dr, GW, Atlanta, Ga 30310, USA
Phone number(s): 00233246632899
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on February, 8, 2007)

New Nigerian scammer. She uses pictures from a porn star from the Mid west from here in America.

Rickey (USA)

Report N2 (added on March, 12, 2007)

This girl contacted me at Cupidbay. Claim she is Melissa Harrington 30 year of age. She said that she was born in Ghana but has moved to England and now she was back in Ghana to study. I browsed her name and found the real girl.The real Melissa is 24 years and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.I contacted her (the real one) and told that someone was using her name and photo on Cupidbay. She contacted Cupidbay and now this profile is shut down.

Bo (Sweden)

Report N3 (added on March, 23, 2007)

This imposter is at again under the name of Evelyn Barnes at singlesnet living in Elkhart, Indiana and a e-mail address of She gave me the same song and dance about being from Ghana. She never asked directly for money but did hint about funds for travel one night on a chat line. Thats when I got suspecious and I came here and found her.

I then contacted the real Melissa Harrington in Lincoln, Nebraska, who verified the photos and made arrangements to have her removed from singlesnet. Melissa doesn't deserve this!

Baird (USA)

Report N4 (added on October, 12, 2007)

Met this girl two days ago on justsayhi
shes not asked for anything yet but asked me to delete my profile on that webside which have done for now she claims she is from mouldin, south carolina and is on bisness trip selling gems in lagos that got me suspicious so i looked for her here and bingo different name but same woman
shes chatting on yahoo messenger with me and within the two days is in love allready gave me even more reason to look her up.i have recieved at least eight photos of her allready would post them here if i knew how too, shes allready talking about coming to germany to visit and dont think its going to be long before she will ask for help getting here.i also have our conversations saved i and would also post them here if i knew how too.with seeing her here i am now prepared for whats going to come in the next few days.
im glad this site is here to help us
thanks guys

Ray (Germany)

Report N5 (added on January, 15, 2008)

After less than 15 days, this lady said she was in love with me and said she was planning to come and be with me for the rest of her life within the next two weeks. She said she was going to pay for her airline ticket, but she needed money for a calling card so that we could talk. She stated she really wanted to hear my voice. She got upset when I said I did not have the money right now. And kept asking me if I could send it yet and if I had sent it yet. She really messed up when she contacted me by Yahoo messenger and accidentally left her microphone on. She said she did not have a microphone or speakers for her computer. I offered to send her a microphone headset but she ignored that offer and insisted that she needed the phone card. It cost $150.00. Eventually, she stated she needed this amount plus another $250.00 to pay for Christmas presents for she and her family. Is that great or what? I confronted her about the voice mail and she said she did not have a microphone but I could hear her typing and her family in the background making I think lunch.

Bill (USA)

Report N6 (added on January, 15, 2008)

She's at it again. Says she's helping her father restore a shopping center. Been there for 15 years and just can't find a suitable mate. Lots of pictures of someone very beautful.

Bob (USA)

Report N7 (added on January, 15, 2008)

With in a few days wants $1,800 dollars to come to you. Promises great sex. Photo's I believe they are from a web porn site.

Tony (USA)

Report N8 (added on January, 16, 2008)

Hey guys this one contacts me and says her grandfather owns a gold mine in Ghana. Wow I said really and your looking for a man on the net with all that money. Then proceeds to ask me if I would like to buy gold dust. Wow unbelievable who would want to buy gold dust. Then goes on to ask me if I would pay for her travels to meet me. I believe there is three of them operating together scamming. Her and sister with laptops as you can see by photos and a black lady friend that dose the phoning.

Claude (Canada)

Report N9 (added on January, 31, 2008)

This woman contacted me through Senior friendfinders about 4 months ago. She said was divorced and had a 12 year old Son. She toldme she was suffering from a broken heart. She was looking for an older man that she could trust.
She asked me delete my profile on this site because she had found the man of her dreams. she fell in love with me right away.
I found her picture on this site back in November and confronted her about it. She told me that someone was trying to get revenge for a bad relationship. I thought I could trust her and continued until now and was about to send her money to come to the US to live with me.

Thomas (USA)

Report N10 (added on February, 15, 2008)

She send photo's of a female that has a website in the USA. Uses her photo's. Most of them nude and explicit. She will demand 1,800 hundred dollars to spend time with her.

Tony (USA)

Report N11 (added on March, 14, 2008)

She is using IwantU to get victims to go to yahoo to chat and attempt to have luggage sent to the victim's house. She is persistent, but very nice. She has given two more documents then what is on this helpful report. We will include it. We also have new photos that she uses. She will have one on her messenger display image of her at her desk, which she will not give in a photo share or e-mail.

Adrian (USA)

Report N12 (added on March, 14, 2008)

She added me on my msn and she told me she's english, she sent me some pics and looked ok, she didn't ask me money.
after some days she told me she had to go to Ghana cos her sister has to marry there and she would like to meet the 13th of march, to come in my place.
it looked ok, but one day I was durfing the net and found the pics, she took from Melissa J Harrington, very popular in US.
I sent her the pics and link and asked her to explain, she told me, yes, it's me, I'm sorry but I stopped and try to find a way out from that thing of my past...
after that she begun to ask to help her, but we both known it was done, she's ok, nice and not pushy, actually she didn't want my money... but she's fake
I sent her 100 EU 1 time and she didn't get it from western, mayB she's having troubles, good 4 her eheheheh

that's all folks

Gabriele (Italy)

Report N13 (added on April, 26, 2008)

Known African scammer.

Pierre-Andre (Belgium)

Report N14 (added on May, 27, 2008)

Claims she is working for the W.H.O. world health organisationas a voulenteer. HAH wanted money for food stuffs wanted to come to my place in theUSA after three letters sent many provocetive pix and also on yahoo messinger show upas unsolicated chat melissa harrington runs a site from nebraska in the us i notified her of this scammer i think you should change the name on her profile.

Jonathan (USA)

Report N15 (added on May, 27, 2008)

African scammer, using fake pictures, from adult website.

Grant (Canada)

Report N16 (added on June, 19, 2008)

Claim to be an US citizen living with step father in Accra.

Tod (Norway)

Report N17 (added on July, 18, 2008)

Hi Guys out there !
I have met this Girl at a Austrian Dating Site. And we are in Contact since March 08. I have sent her alot of money already because of alot of reasons, like illness, to rent a house, for a flight, for a laywer, ... I googled her alot with the Name of Abigail Smith Agyei, couldnt find anything. But i found alot of her with her Mailaddress: or, at some Dating Sites around the World. She have sent me alot of pics and i know since this week, this pics are taken from Melissa Midwest''s Pornsite. I told her that and she said it''s her and she stoped doing the Porn thing and likes to start a new live with me, and will show up soon to marry me and having kids together, but she still need to work things out with some Travel Company. I have sent all the money via Western Union.

Roland (Austria)

Report N18 (added on January, 12, 2009)

This woman has been scamming me. She sent a photo of her with a broken leg, of her in the US, and elsewhere. Told me she had to go to Nigeria as her granny was ill. She then got caught with gold on the way leaving. then her flight was lost for overstaying. I have many photos not on your site if you want them. Also all my letters. She loves to pretend she is a Christian and writes good words about this.

David (UAE)

Report N19 (added on January, 12, 2009)

I was contacted by Mercy on Russianeuro website & she did not have a picture there.She directed me to Yahoo Instant messenger where we Chatted.Also we corresponded by email & she immediately wanted to get married after 3 letters.The enclosed letter request for money is attached below.

Val (Australia)

Report N20 (added on January, 12, 2009)

Asked for plane ticket and medical money asking for 1600.00 claims to be US resident with a passport that I checked was fake also, says she is a midwife nurse. Saw her picture on asain peoplemeet with different names and ages when confronted I was a bad guy playing her.

Will (USA)

Report N21 (added on February, 4, 2009)

She's still at it. She's tried to get me to send her money several times and even tried the I'll send you a check scam.

Keith (USA)

Report N22 (added on March, 10, 2009)

Call and pay this place $ 1,200 US to realease her Inheritance.
Told our Lawyer he checkesd and it is real - but unknown to them. They are taking Legal action aginst her. I have her pictures too. Amnericans are wise to scams Now... Canada is the new scam Hunting ground. I am On a crusade for Canadian men who have been Scammed.

Darren (Canada)

Report N23 (added on April, 1, 2009)

Stated during Yahoo chat she was a nurse, currently working in UK. She was Romaniana-Swede. When I expressed concern about her IP originating through Nigeria, she disappeared!

S. H. (USA)

Report N24 (added on June, 5, 2009)

Says she's from Artesia, NM. Moved to Nigeria with her mother. Dad was British, dad died, mother is sick. Needs money...

Ralph (USA)

Report N25 (added on June, 30, 2009)

Contacted my on yahoo im around the 9th of june 2009 fell in love shortly after. wanted money for bills ie rent, food claims to have big inheritance coming. claims to be working as a nurse now at a clinic in ilesa. lost too much money to her thanks guys could have been worse.

Troy (USA)

Report N26 (added on July, 6, 2009)

Hello. y med this girl on tagged and she start to wrigth with mi.afther som mail's she tell mi that her father deid and in his will she will geth alot off money abouth 9.7 million dollar buth she have to marry one men and she came to mi.she tell mi also that she have one lawyer from with one office in Cornwall England.buth afther two week's thay moved out to London.Y geth also adresses and phone number's buth this wash noth workingh bicos the numbers noth exsist there .Also the office in Cornwall and in london was'n't there ider.she ask mi also money for her mother bicos she wash in the hospital for on operation for cancer .y call the hospital where her mother suth be buth the story wash one big lei.afther this y geth from her lawyer alot off document's abouth the de will and from the ded from her father .Also the documents are falls and also the papers from the lawyer .and last week the lawyer infeith mi to come to paris bicos the monney wash ther and for to see that the monney will be there y must pay 3100 euro.and ofcors y dont go to paris that day .Y wrigth this in a short way buth the hole thing is fake ansd his noth rigth.y dith miself som investecation in England and the hole thing is one big lei.the only thing what thay want is monney.and y am sixti years old and there is noth one woman that normaly marrie shutc one old men buth that tray this only for the monney.and now thay tred mi with deth and want to kill mi .Iff it is posseble than send your emailadres than y cane send you the fals documents and pictures from that girl .thank's

Robert (Netherlands)

Report N27 (added on July, 20, 2009)

She has a profil from thailand but she is in ghana accra her dad is dead and half dutch she is working at her mums fishmarket have cellfone but she can only hear you not spoken becurse she said it is not good she has birhsday 8 juli want to go to europa and call you darling after ten words ask for fligth visa flowers and ofcurse dollers but she is a fake after a day she delet her profil i got 2 fotos of her.

Frederik (USA)

Report N28 (added on July, 31, 2009)

Martha Matini along with her cohort with the same address, Michael Asamani are scammers. She said she was in love with me and was a nurse at the Save the World Orphanage. When I said she should look for nursing jobs here, she never replied. I did send money for her and the orphange, but got no requested proof of the orphanage. Just a thank you from Asamani, who said he was an administrator who would send some pictures. But never did. These folks are scammers of the highest order with many faces. They need to be stopped.

Mal (USA)

Report N29 (added on September, 8, 2009)

Jessica claims to be a U.S. citizen stranded in Nigeria after the death of her father. However, a call to the State Department reveals no known passport issued to this person. Further, she refuses to call the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria. She does want money to help.

Richard (USA)

Report N30 (added on January, 13, 2010)

This (person) shows up all over Club10. I have reported her several times to security and once she is shut down reappears with different name and location.

Jeffrey (USA)

Report N31 (added on January, 13, 2010)

Has 10 different profiles with her photos on each profile and scammed me for $3000 and wanted another $10.000.00 and now she was flying to me but got caught in customs in germany with 24klg of gold and is in jail there?

Craig (Australia)

Report N32 (added on January, 18, 2010)

Melissa is currently asking for money to be sent to her address in Texas, but the Source IP address for her email shows her living in Lagos, Nigeria.
Not the brightest scammer, but very obliging. If you talk to her on Yahoo she'll do it anyway you wanna
Ask for photos and you get her doing whatever you want. I thought she was just copying some porn star's portfolio but there seem to be way to many photos here on the site. She couldn't be using her own photos - could she?

Cheers all

Charles (UK)

Report N33 (added on January, 22, 2010)

She goes by Linda (Cate or Kate) Smith Anderson She will meet you on yahoo going by she has a lawyer friend by the name of john Fredrick they both i believe to be the same person the original email she started her yahoo acount is She will promise you 2 million dollars but she is in Nigeria ede to be exact or lagos. She will tell you she needs so much to change her plane ticked with KLM airlines and will give you a booking code that isnt a confirmed number, so call klm first. Linda will tell you that she will need 181.00 cause she has 4 bags she knows that klm charges that for 2 extra bags. Once she recieves the money will ignore you the day she is suppose to depart Lagos then her lawyer John Fredrick will say she got into a bad car accident and she had surgery... she will contact you and say she needs money to pay her bill... she will need money for food and want money for cab rides so be careful. i want to say she has an account on badoo, facebook, yahoo instant messanger and several sites. you guys dont get suckered this one guy that did so learn from someone elses mistakes... Dont talk to anyone from Nigeria or anyone that uses Klm airlines in a dating site and always ask for a comfirmation number and confirm that is is a legit number that is paid for!

Bill (USA)

Report N34 (added on February, 25, 2010)

She tells me that she lives with her mother in Nsawam, Ghana. clams to have been born in Huston Texas, and her father died when she was young so her mother moved back to Ghana. The first contact was on match, as abilove225.

Jeff (USA)

Report N35 (added on March, 23, 2010)

She contacted me on Yahoo Personals. She wrote that she was originallfrom Tampa, FL but now lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She stated she was a textile and sculpture dealer of some sort and was now travelling to the UK to do deals.
By the third letter she was madly and passionatley in love with me and was,of course, looking forward to finally meeting when she came back to Canada this Sunday. She left me a phone number to call her at her hotel (Room 111).

Paxton (Canada)

Report N36 (added on May, 6, 2010)

The VAT will cost 1,870usd and the nigeria Govt is asking for 2,560usd.She needed money to get gold of the bank that her mother had given her.

Pierre (Canada)

Report N37 (added on May, 6, 2010)

I met this chic on myspace she asked me if I had yahoo messenger I said no. I told her I had windows messenger then she gave me her e-mail and user name. We started chating I thought this was a little fishy we chated for about two weeks and then she said she wanted to here my voice. I asked her what her phone# was and she told me she did not have a cell phone or home phone. She asked me for money about $50.00 for a 45 minute phone card I told her to let me think about it and I said this sounds like a scam a she tried to tell me it was'nt. I asked her how she was online with out a phone line and she said it was spliced in to someone elses line. I asked her if she had a mic and if she did we could talk to each other for free she said that her computer was old and did'nt have ports for it which sounded like bull to me. Then I searced for a scam sight and found this one and started to read very similar stories. The next time I chated with her I told her that I was'nt sending her money and if this was a scam that I would''nt report her e-mail to the authorities if she left me alone she said ok and that was it. I would like to thank this web sight for having this info it was very helpful.

Michael (USA)

Report N38 (added on June, 18, 2010)

I was in dayly contact with her for 4 mounts befor i stop, she try to get me to pay her papers and ticket 1683 euro, and the same guy bismark like with anouther woman maame parker was working as a travel agency manager. and now after joining your site i saw here photo and want to give the new information about her.

Bent (Denmark)

Report N39 (added on July, 13, 2010)

Uses a lawyer called dennis boston says he is retired. she says has inheritance and thast father built bridges and roads in malaysia he died 15yrs ago mother died 5yrs ago and she was born in myrtle beach. uses lawyer in malaysia called barrister ahmed.
If it wasnt for your site i could have been out another 6200 usd thank you so much stop scammers i am grateful

Gerald (USA)

Report N40 (added on August, 12, 2010)

I met her on AFF about 25 July 2010. After 2 or 3 short messages there, we decided to chat on yahoo IM, and also by email. She sent me a letter of intorduction on 29 Jul, very sweet about her and what she was looking for. In hindsight it was of course similar to me. Initially we talked about likes and dislikes and general things around the world, all seemed innocent, then of course the emails started getitng more intimate. on the 3 Aug I became suspicious, because of contradictionsin her emails, but also she called me, and she definately did not sound south african or american. I setup an investigation with on the 3 Aug. I kept corresponding with her so as not to arrouse suspicion , but also 'just in case it was OK' IN her emails she had told me that she was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and moved to Ghana when she was about 16 years old. She had sent me a copy of her passport, which to me looked genuine enough, other than the name did not match the face in my opinion. Her father supposedly died in 2004 in the mines of Ghana, and they took away their failies house a year later and gave them some money to find a new house and start a business, not enough she said.She apparently works in a big shopping mall in Accra, selling knick knacks i suppose i would call it. I received the report back from on the 7 Aug as promised. It confoirmed all my suspiciouns. Her passport was fake, as was her name, her current alias is already known, they are uinable to prosecute because of the corruption in the local police force. She only hionted at not having mney, but she was dstrong about her undying love for me. She apparently goes to church on Sundays with her mum and sister. (Kathy and Marian. Not sure whne i get to send photos and documents, obviously i cannot here.

Robert (United Kingdom)

Report N41 (added on August, 24, 2010)

This girl contacted me on parship. After some conversation, she told me to have fallen for me completely. We chatted on MSN and all seemed real. She told me being daughter of a Ghanese Mum and a Swedish Dad. Gor suspicious as I phoned her and found the vice not matching her looks. After that I found out on her MSN profile another guy called her.

Oliver (Germany)

Report N42 (added on September, 8, 2010)

She working the mate1 dating site. SHe asking for fare to the states. Gratefully she didn't get a dime from me.

Charlie (USA)

Report N43 (added on September, 22, 2010)

"...Honey i want you to know that from here to western union is 20miles and i can't walk that far honey. And i am going to need to get cab here..."

CYneyt (Turkey)

Report N44 (added on September, 22, 2010)

This girl found my name on JDate.

Chanoch (Israel)

Report N45 (added on October, 15, 2010)

She has more alis and e-mail address, she starts off being real nice an gets you on Ymessenger, an then says she loves you an wants to be with you asks money for food, internet bill...

Thom (USA)

Report N46 (added on November, 3, 2010)

Known scammer.

Salo (Mexico)

Report N47 (added on November, 24, 2010)

Ghanna scam. Claims to be from Canada but positioned by work study to Ghanna. Returning to Canada in a week. Then next her mother is from Ghanna (look at the pics, show me the genetics that there is black blood in her? LOL) When I asked what school she went to, she forgot, then after several mintues, she came up with some school name (Google panic????). Definitely a scam!

S. H. (USA)

Report N48 (added on April, 4, 2011)

Scam - Wants to Marry..... Move to Canada be faithful.... needs money for plane ticket... will pay back when she gets here - needs money in bank account to show she can afford visit. (of course - she will pay it back when she arrives)...

Robert (Canada)

Report N49 (added on May, 31, 2011)

I browsed the click&Flirt website, of course if you don't upgrade you cannot communicate with anyone. This person (Jessybabe, known on this site) contacted me through Yahoo, her profile is seen on there. Her photo is porn star mellisa midwest. Her story is that her parents died 5yrs. ago and she has to go back to nigeria to settle the sale of her father's company and land. As usual she wants to marry me and settle down and have children. Still in contact but she is supposedly off this weekend to finalise the details. She hasn't asked for money yet but I have a strong feeling it's coming, lol. She/he has sent me more pictures of this porn star, promoting them as herself.

Paul (USA)

Report N50 (added on July, 15, 2011)

Asking for money, for ticket...lied or coming with the reason, father died in Belgium, must go back for the last great to her father and if she dont get the money, she will agree with an smaller amount of money for to buy food ( in her story, she will tell that she comes from Belgium, has an sister and and nepfew...but that are lies ofcourse)

She used the name Mary Alexa for to receive the money ( she is in Nigeria)

Glenn (Holland)

Report N51 (added on August, 24, 2011)

Comes across all friendly and says she loves you and wants to come to your country always wants money via Money transfer saying to pay for her internet to keep talking to you from home wants you to help pay for gold certificates thats she has suppose to of inheritated from her father. when you say no not sending money she does not contact you. only interested if you send her money.

Ross (New Zealand)

Report N52 (added on September, 1, 2011)

Fell in love with me in two days, wants to marry me, birthday on 27/8/2011 on money for party took all her details and said I would send her 100.00.

Stephen (United Kingdom)

Report N53 (added on September, 1, 2011)

She said she was from Celine,Tx. and was in Gehana to claim her fathers inheritance, But she had to be marriedand I was to be her husband. Her lawyer said I had to sign papers to collect, But had to pay 400.00 dollors for the paper work. They said they would send it to me but had to pay first along with my bank info to deposit 3.5 million dollors in it. I said I didn't have the money. Then she wanted 150.00 To pay for the internet so we could keep talking,I said no to that. I told her I don't give money to somebody I can't look into there eyes.She sent me a picture of her holding a sign to prove to me it was her.All along telling me I don't care about her because I won't help her, sending me more pictures of her. After I found this site I looked under the name of melissa midwest that lives in Lincoln, nebraska. She has her own web site ,where u can see all these pictures that were sent to me,and she is hooked up to twitter. She never responded to my twits. You can go to youtube and see a story about her. Really can't see this woman having the time to do this. Girls date for free has at least 5 other profiles using this womans pics.

Rob (USA)

Report N54 (added on September, 7, 2011)

She claims to be in love with you and ask money to come home to you but she dont come. i spend allmost 6.000euro and she not home yet must send it treu whestern union on the name off temifoope john or lola.

Richard (Belgium)

Report N55 (added on September, 8, 2011)

Someone with good loking girl's pictures statted to write to me at BearShare and iMesh. I am registered there, but very rarely used these sites.
Ok, very fast we changed our conversation to yahoo.She told tha tis american girl but now studying in Nigeria. and then very fast asked for money, because her internet connection expires soon :D:D hahahaaaaaaa.....

Armands (Ireland)

Report N56 (added on November, 16, 2011)

Well gentlemen looks like I am 3 for 3! This lady contacted me yesterday vis latinamericancupid.

Steve (USA)

Report N57 (added on November, 30, 2011)

Many things exactly the same as agnes tettah, said she was french ghanian born, speaks perfect engish and french with a few mistakes. sent pictures of a very attractive white girl in mid 20s to early 30s including one sitting with a valentine heart that says be mine. she said she was a Christian and lead a prayer group and sang a lead role in the church choir. she said her dad was dead and she lived with her grandma and brother and said her mom was married to some guy in Belgium.

Mike (USA)

Report N58 (added on February, 8, 2012)

Man i'm discovering tonight alot all the woman i was writing to for all those months were scammers.

Alain (Canada)

Report N59 (added on February, 21, 2012)

She claims she lives in Hamilton and is travelling the USA.Dealing in buying and selling art etc.. She sounds like a nice person then suddenly she starts asking for money dont trust her. this is all the information i can give you, even her face book is fake.

"About Me and Who I'm Looking For:
I have been described as a very patient person, full of empathy and understanding. I love having a laugh, good times with friends, just hanging out. I love having fun, passion, connection with that special person. I feel the most important part of a relationship is to be totally involved and committed to each other, no half measures. This does not mean that you lose yourself to the other person, rather a case of extending the best of who you are and growing within that nurturing atmosphere. I believe that we should always be the best of who we are, no matter what the circumstances. I believe in intergrity and values, and being true to yourself. Life is amazing, we have so much to enjoy. I love travelling, am just starting my forays out into the world of travel. I participate in the arts, and am reasonably successful, however, even though it is my passion, I am able to temper it with a business mind. My world is happy, generous, kind. I am hoping that this stage of life allows me to connect with my soul mate. I am looking for a partner who knows who they are and what they want. They know how to be passionate and romantic, comfortable in their own skin. Like me, they must be kind, generous, happy and articulate."

Mike (New Zealand)

Report N60 (added on March, 2, 2012)

I had been on Match for 3 days and hadn't heard back from the women i had emailed when she winked at me and we started talking. A few days into the chat on yahoo she pulled her profile off of saying that she felt confident i was the guy she was looking for. Said she was visiting her mom in Akkra Ghana and had been there for approximately 2 wks and was getting ready to come back to the US on the 20th of Feb. 2012. Dad is from England but lives in Italy having a business there. English is nearly perfect but I did speak with her on the phone (always a lousy connection) and some of her words clearly have the Ghanain accent or maybe Nigerian accent. Odd for a girl raised in Sheffield England. She is very well versed on English Premier league soccer and players. She sent me a picture of 'her' at a basketball game and knew the stadium and the team though neither were clearly evident to the casual observer but a friend saw the pic and after looking at it (no players on the court as pregame photo) he said it was the Lakers and it was the Staples Center. She told me that she had dual citizenship in Britain and Ghana and was in the US on a work visa. She said that she was coming home to Downey (where she works as a private chef for 3 families and makes approximately 7k/mo) on the 20th of February but missed the plane because her work visa hadn't come through and she wouldn't have it till Wednesday the 22nd. I told her that I had read about scams in Ghana which she was hurt that I asked, and then she sent me photos of her Medical report, Visa and Police report with her picture on them and they were dated feb. 21, 2012 which was the day after her plane was to leave for the US . Anyway, big problem now because she had to pay to change the ticket -- 30% of the price of the original ticket which was 5k. She was going to ask her father for the money but couldn't get through to him in Italy and she needed $1,500. It was a first class ticket from Ghana to Amsterdam where it laid over 3 hours then went directly to LAX which I looked into and found she had done her homework well as the times and flights were all like she said on KLM air. She aksed me if she could borrow the money and she'd repay me when she got back She claims to have a paternal aunt named Debbie with 2 kids, Johnson 5 and Janet 3. Debbie was raised in London.

Barney (USA)

Report N61 (added on March, 29, 2012)

Supposedly South African Girl from Durban.
Uses social media for communication - SKYPE, WhatsApp, Text Messaging.

Andreas (England)

Report N62 (added on May, 7, 2012)

Scammer located at firts in Abidjan Ivory Coast, and after IP check up from my those fucker are located In Seatles USA.

Jean-Gabriel (Canada)

Report N63 (added on August, 29, 2012)

Claiming she is from Iowa, and she is in Ghanna for her father funeral. Mom lives in the states. Says she is looking for a long term relationship, says she is broke and needs money for air time on her phone.

Alan (USA)

Report N64 (added on October, 5, 2012)

This paris morgan contacted me through facebook saying she attended kansas university for nursing and her dad was from nigeria and owned a biscuit co. and her mother is from maine and she was born there she states her mother passed away and her father took her to nigeria and her dad and brother were killed in an accident and she lives with her grandmother she is looking for someone a man to bring her to the states and until she needs to be finacially taken care of she has chatted to me for approx a week and is now to the point of askinput a stop to her swindling men outta there hard earned she claims to be 33g me to western union her 220 us dollars to pay her bills with the impression that she wants me to move her here and have a family with me her information she gave me to send the money was country nigeria state osun city ilesa zip234036 i have suspected her from the begining of being up to no good and knew this day was coming as far as the money goes im not thesmartest person in the world but i am smart enough to know bullshit from fact.

David (USA)

Report N65 (added on October, 15, 2012)

Melinda Wayne (Melinda or the Subject), claims she won prize money from the Better Life Foundation in Spain, her former employer. You have informed us that you have loaned Melinda 10,500.00 GBP to help pay off 15,750.00 GBP she owed in back due rent and her aunt Sharon Wayne paid off the balance. You have also indicated that you loaned Melinda 4200 GBP for UK taxes on the award.
Melinda claims to have paid 10,000 Euro to Estudio Juridico Fiscal (No 72 Piso 3 Pta 8 Valencia 46004, Spain) to process the award money. She dealt with Pablo Gomez-Mora from Estudio Juridico Fiscal.
You have requested copies of the collection lawsuit filing in the UK to see how the prize funds have been tied up as claimed by Melinda and to see where the award is deposited. You have also asked us to perform due diligence and confirm Melinda Wayne is who she claims to be and to identify possible red flags.
There is strong evidence that Melinda Wayne is not who she claims to be. There is no record of her in the US or the UK. Also, Sharon Wayne appears to be a fictitious individual and while Jude Nzenagu (Melindas supposed attorney) does exist, there is no record of him being a practicing solicitor, either with the Law Society of England & Wales or Scotland. We could find no trace of a law firm by the name of Lamback. An exhaustive search for the lawsuit described above yieldedyieldedyielded
yielded negative results.
She is reported to have used the same email address as the Subject herein as well as and
The Melinda Wayne mail order bride scammer provided the below photograph of herself (Figure 1) to another reported victim. We also note the striking similarities in the hand writing on the paper Melinda is holding up in the photo below (enlarged in Figure 2) in Figure 1 and the two receipts you provided to CSI from Estudio Juridico Fiscal (Figures 3 and 4)
Page 3
CSI 1515 Broadway Suite 1154 NY, NY 10036 212-520-4308
CSI is licensed by the State of New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services
You indicated that Melinda Wayne resided and was educated in the United States for several years. Our research found no record of a Melinda Wayne born in the United States.
We conducted extensive research in the UK using a variety of sources to digitally and physically confirm Melinda Waynes presence in the UK and to locate the alleged lawsuit/judgment in question. We did not locate a lawsuit and more importantly, our research found no record at all of Melinda Wayne in the UK. The following databases and sources were searched to verify her identity with negative results:
Trace+ Database (official UK database consisting of all UK names, addresses and telephone numbers from historic and current Electoral Rolls, the Royal Mails Postcode Address File (PAF), Telephone Subscriber information and several commercial/business data files)
Individual Insolvency Register (register containing details of bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements in England & Wales)
Companies House records (All limited companies in England, Wales and Scotland are registered at Companies House. All Directors and Secretaries of all limited companies are also recorded)
English Birth, Death and Marriage Records
Scottish Birth, Death and Marriage Records
We also checked with the Nursing & Midwifery Council for the UK, they had no record of anyone by the name of Melinda Wayne being registered with them.
We found no record of Melinda Waynes supposed aunt Sharon Wayne in the UK.
Melinda claims her attorney is Jude Nzenagu of Lamback Law Firm, but the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK has no record of a law firm in the UK by the name Lamback Law Firm and no record of a Jude Nzenagu being an attorney. We also checked with the Law Societies for England and for Scotland for any record of Jude Nzenagu as a lawyer or Lamback law firm. There is no such record of such lawyer or law firm.

Arthur (USA)

Report N66 (added on November, 1, 2012)

I received an invite from paris morgan on facebook taken by her beauty ended up downloading yahoo messenger to chat since the above date after our first chat she wanted 46 for medical for her gran mother i refused cause i'm on goverment benefits paris then said when will i have the money i said i do not have money on the 19th of september 2012 a webcam i bought for 4.97 with a recorded stamped address to p.o. box 2253 st.andrew ilaje ilesa osun nigeria this was not delivered as paris stated that she did not received the parcel.
i also sent 100 for her food plus a further 25 for slippers by the end of september paris wanted to come to u.k. and spend her life with me please excuse me for being a senstive man or too soft i wanted to be honest with paris like she was with me but after browsing her so called twin sister melissa harrinton known as mellisa midwest a well known porn star paris stated that when she comes too the u.k. she will tell me everything about her past but i still insisted why not be honest up front that paris morgan stated that melissa midwest was dis owned friom the family and after i received photos from paris i saw a slight differcent which of i have in my possession as stated as above by the end of september 2012 i helped her by a further 50 for her internet so we could continue with our so called love with each other by the 23 rd of october 2012 i sent a further 500 to bring paris jessica morgan here by being a jelous man that i am i browsed her facebook profile and she was chattin to a friend from kabol after i sent a request to him he accepted we start chattin only to find out that paris morgan was with him in kabol and also to find out that paris was no ;longer on yahoo messenger my only source of contact with her was facebook but by anger and hurt which of course i was very dumb and in secure of my needs i unfriend her from facebook but sent another invite on monday night being the 28th of october 2012 but request not accepted i will enclose our coversation from kabol from afgan that i have saved i also have a receipt from western union that 500 was sent and received and that miss paris morgan was going to come to scotland yesterday after telling she waiting for documents from the embassy but hopefully fly out yesterday being tuesday 30th of october 2012 but due to new york i could understand why due to flights being cancelled ..... looking at below if i am 100 per cent that the women i am reporting is a scammer im not sure but why ask for 500 of my money and not come to scotland is that not scamming someone with promises yes i was at fault and yes i should of kept my money but i did.nt want to be a lair in court i done it from my heart how i felt about paris morgan paris is at fault here i was going to arrange a special dinner as promised thank goodness i didnt also take her and choose a wedding ring to get married here.

Ronnie (Scotland)

Report N67 (added on January, 16, 2013)

I've done a check. And discovered that this individual has 3 identities. She claims that her mother is terminally ill with cancer. Plus she claims to have an inheritence. She also involves a supposed lawyer, in her scam. Other people included are Sarah Collins, London, UK, Marie Brown, Aberdeen, KY and Ricard Douglas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Michael (USA)

Report N68 (added on June, 11, 2013)

She takes her time developing a relationship. She uses sex talk to prep for the money request.

William (USA)

Report N69 (added on July, 11, 2013)

Known Nigerian scammer operates on Badoo and Tagged now.

Rene (Canada)

Report N70 (added on July, 16, 2013)

I met this woman in Wamba dating site. So far she has not asked for any money. She is chatting me through Skype. I saw this woman's photo in

Avinashi (India)

Report N71 (added on August, 19, 2013)

Lyda is on this he Badoo site with two names. Because of the photos I'am very sure it is the same person. This is the typical start of an attempt to get money. I just will not communicate with Lyda (or Brooke??) anymory because this will be a waste of time and emotion. (not of money because stop-scammers made me wiser).

Marcel (Netherlands)

Report N72 (added on October, 7, 2013)

She contacted me on Face Book. Mid way through our first conversation she wants to move down here and live with me and get married. The problem is she can't leave Africa till she pays back a loan on her pass port she took out to pay for her ailing Grandmothers medical expenses. She asks me to send her $2250 to pay off the loan so she can fly down and live with me. I told her I couldn't afford to. She then asks me to send half, once again I told her I couldn't. She then tries to make me feel guilty, didn't work. Then she asks me to send her money so she won't lose her internet connection, each time it increased a $100. I told her I couldn't. That was the end of the communication with her.

Joe (USA)

Report N73 (added on December, 17, 2013)

Began chatting with this women on Girls Date For Free. At first she seemed really interested in forming a relationship. The second week she hinted to me she was having money problems. Third week she asked me to wire $300 so she could buy food and pay her rent. The final was when she said she is living in Lagos, Nigeria with her ailing Grandma. I immediately deleted her from my contact list.

Joe (USA)

Report N74 (added on January, 21, 2014)

Another typical african scammer.

Brad (USA)

Report N75 (added on June, 6, 2014)

I would like to report a scammer from Ghana. Unfortunately I have paid money to this person via moneygram and they have my details of where I stay. This was obviously not very bright of me and I feel I have endangered myself and my children. I am a divorced father. Please can you tell me if this person is a scammer or not?
This person has requested money for air fairs and for a payment to her family and elders.
I have unfortunately deleted the photos of this lady and all the messaging via gmail correspondence before I came across this website.

Gary (South Africa)

Report N76 (added on July, 8, 2014)

This person is trying to convince men to bring her to their country and she is asking for money due to the previus economical crises in Greece. And she is using a photo in her profiles that belongs to a porn artist from USA.

Anders (Sweden)

Report N77 (added on September, 17, 2014)

This woman contacted me through my email saying her mother was a missionary in africa and that she needed money to renew plane ticket which costed $450 and her internet connection that costed $150 and wanted it sent western union. her address she gave me was 46 davis street ketu, lagos nigeria zip code 23401 when i runned her picture i found out that she was a porn star and on other scam sites. when i confronted her about it she cussed me out and quit writting me but has recently started back writting me.

Charlie (USA)

Report N78 (added on October, 1, 2014)

Known scammer update.

Walt (USA)

Report N79 (added on October, 17, 2014)

We have been talking for a few years now and yes I have sent some money through western union through a friend of hers called Eugene Okine the pics she fist sent me were of an American woman and not the same as seen on web cam, she changed her yahoo id to while I was having my chemotherapy saying that her other yahoo id had been hacked, I am not sure if she has been using my chemo as a way of getting money from other people, twice she has had people transfer money through to me from mexico and usa to transfer to her through Eugene Okine. I was in Ghana in july 2014 and she made excuses that she could not see me as her mum was in a hospital about 5 hours away and the day after I came back she was saying her mum had died.
She always stated that she was from hamburg in Germany and went to Ghana for a business course though the other day she said that her and her mum had lived in Ghana for 5 years. I am still trying to get more info from her and we still text most days and occasionaly use yahoo instant messenger.

Piper (England)

Report N80 (added on December, 17, 2014)

Amy Holmes uses stolen pictures to scam with. Claims she is from Cumming Georgia and stranded in Nigeria at Ivory hotel and working there to pay off her debts. I investigated found out she is not Melissa Midwest nor has she ever checked into Ivory hotel and does not work at this hotel either. She will fall in love fast with you then want money and claims she will come to you but never shows up then gets in touch claiming another hold up needs more money. I found out that Amy Holmes does not exist and this is anothe Nigerian scammer useing Melissa Midwest pictures. This is sam 1 posted on this site under different names useing Melissa Midwest pictures. Please do not print my name to this add thank you.

Thomas (USA)

Report N81 (added on September, 22, 2015)

After just one day contact she told that she could come to me but I had to send her a card with 250euros on it to buy the train ticket! she also gave me her contact on skype, but couldn't talk and see her, just write!!!

Jean Jacques (Luxembourg)

Report N82 (added on October, 7, 2015)

Hi, I received such lines as from this scammer -
"I want to move already, I lost my parent on auto crash So I am alone Here with uncle Charles family in Oklahoma I am looking and seeking for serious relationship that can give me endless love and great life with faithful life or end of loneliness Can I trust you with my heart ?"
She has a photos of a porn star that they use.

Col (UK)

Report N83 (added on November, 3, 2015)

Martins, Jessica Rose has a Linked in page from where she contacted me.
She sends long messages of endearing love but doesn't read the replies.
She doesn't answer questions unless they can lead to her means of extracting money.
She lives with her uncle who works for Western Union. Her parents are dead. She just needs to earn a few more dollars to pay off the lawyers who are handing her inheritance.

Ron (UK)

Report N84 (added on February, 23, 2017)

We made contact at Mingle 2 and then moved to gmail, I searched the net and found several scammers using this girls pics. The two photos that I have of Antonia aka Lilly I am certain are of another porn star but I cannot remember who, nor can I trace her.
She has made no requests for cash as to date but I have to cut her off due to work overload.

John (Brazil)

Report N85 (added on September, 5, 2017)

Zij gebruikt de foto's van Amerikaanse porno model.

Frank (Netherlands)