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Dating scammer Veronica Ivaikova
First name: Veronica
Last name: Ivaikova
Age: 45
Veronica Ivaykova
Veronica Ivaykova
Name aliases:
Veronichka, Veronika
Scammer's Location(s):
Izhevsk (Russia); Kazan (Russia)
Russia, 450673, Izhevsk, Gagarin str., 5-10
Russia, 42002, Kazan, Yamskaya str., 10-5
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on March, 15, 2007)
J. R. (USA)

Talked to her a few times and then she said she was in love with me and went to Moscow to to get her visa. She then asked me for 1200.00 dollars to get her over here. When I told her she showed up on a blacklist of scammers she stopped writing.
REPORT N2 (added on August, 27, 2007)
Keith (England)

"...I want to fly to you approximately for 10 days that is it to turn out 500 euros plus the ticket 600 euros in general it to turn out 1100 euros! And I to earn in a month about 250 euros it is no more, so I can pay only the visa and road costs up to Moscow! My lovely if you have agreed to help me I would be happy..."

Scam Letters

Emails from Veronica Ivaikova to J. R. (USA)
Greetings my dear and the beloved JR!!!!!!!!! Pleasure my hugeto you gratitude for your letter. Lovely I I just to be in embassy andat once would hasten in Internet of cafe what to write to you theletter. Dear mine today I passed interview. I filled in thequestionnaire, I had to answer more than 100 questions. All questionswere a different kind. Me asked about all my relatives as veryimportant that I would not have among close relatives institutedcriminal proceedings, but to the big happiness in my sort nobody wasinstituted criminal proceedings. Lovely mine I am very happy, I havepassed interview and to me have informed that I shall receive the visaduring 7 working days. Dear mine I was very happy having learned aboutit. I think that as this news very much is pleasant to you that isapproximately in 10 days we shall meet you. Dear I as is someproblems. The matter is that I as will need money for entrance to thecountry (cash money). There is such rule, what to me to drive in yourcountry, I should show that I would have money that for all that timewhile I shall be in your country I would have money what to live. Thissum makes 1800 dollars. At present I have money for the ticket and forhotel accommodation while I do not receive the visa. As I haveadditional money of 600 dollars, but I shall still require in 1200dollars. Dear mine I would ask you that you have helped me and havesent me 1200 dollars. I have all savings at myself and I really haveno pla

Emails from Veronica Ivaikova to Keith (England)
Greetings my dear Keith! Lovely mine huge to you thank for the letter. Today my letter to turn out short.Yes certainly I to read your letters in last letter I only to speak about that that I like from music and cinema but to not ask you that like you because I to know it from your letters. There can be I that that incorrectly to write as my English not so well and you not so to understand! I would run in the Internet of cafe only for some minutes what to warn you. The matter is that today at my girlfriend day a birth and in one hour I should be at her place. As I need to have time to go to itself home what to change clothes. As I would like to ask your address. I want to write to you the letter on a paper. Please send me your address in your following letter. As as to my address it is Ivaykova Veronika , Russia, city Kazan , street Yamskaya 10-5 . An index 420021. Well now I should hasten. Tomorrow I shall wait your letter. As do not overlook to specify your address.

A kiss. Yours Veronika.

My dear the man Keith as you? As always you have made me very happy your letter. Dear mine as I already wrote to you yesterday I went per day a birth to the girlfriend. We celebrated at her place. To my girlfriend 48 years were executed. As there were except for me and the girlfriend at which day a birth its husband both 2 children, and 2 more girlfriends with the husband. All this was very healthy and is cheerful. I have ***

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