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Dating scammer Elena Moshkina
First name: Elena
Last name: Moshkina
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Alenka, Elanka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka, Elenochka, Elenushok, Elenushoka, Elenushulenka, Eli, Ellena, Ellene, Elona, Helen, Helena, Helenachka, Jelena, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lenka, Lennochka, Lennok, Lenochka, Lenok, Lenusha, Lenushulenka, Lenusia, Lenusial, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Lenusya, Lienkchik, Lleena, Olena, Olena, Yelena
Scammer's Location(s):
Margaushi (Russia)
Russia, 429530, Chyvashiya, Margaushi, Street the Teacher's room 3, the house 26
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Badoo, Netlog Redbox


REPORT N1 (added on May, 7, 2007)
Elyes (Belgium)

I receive same mails than Bahman receive, other name, other description, other picture, but all the same things in...
REPORT N2 (added on May, 29, 2007)
Joost (Belgium)

I had contact with her, and I see here the same pictures and mail already!!
She asked for 1356euro for visa and tickets...

Scam Letters

Emails from Elena Moshkina to Elyes (Belgium)
My name - Elena.
I want to write at once, that I live in Russia. I not so have not enough, and not so it is a
lot of years. To me of 27 years. I saw your structure on a site, and I think, that I would like to know about you more. I hope was successful, and you will answer me. I think that you the interesting person, that at us many the same interests. I want to write a little about myself.
I like to read, listen to music, to me to like to listen to different styles of music. These are remarkable things which do our life really remarkable. The only thing of that at me is not present is a favourite person. I have no children. I very much would like to have family, but I am very trustful and not time came across on it. Whether I do not know you will answer me whether or not. I shall regret if you will not answer me. I allow to you my e-mail, and I shall hope that you will answer.

Greetings my new friend!!!
I am pleased, it today I have received news from you thanks you,
It has written to me. Truth I never in
The life has supported communication with the person which does not live in Russia,
And negotiations on I the native language.
But I well understand all which you have written to me.
When I have gone to school, and then at university
I had very good teachers in English and therefore
I can read your letters without the help and write to you.
And I hope, you understan

Emails from Elena Moshkina to Joost (Belgium)
Hello my new friend Joost!!!
I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thanks you, that have written to me. The truth I never in the life communicated with the person who does not live in Russia, and talks on I native language.
But I well understand everything, that you have written to me.
When I went to school, and then at university
I had very good teachers on English language and consequently
I can read your letters without assistance and write to you.
And I hope, you understand, everything, that I write to you.
As John we only we get acquainted, I should tell about myself more.
To me now 31 years, and my birthday on May, 17st, 1979.
My growth of 168 centimeters, weight of 48 kg.
I very much like walks on fresh air, I very much love the nature.
I like the sea and is pleasant to float, in the summer
I often bathe and I sunbathe on coast of our remarkable river Volga.
I live in the city of Margaushi.
Our city very small and on this in our city lives only about 3000 person.
Our city very beautiful, though it very small.
I love a life - I am an optimist, and I believe, that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future.
I trust in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique unique person.
I trust in family and love, and I search for the person to the one whom
I shall give all heat of my heart and with that whom I shall be always together...,
I wish to divide with it all things - good and sad, all whi

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