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Dating scammer Ekaterina Osokina
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Osokina
Age: 31
Ekaterina Kozlova, Larisa, Irina, Olga Kleshch, Olga Klesh, Ija Jesaulova, Maria Sweet
Ekaterina Kozlova, Larisa, Irina, Olga Kleshch, Olga Klesh, Ija Jesaulova, Maria Sweet
Name aliases:
Catharine, Catherine, Cathryn, Ecaterina, Ecateryna, Ekatarina, Ekaterinacka, Ekaterinchika, Ekaterinka, Ekaterinochka, Ekaterinok, Ekaterinoka, Ekaterinulka, Ekaterinusechka, Ekaterinusenka, Ekaterinusha, Ekaterinusik, Ekaterinusya, Ekatrina, Helga, Hola, Ira, Irchik, Irchika, Irchona, Irchonka, Irchushka, Irena, Irene, Irinchik, Irinchika, Irinka, Irinochka, Irinulya, Irinusenka, Irinusha, Irinushusenka, Irinuska, Irisha, Irishik, Irishka, Irka, Irocha, Irochka, Iroschka, Irunya, Irushka, Irusichka, Irusik, Irusya, Irwinka, Iryna, Iryush, Kat, Katarina, Kate, Katenka, Katerina, Katerinka, Katerinochka, Katerinushka, Kateryna, Kath, Katharine, Katherin, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn, Kathryn, Kathy, Kati, Katia, Katiya, Katja, Katka, Katrin, Katrina, Katty, Katuha, Katunya, Katusha, Katushechka, Katushka, Katuska, Katy, Katya, Katys, Katysha, Katyulya, Ket, Ketrin, Kettira, Kittie, Kitty, Lara, Larica, Larischika, Larissa, Larisulka, Larisusha, Larisusya, Larris, Lelya, Lora, Macha, Maha, Maniasha, Manishka, Mari, Mariah, Marichika, Mariia, Marija, Marishka, Mariusya, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariychik, Mariychika, Mariyka, Mariyoka, Mariyulka, Mariyulya, Mariyushenka, Mariyushka, Mariyushoka, Mariyuska, Mariyusya, Marry, Maru, Marusechka, Marusia, Maruska, Mary, Marya, Maryia, Masha, Mashenka, Mashka, Mashoka, Mashshunya, Mashuk, Mashulechka, Mashulecka, Mashulenka, Mashulia, Mashulka, Mashulunya, Mashulya, Mashunya, Mashushka, Mashuska, Mrusya, Ola, Olalasha, Olchik, Olechka, Olechkaanks, Olenka, Oleshka, Oleshka, Olgchik, Olgchika, Olgika, Olgo, Olgoka, Olgulka, Olgulya, Olgunka, Olgusha, Olgushka, Olgushoka, Olgushulenka, Olgusik, Olgusika, Olguska, Olgusya, Olha, Olia, Olika, Olinushka, Oliya, Olja, Olly, Olra, Olshuka, Olsuka, Olunia, Olunka, Olushka, Olusik, Oly, Olyunka, Olyunya, Olyushka, Trishka, Volha, Yekaterina, Yryna
Scammer's Location(s):
Belgorod (Russia); Cheboksary (Russia); Chelyabinsk (Russia); Krasnodar (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia); Zelenodolsk (Russia); Zlatoust (Russia)
Russia, 308036, Belgorod, ul. Budennoy
Russia, 45608, Chelyabinsk region, Zlatoust, Gogolya str., 12 apt 8
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Date Me Free, Lava Life


REPORT N1 (added on May, 30, 2007)
Zakis (Australia)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I follow up recently a scam that is related to people from Russia trying to get a few thoushand dollars per case, regarding internet dating.
Please find attached the last email where they asking for money, plus names and location. I realise from the last name (Dolgorukov )that these people must use false ID's etc but just in case that you can do something to protect the rather naive males around the globe :)
Thanks in advance
REPORT N2 (added on August, 3, 2007)
Billy (USA)

I met Katya on Lavalife, exchanged email and many photos for weeks. I read her words of love for me, proposed marriage, her fidelity and her plans for our imminent meeting. I was her King! Well almost! But first she needed the Almighty Dollar to finance her adventures. That'a about when we parted company!
REPORT N3 (added on August, 3, 2007)
Troy (UK)

Trys to scam money for flight to uk sends a lot of photos.
REPORT N4 (added on September, 25, 2007)
Kenneth (USA)

IP Address resolved to Hostname 184.70.pppoe.mari-el.ru
Reports Cheboksary as her city.
This women has not asked for money yet, but uses the Bat-emailer (mass mailer).
Her IP host resolves to mari-el.ru a known scamming cell...
She has started to probe aggressively about trust issues, whether I trust her and says that she must know this...
REPORT N5 (added on March, 14, 2008)
Grant (Canada)

This beautiful lady here didnt waste time this is the second one with about the same letters i recieved before which said,living with grandma, about the 4 letter she talking about she wants to meet me.
REPORT N6 (added on June, 5, 2009)
Tom (Australia)

Requests for money came after the death of Aunt. Over a period of 10 months the father, aunt and sister either died or was killed. When trips from Australia to Russia (and vice versa) organised and paid, something always comes up at the last minute to stop it happening. Twice told was at airport but did not arrive. Checked IP addresses on emails and found not at location she said she was.
REPORT N7 (added on April, 20, 2012)
Larry (USA)

Ija contacted me from a random email. She claims she was given my email address from a International Wedding Agency. My email address is not on any dating sites. So, I let her know up front that money will not be sent to her not matter what. She claims it was nto about the money, but finding true love. I have heard that before! So, I played along for about one week. She claim she was falling in love with me and I told her to take it slow to where this may lead. She said becuase she is finding me so attractive she colud not help but to fall in love with me. After one week...please! I asked her how would she come to the USA to meet me. She told me a story of how she spent her money to go meet a guy in Australia. Once she got there she found out the guy was married. The guy had promised he would pay her way back to Russia is she came to meet him. She siad she had no money to return to Russia so she went to the Russia Embassy for a return ticket to Russis. So, wiht that she would never fly to meet a guy unless he paid for the ticket. I told her no way would I do such a thing. I did not know her! After that the letters stopped coming. I knew she was a scammer!
REPORT N8 (added on May, 22, 2012)
John (USA)

I was contacted by Ija via email. She proprosed we have a relationship. She wrote me emails with content almost exactly as was posted in previous letters on this site.... At first she wanted no money to fly to me, then she wanted 900$, and then 1300$... I have never sent her any money. She claims to work for a tourist agency, and has had a promotion opportuntity with her work. She is torn whether to go to SIberia to head a tourist agency or fly to see me.... The red flags were raised when I say her on this website, and saw all the similiar stories she had written to other men, she had written to me.
REPORT N9 (added on June, 22, 2019)
Berl (USA)

Masha started texting me at the beginning of April, 2019 . She claimed to be 29 years old and worked as a nurse in several small villages in Siberia. She has nearly completed the 7 year contract she had signed right after she graduated from nursing school. She claimed she was looking for a life partner and saw my photo and decided to contact me. I never was clear where she saw it or got my email address.
We talked for several months and she decided to come to be with me. She said sh would purchase her passport, visa, and plane tickets to fly here. However at the time of her flight she claimed they had added a new tax on the tickets that she had not paid and needed $300 from me to make the flight. Since I had repeatedly told her I would not send her money I refused to do so. She harped at me and tried to get me to send the money but finally realized I meant what I had told her. She sent me a very curt note told and said bye in no uncertain terms. I haven't heard from her since.
She's very attractive and told some interesting stories but knowing that Russia has a very large scamming industry in place I was pretty sure from the beginning she wasn't legit. I was correct.

Scam Letters

Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to Zakis (Australia)
Hi my dear and favourite prince Zakis!!! I was glad to receive from you the letter. But you wrote to me already such letter. I spoke with the agent of travel and it spoke me that that it can not to me give a detail of his bank, it spoke me that that you can send money to his name through branch of WESTERN UNION, it spoke me that that this branch of WESTERN UNION very safely. It spoke me that that I need 1380 USA $, this sum includes residing, feed, travel up to Moscow. I think that that you understood my letter. The information of the agent:

First name Andrei

Patronymic Mikhailovich

Last name Dolgorukov

And mine eioiiaoey:

( Osokina Ekaterina, Russia.) I love you my prince. And you hi from my grandmother. Yours and only yours Ekaterina.
Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to Billy (USA)
Hi my dear! I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Billy, my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and to deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I all over again will need to reach to Moscow, and therefrom already to you. My agent needs some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, the address and the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive. This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to establish all cost of travel. Today I paid in him the first part of money, for the visa and other documents for travel. It was in some times more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will cost for me about 200 $, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for me 700. dear, it is possible, that to me you will be required the help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still, Why you have written to me that that I did not answer your question, I answered you. Also spoke that that I would want that I arrived to you and lived with you. and also took some money at my the grandmother, but it is possible her will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insura

Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to Troy (UK)
Now there are no problems with transfer of money.
You can use western union or money gram.
We here do not use any bank accounts as there is no necessity. In Russia very little rich which it is necessary to have the bank account.
Also I learned that tickets of travel cost approximately 500 dollars. You can allow it to yourself?

Mine Troy, I LOVE YOU!
My parents and friends spoke you GREETINGS! Mum has already asked as us with you affairs with a meeting. I have explained to mum, that everything is all right. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has told, that in any day I can go on a vacation.
Today I was included in agency of travel. They give a set of services. I have addressed to lady with questions, and she has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, that I want to visit England and the first question which she has asked me: you were in England before? I have told, not present. You have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction, and now it is necessary to prolong for me the passport. Also she has asked my marital status, my income, whether I have children, and I fix from other questions. I have kindly answered each question. I also have explained, that before I have gone to Europe. After that lady has told to me, that then you will not have a problem with visiting England. She has explained to me about a policy of the European countries and also

Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to Grant (Canada)
Hi my new friend Matts. Is glad to receive your new letter and to learn about you it is more. Thanks for your pictures. I hope, that I have interested you and we let's have correspondence with you. I shall be glad to answer all yours questions, as I want, that you knew about me too. I have not very good English, but I studied English at school. I want to tell about myself little bit more. I live in small city Cheboksary. Mine the city is located in 780 kilometers from Moscow. My city small, but very beautiful, Cheboksary here is on the river Volga. We have beautiful quay. In a circle of city there is a beautiful wood and a lot of small lake. In the summer we go for city often. I want to speak about my job still. I work in fund of the help to the homeless people. I like my job, as I like to help other people. I leave on a street and I distribute by him meal, because they have no money for this purpose. The employees of our fund collect clothes, warm things. Then we give back it to the poor people for nothing. I want, that you wrote about the job too, as it is interesting to me too. We have no telephone of a house, as our apartment is located in new area of city. And there is no telephone line still. I have no the brothers and sisters. Matts I wait from you the new letter and your new pictures. I shall send my picture in the following letter. Irina.

Hi. If you remember me, it Irina. If you remember that we had acquai

Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to Larry (USA)
Salut, friend!

Just give a few minutes and read my messageI'm very excited and I do not know exactly how to start. Well, my name is Ija, and I live in the north of RU. I am 35 years old, have higher education and work as a tour agent. I write you now, because I’m alone, and I guess you are as well! I am a serious woman, and I want to find a man who is serious about relations as well. I want to find my true love and build a strong and happy family with my man. I have already had relationships with the man from the USA, I’ve met him through the Internet . That was the wrong choice, that guy was a great deceiver, so we didn’t make a family and whatever at all. That’s why I try to find a real honest man here again. My friend who now lives in America met her love on the Internet, she’s happy now and so she said that it bad things happens, but one shouldn’t try again! That’s why I am here!
She says that her husband is very romantic and caring, this is a hope for my success as well! Last time I tried to find a man myself, this time I decided to use the International Wedding Agency, which connects lonely hearts around the world. I paid this agency some money for you and so the wedding agent sent you my message. I really believe there’s much to learn about each other, so let’s not lose time! I guess you are quite an experienced man and have lots of stories to tell me! I don’t want to tell you everything about myself at once, just want to be a kid of m

Emails from Ekaterina Osokina to John (USA)
Hello John!!!

I'm very glad to get your letter today! I want to say that I'm quite happy that you decided to write me to know each other better. I thought you would never write me back... so now I am confused and don't know how to start this letter to you! I'll tell you a few words about myself and if you get some interest you could ask me questions.
I should confess, I'm not a beginner in the Internet so -called ,,dating sphere''. But I've met so many bad people there who were ready just to play with the girls and to ask them to send their ***** pictures. If you are among such men and want to play only, please, don’t write me anymore.The man from America with which I communicated the beginnings speaks me any platitudes and to ask ***** photos. I think that this man was the pervert and sick mentality. I will never send you my ***** photos. I hope you'll remember it. I don't want you to play with me, please, understand me as well. I just write this all, because I really want to find my real love and to meet a serious man, with whom I could build a happiness. So, if you have another aims for now, I don't think it is worth while spending our time and energy. I hope you’re not offended by these words, but I just follow my views on this life, John! Look, I'm honest in each my word, I'll tell the whole truth about myself and I hope you'll be honest with me as well.
Well, to begin with I should tell you I can speak English quite well, I mastered it


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