Scammer Olga Kovalenko

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First name:Olga
Last name:Kovalenko
Aka:Olga Rozhkova, Martha Sasu, Olga Rozkova, Helena Twum, Sandra Love, Julia Rogozhnikova, Debbie Dennis, Lucy Hobbs, Christine Hammond, Cynthia Janet Barry, Ally Steven, Phobe Cates, Mary Browns, Robin Bewersdorf, Cindy Williams, Deborah Carlsion
Name aliases: Alli, Asandra, Christina, Cintia, Cnythia, Cyndy, Cyntia, Cythia, Debbi, Debby, Debora, Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Helga, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jannet, Jule, Julechka, Julenka, Julichka, Julie, Juliya, Julusha, Julya, Julye, Lelya, Luccy, Luci, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Martha, Meri, Merry, Mery, Olchik, Olechka, Olechkaanks, Olenka, Oleshka, Oleshka, Olgo, Olgunka, Olha, Olia, Olika, Olinushka, Oliya, Olja, Olly, Olra, Olushka, Olusik, Oly, Olyushka, Robyn, Samdra, Sandrah, Sindy, Ulenka, Ulia, Uliya, Ylia, Yliya, Ylya, Yula, Yulchika, Yulchona, Yulechka, Yulenka, Yulia, Yuliah, Yulichka, Yulija, Yuliy, Yuliya, Yulosha, Yulosha, Yulusha, Yuly, Yulya, Yulyasha
Age: 29
Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Cheboksary (Russia); Lagos (Nigeria); Lum (Russia); Monrovia (Liberia); Ondo (Nigeria); Saransk (Russia); Winneba (Ghana)
Address(es): Russia, 424000, Saransk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 45, app. 234
Russia, 430000, Saransk, Kommunisticheskaya str., 45, app. 234
PO Box ku 265, Winneba, Ghana, West Africa
50 Church street, Stadium road, Ondo, Nigeria
20 Sprowston Road, Forest Gate, London, UK, E79A
Box GP 4439, Accra, Ghana
Phone number(s): 00233276364154
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on May, 24, 2007)

Needs 3500 euro to visit me.

Karlfried (Netherlands)

Report N2 (added on June, 22, 2007)

Airfare/visa scam, prewritten letters.

Forrest (USA)

Report N3 (added on August, 9, 2007)

Played along with her for a very long time (even though it was very clear she is a scam). Worked on the visa/tickets scam initially, but then tried to obtain money for a camera, computer, whatever. She uses pictures of the US model Tiffany Teen. Has very canned emails and correspondence with pictures that are numbered to correspond with the emails.

Richard (USA)

Report N4 (added on August, 9, 2007)

She sent me dozen of emails with very sweet picts. It's all about the same. She asked me to send money with western union transfer to make the reservation in a little hotel (manet cottage)in accra for us. little later she told me a story about her died father ho has left her a box of gold dust and that if I visit her she is liking to move on the box from accra to switzerland. It can bee that she is already posted under the following Names (Olga Kovalenko, Ekaterina Andreeva,Vera Klimova, Marta Sasu). I have about 20 emails and 8 picts. Her profile on was deletet after 1 week.

Andre (Switzerland)

Report N5 (added on January, 11, 2008)

Send photo american's model.

Stefano (Italy)

Report N6 (added on June, 6, 2008)

Contacts you (when you're a Gold Member), and asks to go on Yahoo. Says to live in Denmark, (so could meet her in a weekend, since I live in Belgium). Several times I asked in what city... no reply. Sends a bunch of pictures and a text as if we had already met, no name mentioned. When I confronted her with that, it was the last I've heard.

Leo (Belgium)

Report N7 (added on January, 14, 2009)

Typical Russian scammer posted heavily on this website. Profile said she was a nurse from Paris with a French description of herself but all correspondence was in English.

Billy (USA)

Report N8 (added on January, 31, 2009)

She contacted me on yahoo im. Said she originally was born in Dallas City, Illinois, so I tested her. I asked if that city was on the border with Ohio, she agreed. The city is on the border with Iowa. Then she asked for $700 dollars to send to her to pay for her travel expenses and even sent me the bill. The bill has a date of August 1, 2009. That confirmed she is a scammer, all the pictures she sent me has a little bar painted over on the bottom concealing the website she got the pics from. The passport she sent confirms it is fake because the code at the bottom has (M) in the numbers confirming it is a man's passport. Watch this one. She is incredably stupid. I confronted her with the mistakes I saw and she disapeared.

Gerry (USA)

Report N9 (added on July, 31, 2009)

Been chatting a few days and got this info out of her she say she is a student in ghanna and asked me to send 2000 for a computer.

Tim (USA)

Report N10 (added on October, 19, 2009)

She is been telling me to send her 5000 dollars for her mother to paid a debt so she can get her passaport. thank to your web site i figure out she was a scam thank you so much guys. you save my money i got that scum bags good i can wait to contact her with the suprises. love you guys.

Manuel (USA)

Report N11 (added on April, 20, 2010)

Wanted $3500 for bills. Wanted it sent Western Ubion to Russell Booth, 19 McAllister, Antwerp, NY 13608.
Born in Dallas City, Illinois. attended Englewood Acadameny and Ft Madison College.

Howard (USA)

Report N12 (added on November, 23, 2010)

Romantic dating scammer and even gold scammer.
Half Irish/danish.
Father lives in Dublin.
Mother in Danmark.
SHe is a beautician.
Western Union I send her to come over to Belgium.
2273 dollar
She never came to Belgium. Booked and let expire in the website of Brittish airways.
I saw her on webcam. this ip is important to look her up.

Bruno (Belgium)

Report N13 (added on March, 15, 2011)

Claims to be a model, whose mother and father have passed away, and that she was born in Maryland. Also, said father was into the sale of Gold, and had another set-up that said to send $3950.00 to Nigeria, and then he would get the paperwork together, for the transfer of the 1.2 million dollars. Is on Facebook as Cynthia Barry.

Jonathan (USA)

Report N14 (added on June, 3, 2011)

There was never any mention of money other than the comment about having completed her job in Africa and waiting to get paid.She was on the site at the same time as Tina. She got booted off AFF I think for including her yahoo account in one of her emails. There is one email from my yahoo account which I will also forward.I just got an email a few minutes ago from a girl that said she was in Nigeria. You will probably be hearing from me again. I have a 1 month subscription. It will be amusing til then but that will probably be it for me. I knew there was a good reason why I had never done this before. Don't forget I'm looking for full time employment. I'll hit you with a resume here soon.

Jon (USA)

Report N15 (added on November, 22, 2011)

She or He is scammer. She or he used this model photos.

Kris (USA)

Report N16 (added on July, 5, 2012)

Self employed beautician.
Born on November 28, 1982.
Napersville USA

Bruno (Belgium)

Report N17 (added on April, 25, 2014)

Running a gold/romance scam.
Chats about getting married and having kids but needs $500,000 to pay off gold storage fees to get her gold out of Ghana.
Claims to have 500 kg of gold bars plus gold dust in storage but Alex Mensah, won't release her gold until she pays the back fees.
Very patient....chats and calls on the phone for nearly a year but I told her I must meet her face to face before I'd help her financially.

Dillon (USA)

Report N18 (added on March, 26, 2015)

She says she works with petroleum in Nigeria,, who go ike long before she ask for money,, I believe more in there is a man behind this cheating,, she is facing love after 3 letters a characteristic that it is a cheater.

GYnther (Denmark)