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Dating scammer Irina
First name: Irina
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Alenka, Elanka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka, Elenochka, Elenushok, Elenushoka, Elenushulenka, Eli, Ellena, Ellene, Elona, Helen, Helena, Helenachka, Ira, Irchik, Irchika, Irchona, Irchonka, Irchushka, Irena, Irene, Irinchik, Irinchika, Irinka, Irinochka, Irinulya, Irinusenka, Irinusha, Irinushusenka, Irinuska, Irisha, Irishik, Irishka, Irka, Irocha, Irochka, Iroschka, Irunya, Irushka, Irusichka, Irusik, Irusya, Irwinka, Iryna, Iryush, Jelena, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lenka, Lennochka, Lennok, Lenochka, Lenok, Lenusha, Lenushulenka, Lenusia, Lenusial, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Lenusya, Lienkchik, Lleena, Olena, Olena, Trishka, Yelena, Yryna
Scammer's Location(s):
Donetsk (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Date Me Free
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on July, 23, 2007)
Gerold (Germany)

Translation Scam.
REPORT N2 (added on July, 27, 2007)
Wayne (USA)

I saw Lena at Date Me Free and I knew she was a scammer. That is why I contacted her. She gives very little information and refuses to answer most questions. She would not give a last name or address. The photos appear to be a professional model. She told me in her first letter that she did not know English. I told her to write in Russian. I was ignored. She wants to continue writing to me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me but she never asked me a single question about myself. The request for money came today. I received 2 requests from 2 different ladies using the same agency today.

Scam Letters

Emails from Irina to Gerold (Germany)
My dearest,
I am really happy to hear from you again, you know, we are acquainted for only several days but I have already noticed that I need your letters and I miss them greatly and I am looking forward to the end of my working day be able to go to the translational firm and check whether you have written to me or not. I am always happy when you did. I appreciate your writing even though you are busy and I believe that one day we are together, i will be patiently waiting for you from work and i hope that you will have more time for me anyway...

You may wonder why I never talk about my family, you see that is not very easy issue I do not know who I can call my family, you see I never know my parents, I do not know even whether they are alive now or not, the only thing I have from them is the photo where they are young, it was taken before I was born and they say that I look after my mom, do you agree? I was brought up by my granny who was everything for me my grandfather died before my birth and she was lonely and my mom has brought me to her just after maternity hospital she told her that she needs to have some rest with my dad and they will go to the Crimea for a week end and my granny agreed to look after me during the time.... She has never heard about her daughter (my mom) and dad anymore.... My granny was working on two jobs all her life to provide me with all necessary things and give me good education and support but two months ago m

Emails from Irina to Wayne (USA)
Hello my darling,

I'm so glad to get your letter:)
I'm interested in you because you greatly differ from the other men.
I should tell you that i'm interested in our communication.
I want to know more about you and sure i'll tell you more about myself:)
Well,where can i start?I'm 25 yearls old and i live in Donetsk.
I live here alone,i rent a flat because my parents live in the kind of country.I understood that i don't have any perspective there and decided to move.Now i work as a teacher of Russian language and literature and also try to earn more money by giving private lessons.
So i try to survive in this cruel world:)

Well,i don't know what else i should tell about myself,let's do so: you will ask me anything you want to know about me.

And now receive my kisses,
Yours Lena
P.S.I'm sorry i forgot to tell you one more thing: i use the services of the translation firm because i don't know English.
I'm very sorry to tell you about it but still i'll do everything so that it didn't become the problem for our communication.

Darling Wayne,
It is so nice to hear from you over and over again.I won't even tell you how i'm glad to get your letter:))
I'd like to tell you what kind of man i'm looking for.He should be very attentive to me because i think that i'm worth of it, don't you agree?:)I think i am:) I can't understand how a man of my dream whom i love wouldn't pay enough attention to me...


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