Scammer Oksana Demina

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First name:Oksana
Last name:Demina
Name aliases: Kensij, Ksusha, Ksushka, Ksyusha, Ksyushka, Oksanka, Oksanochka, Oksanushka, Oksusha, Oksy, Oxana, Susha
Age: 23
Location(s): Cheboksary (Russia)
Address(es): Kadykova st.36-138, Cheboksary 428000, Russia
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1

Hello! I can't believe this has happened to me,but I was ripped off big time.I met this woman on a dating service called by the name of Oksana Demina in Cheboksary Russia.I fell in love with her on internet.She wrote the most beautiful letters and the sad thing is I believed her.We conversed online for about 1 month.She mentioned her parents being divorced and she currently went to school for criminal or Law.She mentioned she wanted to visit me in williamsburg,virginia.She said she had no such money.She needed $980 US dollars for Plane ticket and passport.I sent her that money,she or whoever Oksana is was happy and she continued to write very romantic letters.Then she asked for another $600 for proof of money to be in US.I sent her that too.She was very happy.I started to get that gut wrench feeling in my stomach,but I was still in denial.Then she asked for $300 for insurance coverage on a visa.I refused.I started asking questions such as:How do you live without money,do you work,can you help me with the finances.So she wrote back and said,I'm off to my grandmother's I'll see if I can borrow money from her. When she wrote back she mentioned she borrowed 80 dollars and asked me to send $220 US dollars.I refused.Then this is where I put this nonsense to a stop.I wrote her back and told her how I felt,I'm being ripped off how could you do this to me. I told her to send me back the money.980 dollars plus 600 dollars = 1,580 dollars by Friday Sept 13.If she didn't send it I told her I was going to take the next step.I received a letter from her on Sept 11 which was Wednesday.It was very hostile,because she knew now that I was on to her scam.She said,I'LL SEND YOU BACK YOUR MONEY,BE HAPPY WITH YOUR MONEY.THIS IS YOUR HEART AND SOUL,MONEY!!!!! (I WAS A FOOL FOR BELIEVING YOUR SWEET WORDS.I checked with western union a few times,nothing!! I never heard from her again.By the way,the email address she was writing from was I would love that $1,580back,now I'm going to report to western union,and let them know what happened to me.I'll say this I may never receive that money back, but whoever did this to me needs to be brought to justice.

Patrick (USA)

Report N2

I'm also an ex cop and ex private investigator. Which in my case is probably a good thing. This scammer didn't even wait 72 hours before trying to talk me into spending over a thousand on "her." "Oksana" used the following method of operation: Alleged to be a product of divorced parents. Claims the mother and father to be poor but want her to have a better life overseas. Claims to be graduating on March 25th of 2003. None of this would be abnormal, other than the fact that her statements are contradictory. I checked with the only University local to her, and no such female attends or has attended. I also checked with the Sevorgnya bank in her alleged home city, and they verified they are the only authorized Western Union location there. (I did send her a $40.00 money transfer to "test the water". Naturally she claimed she needed the transfer number to receive said monies. However, I contacted WU and they did verify that, as with here in the US, she need only produce photo ID verifying her identity. Needless to say I've already written Western Union and called them and had that money held without hope of receipt. I'll be getting it back as planned.) (New money saving idea: Send a money order to a Russian Con-apprentice (not artist) knowing that they'll never get it.) To continue: "She" also contradicted herself by telling me in another mail that she had already graduated with "highest marks". Her mother apparently changes jobs as well, going from a chocolate factory to a textile job. There were numerous other key factors. I gave her credit for a few things, because she claims to speak English and write it, but not to type it well, which is certainly understandable. She alleged that the translation software made some of the errors. She further claimed to be using a internet cafe, but upon checking up on her e-mail routing a bit, I discovered she was using an anonymous remailer, which the only two internet cafes' located in Cheboksary (who are on the net anyway) claim that they have their e-mail software set up with heavy restrictions. Unless "she" is a good hacker, there's no way she's using a remailer from a 'net cafe. She sent duplicates of her first five mails to three separate e-mail addresses of mine. (Yes, I'm crafty, thank you) Note she also attempted the standard "Visa/Passport/Ticket" scam. I checked up on her pricing as well, and it fell quite short. Good luck to all of you out there! (Oh, by the way, some of the "scammer reports" I've seen here show absolutely no reasons why they are claiming the woman to be a scam artist. In fact a few of them appear to be innocent completely, in that all they did was become upset that they were accused of being con-artists when they hadn't even asked for a dime. Let's not let holding a grudge against a woman you are intimidated by be a motive here guys. Thanks) Following are the first three mails she sent. These are enough in my opinion.

Randall (USA)