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Dating scammer Julia Shirokova
First name: Julia
Last name: Shirokova
Age: 30
Name aliases:
Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, Julechka, Julenka, Julichka, Julie, Julija, Julika, Juliya, Julka, Jullia, Julusha, July, Julya, Julye, Lulia, Ulenka, Ulia, Uliya, Ylia, Yliya, Ylya, Yula, Yulcha, Yulchik, Yulchika, Yulchona, Yulechka, Yulenka, Yulia, Yuliah, Yulichka, Yulija, Yuliy, Yuliya, Yuliyunka, Yulka, Yully, Yulok, Yulosha, Yulosha, Yulunechka, Yulunka, Yulusha, Yuly, Yulya, Yulyasha
Scammer's Location(s):
Kremenchug (Ukraine)
39608 Ukraine, Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Naberejnaya Leitenanta Dneprova 54, Aprt.44
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Absolute Agency, Match Doctor


Tom (USA)

Hi, My name is Tom. I met this ******* Matchdoctor. I am from California, USA. She says her name is Julya Shirokova and then she forgets and signs Julia. I received my first letter from her on July 4th and request for her $67 per month request for payment of her writing to me, on the 17th, after 4 letters. Here are all her letters, and E-mail addresse Mail_write@ukrpost.net I did not sent the money !!
N. R. (USA)

I am glad you know that this lady is a scammer, I met Yulia Shirokova in Kremnchug Ukraine but she was a different lady than the one on your web site using the same name.
I sent her some money but I learned my lesson and I hope that all dating web sites explain this to their customers: never send any money to a woman you don't know who you met on the internet.
I met other ladies in Kremenchug if not I would have been bored by myself because Yulia Shirokova did not want to spend any time with me, she only wanted to get gifts from me.

Scam Letters

Emails from Julia Shirokova to Tom (USA)
Dear Tom! Many thanks for writing me. Sure I'd like to keep correspondence with U. I liked U appearance. U know even the girl, siting by the computer, who saw Urpic. by chance, couldn't look at U without attention! She also smiled that I was looking at U so attentively. I appreciate when a man presents flowers, it is romantic and tender! What flowers U like? I like beautiful flowers, roses, scented, It's great to get flowers from Beloved person. It's nice of the person, who gives presents to others not only on special occasions. In this first letter I'd like to introduce myself, if U don't mind, but in my next one I'll answer all your questions. First of all I'd like to tell U that I don't have any children. I don't speak any English at all and use the services of an Internet Club. I work as a nurse in hospital until now. It's great hat U like also music, Yes, music is wonderful! It may sometimes inspire U on the pleasant thoughts. U may feel dull or merry, while listening to it. It depends on Ur mood and in its turn it affects Ur mood either, isn't it? U know I also like to go in for sports. Since my childhood I have been training in some clubs. I went in for running, volley-ball, swimming. tennis. When I grew older, I sicked on the tennis and swimming. It brings me great pleasure, I also like to do aerobics listening to the tunes of music. You know why I addressed the Internet, Tom!? I almost felt disappointed in men. May be you disagree, but t

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