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Dating scammer Tatyana Lopacheva
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Lopacheva
Age: 27
Julia, Marina Shamrickaya, Marina Shamrichkaia
Julia, Marina Shamrickaya, Marina Shamrichkaia
Name aliases:
Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Iulyia, Jule, Julechka, Julenka, Julichka, Julie, Julija, Julika, Juliya, Julka, Jullia, Julusha, July, Julya, Julye, Lulia, Mari, Marinchik, Marinchika, Marinika, Marinka, Marin-ka, Marinna, Marinochka, Marinocka, Marinoka, Marinulenka, Marinulka, Marinusechka, Marinusha, Marinushka, Marinusia, Marinuska, Marisha, Marishechka, Marishka, Marishulya, Marishuska, Marunka, Maryna, Marynochka, Tanechka, Tani, Tanichka, Tanily, Tanilya, Tanni, Tantana, Tanulechka, Tanulenka, Tanulya, Tanusha, Tanushka, Tanuska, Tanusoka, Tanya, Tanyoka, Tanyuha, Tanyulka, Tanyusechka, Tanyusha, Tanyushka, Tasha, Tatana, Tati, Tatiana, Tatianok, Tatianulka, Tatik, Tatiyana, Tatsiana, Tatty, Taty, Tatyanchik, Tatyanka, Tatyanoka, Tatyanulenka, Tatyanulya, Tatyanusenka, Tatyanushka, Tatyanushoka, Tatyanusika, Tatyanuska, Tatyanusya, Taya, Tenia, Teti, Tetiana, Tetianok, Tetyana, Tinka, Titanya, Tonya, Ulenka, Ulia, Uliya, Ylia, Yliya, Ylya, Yula, Yulcha, Yulchik, Yulchika, Yulchona, Yulechka, Yulenka, Yulia, Yuliah, Yulichka, Yulii, Yulija, Yuliy, Yuliya, Yuliyunka, Yulka, Yully, Yulok, Yulosha, Yulosha, Yulunechka, Yulunka, Yulusha, Yuly, Yulya, Yulyasha
Scammer's Location(s):
Donetsk (Ukraine); Lutugino (Ukraine); Stakhanov (Ukraine)
Ukraine, Stahanov, Komsomolskaya str., 9/25
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Active Love Meeting, Anthea Club, Date Me Free, My Beloved Net, One Date, RBrides, Russian Brides Match


REPORT N1 (added on October, 8, 2007)
Michael (Germany)

I have been corresponding with her for some time, even was talking to her on the phone. She was always answering my questions and she seemed to be real at first In her last mail she was asking for USD 300 to pay the rent for her flat. She speaks very good English.
Beware guys, she is rather clever!
REPORT N2 (added on October, 11, 2007)
Grant (Canada)

This here contacted me on the date me free she called her self yulia we have been talking on and off i thought she was real when i saw her name is julia she telling me i was the only one for her i was the only one she was talking too yeah right i heard this one too she asked me she wanted to come and see me but when i saw her on here its just a waste of my time thanks again guys ive got letters and pics here for you your welcome to it.
REPORT N3 (added on December, 24, 2007)
Joe (Switzerland)

Asked money for translation services.
REPORT N4 (added on January, 25, 2008)
Gary (USA)

Found it previously listed. Added some photos and letters to the archive.
REPORT N5 (added on April, 7, 2008)
Don (Canada)

Translation scam. Have received a couple of letters from her. Now she has changed her name to Yulek on R-brides and is on as a new member.
REPORT N6 (added on October, 19, 2009)
Sven (Sweden)

Translation scam scenario.
REPORT N7 (added on October, 1, 2010)
Billy (USA)

Julia (Yulia) is back in business again. Some new pictures to add to the collection.
REPORT N8 (added on November, 25, 2010)
Fernando (Spain)

Another fraud in innetbox. she uses a translation service and ask your help to refresh her account.

Scam Letters

Emails from Tatyana Lopacheva to Gary (USA)
hello,my dear friend Swazzie !
I'm very glad to get a letter from you.
I am single now and I really want to find my second half in this life on this planet.
May be it will be you, let us see...
But at first I want to tell you something about myself.
my name is Yulia,I'm 27 y.o. I live in beautiful Ukrainian town Lutugino.
I am very romantic and tender person. I was born in a big family with a lot of traditions.
I was surrounded by care of all the members of my family. So, now I want to find man , whom I can present all my love and care too.

my family,is the most important part of my life. It's not big,but very strong. We always help and support each other. there are three of us:me,my mom and dad. I have no any brothers or sisters.
I live along in a rent flat... study at the medical university of our town. It's rater interesting for me to study medicine,and I'd like to be a doctor after graduating it.I'll graduate in some days!

If you ask me about my hobbies, I like music, so when I have free time I usually play piano. I like to play different kinds of music,especially jass and classical one. music always helps me to relax and to forget about all troubles and problems. what kind of music do you like?
also I like to learn different languages. I have been learning English for 5 years. now I can speak and write rater fluently with out using any dictionary.

I'm very romantic feminine, sensual and passionate person,I like to fall in

Emails from Tatyana Lopacheva to Sven (Sweden)
Hello Dear! How are you doing today? If you have a stressful and hard day I wouldtry to rise your spirit, if you are enjoying your day I would makeyour mood even better! Maybe I have surprised you but I think it isbetter to introduce myself, ok? My friends call me like BeautifulMarina, I am here as I am interested in your personality! I am so excited and shy a little bit as I have never writeletters...The last time I wrote a letter to my Mom when I was in thesummer camp, I was missing her so much! Our life is so unpredictableand now I am writing to you! I guess you have lots of question to ask,I will try tell you briefly about myself. Dear, I decided to use theInternet for searching of my true love as I am disappointed withUkrainian men, my life position is to find one soul mate for the wholelife...Nowadays most of the married couples are getting divorced,their kids stay without Dad or Mom. I do want to build a strong familyties, create family traditions. I am carrying, trustworthy, open, Iwould never betray close friends and hurt human` feelings... I hope that my letter have brighten up your day and I am impatientlylooking for your answer! I belive that our communication would neverbring a harm for you, I am positive person and together we can enjoyour time, do you like my idea? Dear, take care! Yours Marina

Good day for you, Dear! How are you? For me it is very difficult to hide my emotions andfeeling and I shoul

Emails from Tatyana Lopacheva to Michael (Germany)
hello my love Michael!

All this time I thought only of you. I am very glad, that we have got acquainted and at once have liked each other. It seems to me, that we are already familiar for a long time. It is very pleasant for me to read your mail. My lovely you likely were asked a question why I have written to you? I have decided to make it because I really like you! Also my mom has a friend. and her daughter has got acquainted through the Internet. Then she corresponded with this person. And now she lives in England with this person. She writes letters each day and she is very glad, that her so was lucky. They now live very happily. I did not think earlier, that such it is possible. But now it has installed in me hopes. I am glad, that such it is possible.

How are you, my darling?
I hope everything is OK!
as for me, I'm a little bit sad, because I have a big problem!
as you know I rent a flat!
and this month I haven't got money to give to my hostess, so i don't know what to do!!!!!

I need to pay 300$... but this month I have a lot of exams, and I haven't got any money to pay...the next month i'll try to find cheaper flat, but, now I really don't know what to do!I ask my parents to help me, but they told we, that it was my chose to live along, so I need to solve all my problems my self!

I haven't got any person, to ask for the help!you are the only one person whom I can ask...
please darling, don't think that I need only your mo

Emails from Tatyana Lopacheva to Grant (Canada)
hello my pretty!
how are you?
I hope everything is ok with you?!
I didn't receive your letters, where are you?
Do you want to correspond with me? I hope yes, so, please write me, and tell me what were you doing the last days?
I hope to get a letter from you today!
miss you

hello my pretty!
how are you?
now, i'm in the Internet cafe now, but I didn't find a letter from you!
darling I miss you a lot!
please write me!
tell me please how are you been doing for the last days?
kiss you

hello my number one!
what have you been doing all these days?

I went to the Internet cafe, and hope to see your letter,but I see nothing :(why?
I hope you just very busy, and can't write me!
today my father has a birthday!so I'm going to visit my parents!I hope we'll pass very good time together!
all my relatives will meet!
and have you got any plans for the weekend?

So, I hope to see your letter tomorrow!

miss you

Emails from Tatyana Lopacheva to Fernando (Spain)
Dear Sir,

We would like to inform you that you are contacted by the translation bureau "Saturn", lady Marina has been using our services for communication with you, Marina asked us to send you this message because she is not able to continue the correspondence with you as her account with us is over. The bureau "Saturn" makes translations from English into Ukrainian/Russian languages and vise versa, also our service provides with Internet access. Lady Marina is our client and she does not want to lose the connection with you and our aim is to unite people. If you have any questions as for our service - you can write the letter and you would get all the necessary information.

Sincerely Yours
General manager Tatyana Lopacheva
_________MARINA SATURN_________

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the letter concerning lady Marina, as you know Marina is our client and she would be informed that you have contacted us. In this letter we would provide you information about our bureau and our kinds of services. We make translations from English language into Ukrainian/Russian languages, our clients use our service for different purposes:communication through correspondence,translation of documents, for students we translate books and articles.

find all the necessary information about the majority of our services and how to refresh the account of your lady Marina.

Our service includes unlimited correspondence - this


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