Scammer Larisa Poshtovnuk

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First name:Larisa
Last name:Poshtovnuk
Name aliases: Lara, Larica, Larissa, Larris, Lora
Age: 34
Location(s): Odessa (Ukraine)
Address(es): Nekrasova str., 45 - 34, 65026, Odessa, Ukraine
Phone number(s): 380(48) 453 98 56
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Very dishonest lady. Uses illness and death as stalling tactics. Has been overseas: Israel and Jamaica when the majority of fellow citizens are just battling to make ends meet.
Says she got discounted travel through employer. Never saw any of her colleagus at work in her Israel holiday photo's. All her photo's are well posed with a sterile background. This lady is lying through her teeth. Sent this lady roses. Sent this lady a gift package to her work p/airmail. Sent this lady chocolates on Valentine's. Saw her and asked about gift package.
Claimed she never received it-indicates to me that she doesn't work @Zepter as she claims. Said in one of her 1st e-mails to me that she is a distributor @Zepter, yet she says on different websites that she is either an economist or an accountant. Have come to the logical conclusion that she must definitely be unemployed, be a prostitute or a professional scammer or combination of these.
Wears a Karakoel Coat (says mother bought it for her) and has a taste for expensive things-Kept on saying " I worry about your money" faking concern. She volunteered her earnings, a $100 p.m. Bought her 2 jars of Lancome cream. Said she has nobody else to ask. Asked her how long the 2 jars will last- is 1 month's supply. How does she afford it every month as it costs +- $ 100; a whole month's wage? She'll take you to fine Ukrainian restaurants showing little concern for prices. Gave her a gold and diamond ring- wanted to know what it was worth in Dollar-terms. You'll never see her family, friends or where she lives. Every night, she'll leave the restaurants 7 p.m sharp to go home as she is not feeling well. Even drinks a capsule in front of you. Doctors discovered she has an ulcer and found "liquid" in her head. Likes cheese cake and coffee- not good for ulcers.
Says in one of her 1st e-mails that she is new to internet dating and conservative-has no home pc and makes use of translation services (Heartafire - agency) Why then did I find her on at least 9 websites; when I saw her she gave me a home e-mail address as well.
Her body language is inconsistent with the emotions expressed in her letters. Doesn't make a lot of eye contact. 1st night in restaurant conversation was routed through a Translator. The 2nd day, arrived @ my hotel room in Odessa and can now speak English unaided. The driver for the dating agency, Yura, drives a luxury car- this young man is dressed in the best- Italian shoes, pants, arm bracelet, very good sound system. Very arrogant and shows little emotion- very dry personality. Is he perhaps the pimp or one of the mafia?
Was in Odessa, Ukraine for 8 days and one day in Kiev- Odessa from 09-03-2004 to 17-03-2004, Kiev 18-03-2004 to 19-03-2004.
Didn't see Larisa the 1st 4 days in Odessa as she was "taken to hospital and admitted". Went away to go and finalise arrangements/father's estate and when she returned was admitted to hospital after seeing the effect her father's death had on her mother. Cause:" a nervous stomach". I would have one too if I had to lie and wheel and deal as much as this lady does! The dating agency, Heartafire, asked for money for translation services. Wasn't shy with the bill. Settled always in full.
Strangely, the Co. that sent me the Visa Invite, T.E Consulting Co. LLC, has the same Odessa tel. no as Heartafire, 38+048-777-54-62, but with a different physical address: 65089 Odessa, Ukraine, Ak. Koroleva str. 112
where Hearafire is situated in, Nekrasova Str. Was also told by the translator and the director of Heartafire, Lyudmila Cherdynteva, the 1st 4 days when Larisa was supposedly in hospital that I must just let them know if I get lonesome- this was posed to me twice.
Wonder what they meant?. I can only think....

Dewald (South Africa)



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