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Dating scammer Elena Bondarchuk
First name: Elena
Last name: Bondarchuk
Age: 28
Alsu, Natalia
Alsu, Natalia
Name aliases:
Alenka, Alsulek, Alsunka, Alsusha, Alsushka, Elanka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka, Elenochka, Elenushok, Elenushoka, Elenushulenka, Eli, Ellena, Ellene, Elona, Helen, Helena, Helenachka, Jelena, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lenka, Lennochka, Lennok, Lenochka, Lenok, Lenusha, Lenushulenka, Lenusia, Lenusial, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Lenusya, Lienkchik, Lleena, Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natalechka, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Natalii, Nataliia, Nataliuka, Nataliulka, Nataliulya, Nataliusenka, Nataliusha, Nataliya, Natalka, Natalochka, Nataloka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyja, Natalyok, Natalyuhoka, Natalyulenka, Natalyushka, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashik, Natashka, Nathalia, Nathalie, Natika, Natka, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natushka, Natushok, Natusia, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Naty, Nutalchika, Nutulenka, Olena, Olena, Tusya, Yelena
Scammer's Location(s):
Kiev (Ukraine); Samara (Russia)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):


REPORT N1 (added on March, 25, 2008)
Joao (France)

New Russian scammer.
REPORT N2 (added on April, 18, 2008)
Steve (USA)

This person is saying she has never contacted anyone on a dating website before and how she explains coming across me makes no scents at all.
REPORT N3 (added on May, 9, 2008)
Cody (USA)

I suspected a scam when she emailed me and told me to view her pic's on a personal website. she said she was getting banned from True. When see replied back to me she gave me a different website to view her pic's. She claims that she has never been out of Ukraine, but her pic's are labeled.
REPORT N4 (added on May, 9, 2008)
Bill (USA)

This lady has been writing to me for just over four weeks and she tells me that she is in love with me and wants to come and see me. She says it only costs $400.00 in USD to come here and this money is for a tourist visa etc. She writes that she wants to have a family of her own and to be my wife! Today she sent me the same letter twice two hours apart! Amazing eh?

Scam Letters

Emails from Elena Bondarchuk to Joao (France)
Salut, Ami!
Je m’appelle Alsu. Je vis dans la Russie. J'ai decide de passer pour le site des connaissances parce que plusieurs gens trouvent la deuxieme moitie sur Internet a present. Ami, je sais que tu vis dans la France et je pense que cette bonne place pour la vie. La France est un beau pays solaire et. Je voudrais vivre dans la France parce que la plus de possibilites et les perspectives pour ameliorer ma vie. Je ne veux pas dire que je vis mal dans la Russie mais parfois dans notre pays il arrive difficilement de trouver la place a la vie et avoir la vie digne parce que non tous les gens ici ont les possibilites egales. Je trouver que chaque personne a droit d'ameliorer la vie. Je comprends qu'a la vie il faut savoir se servir de la chance pour l'ameliorer et faire cela que tu trouve il vaudra mieux pour toi et ton futur. Je crois que qui manque celui-la une telle chance celui-la vit non reellement et c'est pour cela que je veux vivre dans la France parce que je pense que ton pays est la place convenant pour la creation de la famille. Je la femme beaucoup ouverte, attentive, aimant, fidele et meritant la confiance et moi cherche les relations romantiques qui ameneront a la creation de la famille. Je veux avoir le partenaire a valeur requise, celui-la qui veut donner et recevoir 100 des relations. Tien a attire le profil mon attention et il est interessant de t'apprendre cela plus et ta vie. J'espere que nous pourrons apprendre l'un l'aut

Emails from Elena Bondarchuk to Steve (USA)
What a s u rprise!!! You can't imagine my joy. I have checked my mail and what did I see there - a letter from you. Thank you so much for your very nice message. I really enjoyed reading it.
I would like to continue our correspondence very much , of course, if you want the same.
Though I am a little old-fashioned and I think that a man should make the first step, but I really don't feel sorry that I did it and had written a letter to you.
Sometimes I come to the Internet cafe to check my mail or to find some necessary information.
And some of the windows were opened while I was checking the information and suddenly I saw your add. And somehow you have captured my attention.:-) I decided not to miss my chance though I was not sure it was right and that I had to make the first step. But I have no regrets now. I feel a little lost and confused writing all this as you don't know me at all and I don't know you too. But it is so pleasant to get a letter from you.
Well, I hope you are not yet tired from my talking...
Perhaps, you wonder if I write this letters myself.
I speak and write in English rather fluently. I have been studying in the University for 5 years.
At that period we had very difficult times in Ukraine, it was very hard to find any kind of work and there were no work places. So it was the way for me to earn some money. It was not easy for me, I was young and my language was not very good. Also I didn't have any language practice.

Emails from Elena Bondarchuk to Bill (USA)
Hi, Perambulation11

Sorry!!!!!! I could not answer you earlier.
I did not see your letter. It has been placed in spam folder.
I do not know why it happens.
Probably it is a mistake of a server.
I will disconnect spam filter. Also I hope my letter it will not be placed in yours spam the filter.
Check it more often.
I am glad that you have answered me. If I am still interesting to you, write to me.
Perambulation11, am I right that this is you real first name? :-)))
I have taken it from your letter...
My name is Elena. I am 28 years old (still young but mature enough to know what I want in this life).
My height is 167 cms(it 5.5 foots), my weight is 56 kgs (123.5 lbs).
I am in a good shape. I am not skinny but look really nice.
I am not boasting, it is true.
I take good care of myself as I care of my appearance but I am not fanatic.
I have a higher education. I studied on the faculty of Russian and Ukranian language. So I am very good at Russian and Ukranian as you see I have also finished courses of a medical nurse and can make massage too. I should say I am rather good at it.
My family is not really big. I have a step father and stepbrother.
Unfortunately, I don't have really close relations with them.
Sometimes we gather for holidays but it happens very seldom.
I feel very sad saying this but my mother died from the cancer.
I loved her very much and I miss her badly.
I live alone. And I have to learn for my living


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